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19 y/o with AML

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Hello Everyone, I am actually posting this for a friend. If this would be better posted some where else or X posted please let me know as I will move it.


 Her 19yo son has been diagnosed with Leukemia (AML). There are a lot of one step at a time, but it's to my understanding that if he doesn't get a BM transplant he won't make it. (however this could just be a very upset mother hearing the worst.) He has to have a second Bone marrow biopsy tomorrow as well as they were going to take an x-ray of his knee. They figure he will start Chemo next week. (this only came to light on Monday)  He has 1 sibling to try and match. Anyway I have been put in charge of finding out a diet plan or foods he should or needs to eat (or not eat) to keep him as healthy as possible and help his body fight. I have lurked on MDC for  years (I don't have any of my own children, my roommate has 4 I "Share", but I like looking at other peoples ideas and thoughts for if I ever have my own) So I feel that actually asking people who I feel a common...something :) lol. I have tried looking up a few, but if anyone knows any please share. Thanks!

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What a hard thing to go through. Hugs to your friend and her son.
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How hard! I don't have any advice, but loving light for your friend.

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I researched for my dad.  Raw veggies are good.  Fruit.  Not sure about grapefruit with chemo.  Check that out.  No sugar.  I made my dad shakes.  Young coconut liquid and veggies in a blender.  What about looking into cancer or leukemia forums?  There must be a lot of people who have researched this very thing to help them.  I am sorry to hear about your friends son.  That would be very hard.

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Many good thoughts for your friend's son, and your friend.

I'm a breast cancer survivor, and had chemo in 2012. My experience was that wonderful people who loved me brought my family the healthiest imaginable food... and I couldn't eat it. I am not joking when I say that too much broccoli could have landed me in the ER. Chemo does awful things to the digestive tract. They are largely temporary things, but they're a very real concern.

The healthiest diet for a chemo patient is calorically sufficient, easy to digest, and doesn't interact badly with their medications. The patient and the patient's family should ask for a consult with a nutritionist with experience in oncology. Failing that, the focus should be on ease of digestion.
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