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My last baby was hiccuping constantly from very early on and still does now that she's 2.5. But I'm now 28w and have yet to notice any from this baby. I guess it's kind of nice not having to deal with that constantly, but was wondering if they're very common? Have your babies gotten hiccups? Is it just a random thing?

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I think I remember some hiccups from last time but my babe this time around hasn't really had them or he has, I haven't noticed. Sometimes I feel a rhythmic movement but they don't last very long so it doesn't seem like hiccups unless it was just a very short bout of them. He moves and kicks harder and more often than i remember from my first pregnancy so it doesn't bother me!

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My first had a lot, I don't remember them from my second and this one had me wondering too.  I think I felt a few, but maybe it was later on that I really had them with my first.  I know I had them the last week I was pregnant with him a lot because the midwife thought he might be breech, but I knew he wasn't because of the hiccups :)

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I felt my baby have the hiccups. I'm sure these are hiccups rather than movements.

Mothering › Groups › April 2014 Due Date Club › Discussions › Hiccups?