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The urge to TELL is burning away inside of me

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I feel like I want to announce.  I really feel the urge.  I feel like all systems are go over here.  I feel SOMETHING moving around in my uterus every day.  I have stretching pains.  I am certain a baby is coming.  I want to share it with the world.  


But I'm not letting myself!!  I still feel like I want to hold out until I'm further along.  What madness is this???!!  Aggh.   lol

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Is there a close friend you could tell, someone who wont spill the beans? I would find one person you could trust with the information and tell them to get it out of your system! If you pick the right person they should be super excited and happy for you, which should ease some of your anxiety. After you confess to them you may realize your ready to start slowly telling people. Or, your urge to tell may be satisfied until you are ready to tell everyone.

Don't drive yourself crazy! :thumb

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In other pregnancies, I have been known to tell some random checker at a store that I know I will never see again.  And, I don't announce like, "Guess what, I'm pregnant."  It's more like a nonchalant mention.  I almost told one the other day because I felt SO sick and that I had to open a package and eat something.  But, I held off.  I didn't say (or open) anything. 


I know the feeling, though.  For lots of reasons, we don't want to tell anyone for quite a while yet.  I was hoping to maybe even make it to 20 weeks, but my belly is beginning to betray the secret...

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I am waiting until Valentine's Day.  I'll be 13 weeks.  I don't think I could hold my dad back much longer than that.  He's very excited for us!  I told my parents and I had a close friend guess when I wasn't drinking on NYE, but it is so hard to keep it a secret from my other friends.  I was asked to be in a wedding 2 months after my due date so I told the bride.  It's almost worse that some people know and others don't.  I want to tell everyone!!  However, I had a couple friends miscarry right after they told everyone.  They both found it very difficult to let everyone know, so that is holding me back.

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Some days, I REALLY want to tell...other days, I'm terrified...today, I'm indifferent.  I'm trying to stick to our plan for Valentine's Day.

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I tell every random person that I can, like a PP said. Cashiers, people in line, at the park, someone in the aisle with me at Target. Just to get that "itch" out.
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I'm feeling similar.
I really want to announce but at the same time I just want to keep this lovely secret to ourselves. DH is desperate to tell everyone but I'm holding him off until my 13 week scan.
I really want to announce because I know so many people will be ecstatic for us but at the same time I feel the need to be private, and I know how much people annoy me in pregnancy, haha, so I want to avoid that.

We told my Mum, Grandmother and sister as soon as we got results at 4 weeks because they knew we were doing IVF.

We told my Dad and inlaws a few days later, and I wish we hadn't. It felt far too personal and I wanted to snatch it back as soon as we told them. Plus my MIL went and told a few people (I was only 4 weeks!!!) despite being told specifically not to. I think it's her behaviour that's making me doubt sharing. I hate how entitled some people get over other's pregnancies and I just don't want to deal with it.
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Outing myself on Valentines day sounds like a good idea.  :)  

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I'm thinking Valentine's Day too, but I am going insane dizzy.gif Ever since I found out it was twins, I think everyone is just going to guess because I can't be discreet about my conversations with DH. BIL/SIL are living with us right now (getting on their feet; BIL is a recovering alcoholic) with their little girl. I'm so lazy and sick and I feel like I must look like a complete a$$. I can't tell them because I have to tell my parents first. And my kids. But, I think I just may. Argh!
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Told online friends last night. Told closer friends weeks ago.
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We still haven't told anyone! Well, he told a buddy that lives 2000 miles away, and I told someone who gave me a facial, but that is it! I am dying. I feel a lot more comfortable doing so now, but a job situation means I need to wait, possibly til the end of February! Yikes.
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I told the mailman first because I couldn't stand to stay silent for another second. No, I'm serious. Tell as many random strangers as you possibly can, be THAT person. It's a HUGE relief! 

At 12 weeks, with two good looking ultrasounds behind us and no reason to be reserved about it we still have yet to put it out to the majority. I'm not sure why. Our son and parents know, and a few select friends. We still have to spill the beans to our siblings, coworkers, extended family, and the majority of our friends. I have a feeling it will be this week or next... I like the idea of doing it at Valentines Day - BUT I took this photo and am dying to use it, and it's not even remotely V-Day related so I kind of want to do it before then:


I even printed it on cards to mail out to special family/friends, I just can't seem to pull the trigger. 

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That came out so well! Do it! Do iiiiiiiiit! Besides, everyone is so into their own thing on Valentine's day, they might miss it :eyesroll


You made me lol when I read that you told the mailman first. What was his reaction? Was it an awkward "uhh...congratulations!"?

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YES. I am wanting to tell, too. But it's not prudent for me. I'm 10 weeks--not out of the woods yet, though like you, I feel reeeeally good about this one. But I work at a church (I do the children's programming for the UU in my city), and I know my kiddos would spill the beans to a church friend, and I don't quite have my ducks in a row to tell my employers that I'm going to be out of commission at the busiest time of the year. So I've been careful about mentioning it in front of them, and consequently have only told a small handful of people. 


I sooth my itch by creating a massively impressive wish list of baby stuff!

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I gave in and did it on social media today. Our family/friends were stunned. After 9 years no one saw it coming. Kinda fun to be unpredictable wink1.gif
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I'm sitting over here laughing about the mailman too. My husband IS the mailman. lol.gif He's told many people at work, on his routes, etc. I told him last night that it's killing me that he can tell all these people and it's just eating me up inside!
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See? The mailman understands! My mailman was very sweet about it, much sweeter than I might've been, startled by an overly enthusiastic woman throwing the door open and yelling "Hello, I'm pregnant!"

I bet it's a thing that happens.
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Ha ha! You guys crack me up. My mailwoman was the first person I told, too! We are out to immediate family and some friends and are going to make the big social media announcement soon. I love that card you made, OneSerenityOne. So cute !

Wait, it was my hairdresser I told first! I happened to have an appt with her about 45 mins after my positive test and she always pours me a big glass of wine for my haircut so when I refused she was like "tell me!!" I bet she's the first told a lot, too wink1.gif.
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Hairdressers LOVE a good bit of gossip, no way you couldn't tell! :rotflmao

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