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Hey everyone!  I am good and moved in to a nice 3 bedroom house in Hilo, Hawaii.  It's 5 minutes away from the market, 5 minutes from beaches, and 5 minutes from the university, so a perfect location!!!  I also got a computer virus so that's why I haven't been posting, in addition to getting settled in!  


We are LOVING it, I feel like I live in a castle after living under a tarp for years on end!!  Every day my son points at the ceiling and smiles big and says, "House!  our house!"  :)

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Diaplus: Wow, I'm really impressed. I don't think I'm organized enough to handle a move like that!


OtherSoul: Congratulations! Your home sounds really nice, and it must be a huge relief to have moved and not have to worry about it anymore.


As for me it actually looks like we will be staying in our current town. We decided that moving would be a big risk and that we would rather spend the money on buying everything we want/need for the baby. We may still move after the baby is born, but for now we want to focus on preparing instead of starting all over again. We will still have to move apartments, but at least we can start buying baby things now. We had been holding off on buying baby things so we would have more money for the move and less stuff to move. I'm really happy to be able to start buying baby things, I think I've been feeling a bit of an urge to nest and prepare.

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yay for all the settling down!!!




we're up in the air.  our landlord's aren't hard set on having us move in May.  but we've got a 3 month warning agreement in both directions- if we want to leave we can give 3 months notice.  if they want us to leave 3 months notice.


so nothing settled.... kinda frustrating.  but we're facing the last 6 months now right?!?  

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