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Food buying "events"

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I'm trying to find information on a company (who I'm assuming I can't name) who has large chicken and ground beef buying "events" all over the country. This company doesn't farm the chickens themselves, they do it through producer farms. My local buying co-op is all about it and the pricing is amazing (1.69/lb for boneless, skinless breasts) but I can't find anything about the company. They have FILLED the internet with glowing reviews by giving away 40lb boxes to people. Seems fishy to me. Anyone know the company I'm talking about? Any insights for me?

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Gosh , anyone know or have any advice?
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Doesn't ring a bell, but I don't think there's any rule against posting the name. I see people asking about products here and posting reviews.
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I would love to know an answer to this too!
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I've ordered from one called zaycon foods for a 40lb box off chicken but it was $1.89 per pound. They do have other meats like bacon, beef...I think sausage. The event met at a local church and was safe. The meat was pretty good quality. It had more fat than I would've liked/some skin/and a couple had a small piece of bone stuck to it. But overall good chicken at a decent price besides that after cleaning the fat off and stuff I did lose a few pounds. The boneless skinless chicken breast is only $1.77 at my sams club so I typically just buy it there.
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