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Feeling of Ominous Threat During Pregnancy

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I have this feeling that there is something 'wrong' about this pregnancy. My life is amazing for the most part. I have a husband that is my best friend. We have passion, fun and love in our marriage. My kids are healthy (they have allergies). I have enough money. I am very grateful for my life. I feel like somehow this baby is going to upset the apple cart. Like she and I can't possibly come out healthy and whole. Is this just normal pregnancy anxiety? My cousin's babe was just diagnosed with CF so my husband thinks that is causing this but I was feeling this way before she was diagnosed. 

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Venturing out of my duedate club to say, I can relate ♡. I had my first baby this past summer & constantly imagined all that could go wrong or just not right, its unpredictable &it takes bravery to face the unknown. I still feel that way sometimes as I think of the future ,who I am is changing as I am a mother, shifting priorities around gets into my emotions.
Do you think its pregnancy anxiety? What does that mean to you?
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I hope everything is perfectly fine with your pregnancy. It could be perfectly normal anxiety. Pregnancy does strange things to us. But I would also encourage you to listen to your gut. If there is something you feel you need to do to make sure everything is fine, go ahead and do it. If you can get some peace of mind, it's worth it.
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Thanks, yeah I'm just not sure what it is that I need to do to 'check on things'. My dh reminded me that I normally do this freakout bit in the third trimester so maybe this is normal for me? With both my other kids I think it was that they were going to need to be delivered via emergency c-section and we were planning home births. 

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It never hurts to talk to someone, a friend or a therapist. I think prenatal anxiety is very common.
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How are you doing in the vitamin department? I always feel edgy when I am low on iron, or b.vitamins. Dehydration makes me anxious, as does low blood sugar, which I struggle with during pregnancy. So, maybe investigate a physical cause.
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I need to get my iron and Hgb rechecked. I take a b complex and vit D. but not consistently. Maybe I need to up my probiotics.

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