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Help in preparing for baby...

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I am pregnant and due May 6th. I will be having a C section.  My husband and I have decided that we are not going to vaccinate the baby. 

So, my main question is what can we do to help protect him from catching illnesses? (I am concerned about all illnesses, but especially about pertussis) 

What can I do as a mom (besides breastfeeding-which I will be doing) to help protect him especially in the first few months he is born?  What might be some supplements or especially helpful things I can do/take/eat that might then be transferred to him through breast milk?  Also, what can we do for him to best protect him? Is the breast milk enough? Should we give him probiotics or something else?  Thanks in advance for any input!

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If I have another baby, I will give vitamin D and infant probiotics from almost the beginning. I wish I had done that with my first two babies.


I think probiotics will be especially important for your baby from the very beginning, since you will be having a

c-section, and your baby won't be getting the benefits of the normal gut flora that a vaginally born baby gets.


For pertussis, you should have sodium ascorbate on hand. The first sign of cold symptoms, you can mix some with breast milk and give with a dropper or a bottle.

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 We started off vaxing then stopped after reactions but DD did get vit d from the start and we started up probiotics shortly after and I think it made a big difference.  DH and I had several colds that first year and our LO was sick only once at 4mos, and once at 13mos (which immediately followed her 1yr well visit and both she and I were sick same time so we caught it from there - so avoid dr's waiting rooms whenever possible!) and she's 26mos now, so overall she's done well, always kicks colds very quick.  She's also been getting chiropractic adjustments since she was 6wks and that has been great for prevention and making sure she's properly aligned as she grows.

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Take care of yourself so that you can ... breastfeed ! Take sodium ascorbate, probiotics, vitamin A and D and lots of fluids for YOU!


Give your baby sodium ascorbate at the first sign of a cold or cough or congestion.


Keep your baby hydrated since the early months will be in the summer time; give probiotics; watch for constipation, colds, cough, or congestion.


Avoid crowds for the first six months to a year. Limit the guests to your home. Value your privacy. Enforce your space.


Keep your house clean and ventilated. I know this seems like commons sense, but I have seen some real dumps. 


And enjoy your baby. It is such a short time.

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I agree with all the moms. Don't stop taking your vitamins. My baby is now 17 mos and when she starts seeming like she has a cold I myself take echinacea and loads of vit c as well. We are big hand washers. And encourage all our guests to wash hands and keep hand sanitizer on us everywhere we go.
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Thanks ladies!


Can anyone give me suggestions on where to find and buy these? Any brands that are better than others??


Sodium Ascorbate

Vitamin D3

Probiotics for baby and myself

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I buy NutriBiotic sodium ascorbate at Whole Foods Market, but you can also buy it online. I think other brands should be fine also.


I buy the Whole Foods Market brand vitamin D3, 5,000 mg. Other brands should be fine as well. I don't know what dose would be good for an infant. It's important to take vitamin D3 during pregnancy, as well.


I use VSL#3 probiotics for myself and my kids (450 billion CFU packets, flavored). http://vsl3.com  For an infant, I would research which brand is best for infants

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Originally Posted by joy123 View Post

Thanks ladies!


Can anyone give me suggestions on where to find and buy these? Any brands that are better than others??


Sodium Ascorbic

Vitamin D3

Probiotics for baby and myself

Hi Joy!

I am going to say that by taking plantarum has tremendously helped. Here is a great article about the research done for it. It is also cheap to buy and doesn't have to be refrigerated.(It is also naturally found in sauerkraut etc)



I also have to say that by drinking kefir water and having kefir milk smoothies sometimes, I feel like we are getting the probiotics we need without breaking the bank. The kefir and plantarum are all we take now.



***I don't endorse everything on the sites I just posted, but it has easy explanations and good information gathered. :innocent


I buy Bronson's vit C from Amazon: but in a pinch, you can use regular AA and add Baking soda to it in a 1 tablespoon AA to 1 tsp BS which will create Sodium Acorbate instantly (and is honestly much cheaper).


I hunt around for Vit D3. I think that is easy and cheap to find if you just look a little.



DS-14 (our new son as of 12/13 after 31/2 years)




"Those who are afraid retreat.
Those who are brave grow greater.
Never fear, always grow."

Sun Tzu

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We use Nature's Answer D3 from Vitacost, good price and nothing in it but Olive Oil so good for my sensitive kiddo.  The bottle has like 300 drops and a serving is 2 drops to get 4000IU so it lasts us quite a while.  When DD was younger I gave her the Carlson Super Daily D3 which were 400IU per drop - 365 per bottle so that lasted us a whole year for under $10!



I'm working off a couple bottle of the Vitacost brand Vit C (AA variety and we convert to the SA with baking soda although the ratio I had seen was 1 part AA to 1/2 parts Baking soda).


Probiotics, DD takes the Therbiotic Chewables, started her on the chewable at 22mos after using the Therbiotic infant powder prior to that.  This in particular we use because she was tested at the ND and her body doesn't agree with any other probiotics and this brand is pretty allergy free so we stick with it in spite of higher cost ($36 for 60 chewables) - I might switch her to a capsule in the near future to get a higher dosage in her because she can swallow pills no problem (she can take my probiotics in a pinch) and I think the increase will give us better results getting her tummy troubles under control. 


We occasionally pick up some coconut kefir and she does like kombucha.  Both things I need to get on the ball and make at home because they are a bit pricey for our current budget so we don't buy them as often as I'd like.


I'm also trying to filter through all of the cod liver oil options out there and decide on what one to try out while DD is still young and has an adventurous palate which makes me think I'm going off to create a new thread about that because I've seen a bunch of old ones but nothing recent!

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