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Nodding Yes and Shaking No?

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My babe seems to be fairly consistently nodding for "yes" now (also sometimes saying "yeah," while nodding).  Not sure I'm ready to call it (it's only been a few days), but so far it only corresponds to when she really means "yes" (particularly wrt EC-- "do you need to go potty?")


She isn't shaking "no," yet, but it occurred to me... aren't kids "supposed" to shake their heads "no" before they nod "yes?"  Or did I make that one up?  Rudimentary Googling led me nowhere.  What has been your observation/experience?

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No wasn't in the first group of words for my DC. I was proud of the redirecting I did that didn't have me saying no all the time. Thank you came before no I think. This was by imitation not coaching. It was really the tone and timing not the clarity of the phrase. We're working harder with signs for #2.

I'd say good job momma for having a positive environment for little one.
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It's true that we rarely say "no"-- my grandmother jokes that the baby has never heard the word.  But I'm sure we unconsciously shake our heads just as we nod them.  Still curious and bumping for more info-- I really thought "no" was "supposed to" come (usually comes) first, but can't find any evidence that such is the case.

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I think every kid is different, so the "supposed to" means diddley squat!
My 11month old just started shaking his head no, he seems to know what it means. Like shaking no when we offer him food and he isn't hungry. Or when he gets really wild in his bouncy seat, DH asked him if he was getting tired and he shook his head no..
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I seriously wouldn't worry with this at all. Trust me, in a few short months, your LO will not only be shaking her head no, but actually saying the word- then look out!!
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Oh, I'm genuinely not worried! Just curious if no is more typical and why...
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Of course no is more typical. I'm sure it's typically said way more often with way more emphasis.
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