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I've been stalking the forums for months (so much info!!!), so I figured I should actually join! I have a 5 month old and I'm from Montreal. Very happy to be a part of Mothering now :)

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Hi and welcome ! Have you looked around life with a babe?
If you have not I can send the link but right now my ipad is acting a bit funny.
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Yup! I've been reading the forums since I was pregnant. Thanks!

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I'm from Montreal too !

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Awesome :)


Do you go to any groups/meetings for parents? I'm in the process of trying to make parent-friends. It feels like high school all over again:lol

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Right now, I'm working during the day, so it's hard for me attend parent groups. Otherwise, when I was on maternity leave, I attended a group at Espace famille Villeray, which is the "parent community center" in my area. I also attended some LLL meetings and Mamasupial Babywearing group meetings too.


In what neighborhood are you ?

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Verdun, so Villeray is a bit far. There's a great family cafe that opened right next to my place though  (café Kali):)

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Verdun is fun ! I used to live in Ville-Émard.
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