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so sorry you're going through this!!!!


i wish i could take some of it for you!!!

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That is so sweet of you. Actually, you did. You all did wink1.gif.
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So I have an update. A good one. Called my MW again this morning and she was pretty unsympathetic but then she called back and asked me to come in. Bloodwork comes back tomorrow but my urinalysis showed lots of ketones in my urine and I had lost 8 pounds since she last saw me 12 days ago. She took it very seriously. Finally diagnosed me with HG and put me on promethazine.

It's apparently an anti-vomiting and anti-nausea. It's Group C which I'm not thrilled about, but hopefully I won't have to take it for long. Anyone have experience with it? She said very briefly that she thought it was safer for pregnant women and made more sense for HG than Zofran. I'm not sure what her beef is with Zofran, but I'm feeling good proceeding with her plan at this point. Hoping to feel better very soon! Also got to hear babe's heartbeat again, which was reassuring!
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what's up w/ her aversion to Zofran?  :flipped


BUT :energyfor some resolution and change!!!!!



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Some people do feel more comfortable with promethazine vs ondansetron, especially in the first trimester. I can say that if you need it long term (God forbid you experience HG that long!), you should stop taking it in your third trimester, because it does cross the placenta and has been shown to cause platelet aggregation in newborns when taken within 2 weeks of birth. Other than that, it's very safe for you right now. So glad you finally got a response! I'm sad that it took so long and that you had to have ketones in your urine before she would be willing to prescribe something for you, but small victories :thumb


It will most likely knock you out though. I used to use it to get to sleep sometimes instead of for nausea! 

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@HoP thank you so much for the support!! It is such a huge relief!!

@Fragolina thank you so much for weighing in! I remembered you were knowledgable about this stuff and was hoping to hear what you thought. Glad to hear my MW is not alone on this, because it seems like the general consensus on the internets is vastly in favor of Zofran. She also wouldn't rely elaborate. It's like she has something personal against Zofran or something wink1.gif!!

Threw up the first pill but was able to keep all subsequent pills down. It is definitely helping big-time with the vomiting and food aversion and a little for the nausea too. Woo hoo! But yes, it really knocks me out. After taking the first pill yesterday evening, I literally laid down on the floor during my two year old's sleep routine and waited for hubs to finish with 4 yo and come in. Then I went to the kitchen, wolfed down two spoonfuls of peanut butter and literally dragged myself to bed, where I had horrible jumpy limbs for a whole before I could fall asleep. It feels so strange. I was just out of it. Been taking half doses most the day today but am up to a full now that evening is here.

It was heaven to eat food today. I was still nauseated and it wasn't much, but such a huge relief after all this starvation and barfing up bile. Feeling so grateful for modern medicine right now wink1.gif.
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Yay! I'm so glad it's helping!!! If you continue to take it, the drowsiness effects will start to wean a bit as your body gets used to it. Pay attention to the twitchy/jumpy stuff. If you notice that your eyes are moving without you or limbs are being weird, definitely stop taking it! It's rare but it's a cross between an antihistamine and an antipsychotic in structure, and some people develop something called "extrapyramidal symptoms" from a little too much dopamine involvement. 


I don't want to worry you, if you were close to falling asleep it can also give you less control over motor functions and the jumpiness, which is completely normal and much much more common. I just noticed that it's something that most providers don't mention because the risk is so small and your comment made me remember that it does sometimes happen. 


As far as people feeling more comfortable with promethazine vs. zofran, promethazine has been around for SO LONG, so there's a lot of data on it. It's always said that if you want the safest drugs possible, take the older drugs. That's not to say that zofran isn't safe, but there is just less data for use in pregnant women and that makes some people feel uncomfortable. 


And now off of my soapbox.gif

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Thank you so much for all the info. The jumpiness/twitchiness has so far been confined to times when I'm really sleepy but it is fairly involuntary and a little weird. I did mention it to my midwife and. ( surprise!!) she wasn't at all concerned. I'm not a person who normally gets twitchy limbs (though the hubs is, so I knew what it was) and it felt very strange. I will keep an eye on it. Glad the drowsiness will get better. It just feels like some strong stuff. Crazily enough, I still gag a little on it, and that reminds me how lucky I am to not be barfing my guts out!! I am taking the 12.5 mg tabs 6x a day--I wake up in the middle of the night all gaggy and take that pill, so I really am taking it every four hours round the clock.
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Oh wow, still gagging?! You've definitely got the HG! A badge of honor once the babe arrives :thumb

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Oh boy do I feel for you! I lost 9 lbs with DS1, and 25 lbs with DS2...but it turned out DS2 was the biggest birth weight of all mine, so go figure!! I guess they really do take what they need from you, regardless of how much you can eat.


B complex with high folic acid and 50mg of B6 worked wonders for me...Wish Garden Herbs has a Calm-a-Tum tincture that's good too.  Homeopathy can help, if you look up or ask MW which remedy would suit your symptoms better.  I found a homeopathic Morning Sickness spray that was helpful this time around. Acupuncture can help too. Just a few other options in addition to the Zofran!


Hope you start feeling better soon!!

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