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Share the sales you find

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Hey Mamas,


I thought we could use a place to share sales if we find them. 


I don't know if anyone is interested in this sling.  Supposedly it's free (Regular almost $40) with promo-code AB14feb.  I checked it out and you still have to pay 11.95 shipping.  I have no idea if it's a good sling, I'm happy with what I already have.  Still, maybe someone wants one... :)





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Seven slings are pretty garbagey and not worth the price of shipping. Read some reviews before you buy. You would be much happier with a ring sling, and you can get some pretty inexpensive rings at www.sleepingbabyproductions.net
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~~Good to know!

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Yeah, I got the "free" Seven Sling for $12 S&H, and it is stiff, fits poorly, and smells terrible!!  We are going to wash it a bunch of times, hoping that gets rid of the smell and stiffness, and then see if it works, but we're not optimistic and are thinking its most likely function is for my son to wear a stuffed animal while I am wearing the baby--he likes this idea.


I bought an item at Motherhood a few months ago, and they gave me a surprisingly nice bonus pack with some really good coupons (like 20% off any Avent breast pump) and a free baby bottle and some gift cards for online stores.  I got a nursing pillow for only $7 S&H that I think will be pretty good.

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I recommend subscribing to Hip2Save's FB page or just going on their website. I learn about so many deals that way.



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