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very attached DD

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My dd is 2 years 7 months old, and it seems she's gotten more attached to me. She wants to nurse all the time, she wants me to lay next to her when she sleeps/naps, otherwise she wants to nap in my arms. She wants me to carry her everywhere, and sometimes doesn't like it when I need to put her down to do something (e.g. cook). It's cute sometimes but inconvenient at other times.


She attends a toddler program from 8am-3pm most days of the week. A few months ago, she was always happy to go. Now she always says she doesn't ant to go, even though she's happy and engaged with the teacher and other kids when I pick her up everyday. I figure she just doesn't want to be separated.


I've adjusted my schedule so I can work when she's in school, and simplified all my chores so I can spend more time with dd. But I'm wondering is this clinginess normal? Should I discourage it? Is it a stage they grow out of?

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When I returned to working part time DD was 6mos old and we went through a period where she was VERY clingy and woke more at night and it absolutely had to do with making up time away from me.  She's 26mos and anytime I work a full day to cover for the full-timer, it totally throws her off and she wants more cuddle time when I get home.  I think it's totally normal and I've never worried about embracing it because it comes and goes like any other behavior!

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