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anyone else feeling depressed?

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I don't remember feeling this depressed with my first pregnancy.  In all fairness, I had NO idea what was in store.  Lots of issues (money, workload, sex)  came up with my partner, lots of crazy mother and MIL drama, and other things.  We worked through some of it, or a good portion, and even in the beginning of December I was feeling somewhat optimistic.  But now, I have never felt so depressed.  It is like a dark cloud.  I know the exhaustion does not help, but still.  


Also, I am 10 weeks with #2, and my first is a crazy 17 month old boy.  He is SUPER high maintenance, and probably one of the worst sleepers ever.  So, I think the thought of dealing with this for a few more years is also overwhelming.


Is anyone else just feeling hormonal and depressed?  Or feeling unhappy with their partner?

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So sorry you're feeling like this!! I am happy with my partner but between adjusting to an unplanned pregnancy and coping with horrible morning sickness, I'm definitely pretty down too.

It depends how dark your thoughts are, of course, but I think a low mood is normal in this stage. I still have many things I can enjoy and appreciate in my day, but get me alone with my thoughts for too long and there's definitely a lot of powerlessness and despair. Not sure if that really constitutes depression, but it's way darker than my usual sunny self. Big hugs to you as you go through this time, and please talk to someone if things get too much to bear.
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i have definitely been standing on the edge and seeing that i'm just a step away from that darkness.  But after getting 2 days of sleep (after 8 or 9 weeks of NOT SLEEPING AT ALL)- the panic and just absolute lack of interest in life suddenly shifted.  my 11 month old is IMPOSSIBLE.  my MIL is in town and it's so hard to see him demanding and driving her crazy!!!  but then i realized that usually it's ALL directed at me.  so i'm enjoying the break.


a couple of days of rest, talking w/ good and encouraging friends (stay away from those who can't encourage and uplift), making a delicious cake (and gaining an extra few pounds eating it in joy w/ friends), and also really getting into things w/ my partner has all be really beneficial.


i second BallardBaby- don't do it alone!  it could be hormones and exhaustion, but it's not okay to stay there and not get out of it.

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It has been coming and going for me, I'll admit. I do think however, it is very much the hormones! Also, today is the first day in ten days that I've seen the sun. I already struggle a bit with seasonal depression, so I really make an effort to get moving and exercise after work. Last week I didn't make it to the gym at all and only did yoga once. BIG mistake! Saturday I was so very sad, for no particular reason. I cried for about 45 minutes for no apparent reason other than thinking that adventures in life would end because of this baby (right now, I don't believe that one bit). My poor husband...not getting any and having to deal with a crying, blubbering, hormonal woman who is not who he married. He has been so good. Today the sun came out and after work I'm headed to the gym. How is it that just a few minutes, hours, days can make the darkness seem so far away?


Carlyray, my advice is get moving a bit and get some endorphins going- even if its just a ten minute walk outside, then minutes of stretching, ten jumping jacks!

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