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Please send sticky vibes. Spotty. Stressed. Taking crampbark. Will likely acquiesce to an ultrasound if the spotting stops.
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Many many sticky thoughts coming your way!! Rest up and try to think positive :Hug

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Oh no! I'll be thinking of you. Stick, baby, stick! sticky.gif
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Super duper uber STICKY STICKY prayers, vibes, rays of goodness headed straight into your womb right now.  <3  Stick baby.  Rest mama. <3

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Thinking lots of sticky thoughts for you!

Look after yourself mama

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Thinking of you, Johanna. Stick little bubba, stick.
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Stopped spotting. Going to take it easy today. Thanks, everyone!
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I've been thinking about you. So glad it stopped! Spotting is so stressful and I know you've been here before and had it end badly, but please try to hang in there and remember it happens for lots of normal reasons too!! I spotted at five weeks and eight/nine with my first and they never really knew why, but all was well. One of my dearest friends bled heavily throughout her first and second trimester and they never had an explanation, but her healthy little boy is now two. Lots of sticky dust and peaceful thoughts headed your way! Please do whatever you need for yourself!
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I feel like it's all I can do to stay neutral. Trying to just hang on until I can hear the heartbeat (week from Wednesday). Contemplating an ultrasound even though I didn't want one. I don't know.
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Can you get worked in for just a quick audio doppler check tomorrow?
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I don't know. I just texted one of my midwives to ask what we can do.
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Praying! :1praying

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More spots. Doing a 4 count breath to stay out of fight/flight. Taking crampbark. Sipping raspberry leaf tea. Trying to stay positive. Focusing how different this has been than my mcs. Focusing on connecting to the little one. Going to take a day or two of work to take it easy.
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Still thinking of you, you are doing the right things (((hugs)))

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Johanna, how are things going?  Still sending sticky sticky thoughts.  <3

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Thanks for thinking of me :)  I deeply appreciate continued good sticky vibes.


The spotting has been erratic but is still happening.  It got heavier for one day (still "light") and I freaked out pretty good.  Now I'm working myself back up to believing I'm still pregnant.  Trying to be patient with the whole process.  Hoping to maybe get a blood draw if the midwives think it could help check that at least my HCG is where it should be.  *shrug*  Appointment is a week away and we'll hopefully hear the heartbeat.  If I don't hear it I'll likely ask for an ultrasound at that point.   We'll see.

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Baby stopped developing about 4 weeks ago. No heartbeat.
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oh mama....




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I'm so sorry, Joanna.

I hope that physically the process is easy on you, and I hope that emotionally you take as loooong as you need.

I'll be thinking and thinking and thinking of you.

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