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Pregnancy Fatigue

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I am pregnant with my third, and I am just tired all the time. I have just gotten my bloodwork done, and am not deficient in anything. My iron levels are good. I am taking spirulina at the mo, and eating well. I have 2 older children (5 and 2) and work part time... I am just not coping. I never feel like I have had enough sleep, but I can't exactly nap with the other ones at home. Any suggestions?

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I feel you! And I only have one running around. Can you get someone to take the other two for a couple hours so you can get a good nap in? Your partner or a friend? Go to bed earlier? It's hard to get in the rest with older ones demanding so much of your attention all the time. I always feel better when I get a few hours and actually make myself use them for napping instead of other chores.
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I'm also pregnant with my 3rd and have a 6 yr old and a 3 year old plus work. I'm exhausted all the time. Naps are rare but when I get one I feel like a much nicer person. No ideas, just sympathy! 

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No deficiencies here plus I feel great and cannot really go to sleep until close to midnight. But in the early afternoon I basically nod off in the middle of playing with my children. Having to lay down for a while as soon as DH comes home after work. I also have 2 little ones (21 m/o and 3 1/2) to take care of.

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I am pregnant with my 6th, and calving my herd of registered cows (so I head to the barn every 3-4 hours during the day and sometimes the night).  I am completely wiped out.  I fall asleep by 9 every night, but often am awake from 3-4 ish, then up for the day before 6.

Yesterday and today I have done thing by sit on my but in front of the computer or drive to the barn yard and back.  My house is a disaster and I am so blah.  My oldest is gone to an out of county basketball game tonight so I have to do all the evening chores too (she does them if she is home).  And I have a million things that need done around here.

Not much help, just commiserating.

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