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Need some help regarding child care ....

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Hi, I'm asking for a friend who doesn't have a MDC account. 


History - She is separated from her husband, not legally. He just moved out. He pays for the house she lives in, they agreed upon that. She is currently not working but *about* to start a job.  After he left her, I agreed to watch her son while she worked, and I still am going to, but surprise surprise! I got pregnant (with child number 4) and once I give birth, I cannot watch her son. SOOooo.... I know there are ways to apply for assistance to pay for child care, since she will have to enroll him in daycare, but she says that since she and her husband will not be legally separating (for whatever reason) that she won't qualify. But, that was a blanket statement, she never looked into it.  Does anyone have any links/information for us regarding financial assistance with childcare? Neither of us know where to start. She lives in California. Thank you for any help!

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I'm not in CA, but in my state, as long as they live separately, she should be able to qualify.  Money he is giving her towards the house, etc., will likely be counted as income for her though-though I suppose it may not if he is paying the bills directly and not giving her the money.   


Based on this website: http://www.cdss.ca.gov/cdssweb/PG78.htm, she will need to contact her county public assistance (welfare) office to find out where/how to apply and she can ask questions then.  I hope it works out for her! And congrats on your pregnancy :)

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Looks like she can apply online as well, at the above link!

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I'm in LA and was able to apply for full benefits while still being legally married but living separately (though I didn't use child care benes). My ex had been laid off so my support from him was cut 90%. They did require me to allow them to open a child support case against him with the DA's office (which they do anytime they give county benefits to a single parent) but it never went through in the 6 mo I was getting aid (he got a job and could pay the reg. amount again)


There is quite a waiting list for the child care subsidy, but you can use them for private care or care by a family member or friend. Check out CrystalStairs.org for info - they're a great organization that helps parents find caregivers who take the subsidies.

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Thanks! We will look into those sites...
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