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Used pump and bottles--what parts to replace?

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When my now-9-year-old was born, a friend gave me a Medela Pump in Style she had used for all 3 of her kids.  I replaced all parts that touch milk, plus the tubing and electrical adapter, because everything was very worn.  It worked really well for me, so when another friend was expecting (and I thought I would only have one child) I gave her the pump.


Now I am expecting again, that second friend's 2 kids are weaned, and to my amazement she offered to give back my pump!  She came by last night with a huge storage tub full of stuff, which we couldn't look over because we were distracted by our kids and it was almost dinnertime, but she managed to tell me that she had gotten a second Pump in Style that was in there too, and that she had also included all the bottles she had.


Obviously I'll need to ask her why she got the second pump--was the first one getting unreliable?  Was the second new or used?--but I'm hoping to get some guidance here about what to keep vs. replace.


(I will be using the pump a lot, as I plan to return to work full-time after 12 weeks.)


I'm inclined to replace parts that touch milk just because it seems more sanitary.  Is this necessary?  (As far as I know, my friend has no health problems that could be transmitted, and her second child has been weaned for almost 2 years so it seems that anything remaining on the pump parts would have died by now anyway, and I will boil everything....)


What about the tubing?  It looks fine.


Some of the bottles are glass, and some are Medela plastic with the updated logo, i.e. newer than what I had for my son.  The cover caps have her kid's name very indelibly written on them, so of course I'll replace those.  Do I need to replace the nipples, or is sterilizing adequate?


The newer pump is missing its manual.  The connectors on it look very different from the ones on the old pump; I can't find anything that looks quite like them on Medela's site, although they look more like the Freestyle connectors than the Pump in Style--but she said this was a newer Pump in Style, and the bag is almost identical to the old one. headscratch.gif

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I have been told that you cannot use any pump after someone else has bc even if you think milk doesn't touch the actual pump it can get in there sometimes! I also have had this happen where is gets sucked into the pump. I actually called medela and they told me this to be true! This is why they don't sell the tubing at stores anymore bc they don't want people sharing pumps! This just happened in five years bc my first is five and I looked at new tubing at the store but didn't end up buying it! Then four years later when I had my second they stopped selling it. Unless it's a rented hospital grade it cannot be used after someone else is what I was told. As far as bottles I would toss them just to be safe. It just seems kind of gross to me I don't know why lol. I used my bottles through two kids and tossed them after the second bc I figured I will just get new ones the next time. Glass bottles are really inexpensive too. I always replace nipples with each child. They are not expensive to buy new ones.
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Is the other one a Purely Yours, maybe? If so the parts are supposed to be replaceable if they haven't stopped doing it for legal reasons. When I bought mine it was used as a selling point that it was a closed system on the pump itself. That was 12 years ago though so things might have changed. Those things are amazing- still sucking after 12 yrs!
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I looked up a picture of the Purely Yours, and it's definitely not that.


I'm aware that most breast pumps are officially "a single-user product"--there's a disclaimer about this printed inside the bag of the Pump in Style.  But having had a used pump before, I'm not too concerned.  I do feel a little more squicky about plastic parts, esp. soft ones, than glass which can be so thoroughly sterilized.

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I used my friends pump and her sister used it after me. We had the embarrasing "you don't have any diseases" talk and I decided I was comfortable with it. It was a pump in style too. I would never buy a used one from a stranger but I have known this woman for 25 years. As for the bottles personally I would steralize and use but get new nipples because they wear out.
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My sister gave me her used plastic bottles. I thoroughly cleaned and sterilized them and felt fine about. But she is my sister after all. I replaced the nipples. I probably wouldn't use the used pumps in the scenarios described, but a new PIS was fully covered by my health insurance so I never had to weigh that decision. The new laws have changed things quite a bit since your previous kids - maybe check your ins to see what they cover.
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UPDATE: I went to a LLL meeting and feel that I got good advice: Because my insurance will cover a new pump, I should get a new pump, and keep the old one for back-up.  It is so old and has been so heavily used that the motor could give up the ghost at any time--and the insurance coverage is good only for a limited time, plus I wouldn't want to be left in the lurch until I could replace the pump.

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