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The food thread

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What is everyone enjoying eating these days? I usually eat very healthy, low grain and lots of protein but I have been having junk food cravings combined with aversions and morning sickness, so I have been eating small amounts gf pizza, donuts, Mexican food, soda, popsicles, lots of toast and peanut butter... and enjoying lentils and legumes, which I usually can't tolerate...

But today I had a veggie craving and made coleslaw with a sweet dressing - shredded red and golden beets, purple cabbage and carrots, with raisins. Mmm. That with slices of turkey breast that we roasted last night. Heaven!

I wonder if I am turning a corner. I had barely any ms today, until dinner time and it went away after eating.

What are you all enjoying? How have you adapted recipes to suit the pregnant palette?
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Last week, I couldn't get enough veggies and healthy food (like I normally eat).

This week, EVERYTHING turns my stomach. All I want is comfort food. I hate it. I want nothing more than to eat a huge bowl of mac and cheese...or mashed potatos.

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I want cheese and turkey pepperoni.  Sweats turn me off (which is weird - I love sweets!).  I was the same way with my son too.  

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I like gentle foods this time around. Applesauce, soup, oatmeal with frozen blueberries sweetened with maple syrup, crackers... I pretty much eat like a baby. lol.gif
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Is anyone finding that everything they crave tastes wrong?   It's like I've had a tongue transplant!

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I've mostly wanted tomato sauce, cheese, Indian and Asian food. Not my normal.

Right now I am drinking a berry smoothie with avacados and spinach (for vitamins) and prunes (bet you can't guess why.). It's not that I want thIs, it's just the only way I can get some nutrition down.
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Hmmm I want chocolate chip eggos with real maple syrup so bad. Can't wait to eat them tomorrow.

Rich creamy dishes

Nothing with a lot of meat. And I'm from Texas guys. Grandparents gave us some bbq yesterday and BLEH. Forget it.

Chick fil a nuggets are awesome, gift from my mom. 

Meatballs do sound pretty good though. Maybe the glazed variety?

I always love some good fast food french fries. Mmmm




I'm sorry, did someone say something about natural living? Organic? Whole foods? Yeah, probably not gonna happen right now. lol But I am going to try some green smoothies since I finally have a blender

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We've been eating absolute junk on the road, and tonight is a super-easy food night with french bread pizzas.  I gave up entirely on healthy eating for a bit.  It's all about whatever appeals in a given moment for the time being. 

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For lunch today I maybe ate a bowl of popcorn with an entire stick of (organic!) butter melted on top.  And nutritional yeast.  But that's only maybe.

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Originally Posted by MrsKatie View Post

For lunch today I maybe ate a bowl of popcorn with an entire stick of (organic!) butter melted on top.  And nutritional yeast.  But that's only maybe.
Sounds delicious! I love airpopped popcorn, usually with a wee bit of sea salt... And sometimes some warm butter mmmmm! But popcorn has made me ill the first 20 weeks of my last pregnancies so I'm avoiding it. It's a pain to throw up lol.gif

I just ate an entire package of ham rolled up with lots of mustard. I think I ate too much though greensad.gif but it was soooooooo yummy!
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We've been doing popcorn in our Dutch oven with coconut oil and salt. It's awesome. Otherwise I'm craving eggs and raw milk. I have to force all food down (this is not like me... I love food) I have shakeology (superfood shake) almost everyday so I know I'm getting all the good stuff I need!
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Struggling to eat much of anything, though I'm starving at mealtimes. Nothing tastes right, even water.

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Been really craving any form of fried potato with ketchup, whether hash brown, french fry, or potato chip.

Also been really wanting bean and cheese burritos with hot salsa.

Very hard to find non-GMO options for any of that.

Then again, I have a friend who eats mainstream American food (cooks, but uses packets and instant things, processed "pink meats" and jarred sauces) and none of her several kids have food allergies, to date.

It makes me wonder whether I'm even accomplishing anything by worrying so much about what I eat. Sometimes it's tempting to just throw in the towel and say, whatever's gonna get you, is gonna get you, and if it's not, it's not. But the fact that my kids, each one, came up allergic to whatever new foods had most recently become GMO, gives me pause.

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Meat! I a have wanted is protein. I ate a huge restaurant burger the other day. I would normally be able to eat half at most. I ate it ALL!!! Nom nom nom…
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I want cheesy hashbrown casserole. maybe with maple sausage in it. Yep. Going grocery shopping

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How are you all dealing with food planning and cooking for your family?  I am in food aversion hell, and I just cannot cook.  Or serve food.  Or watch people eat disgusting food.  I'm starting to feel a little bad for my daughter.  Usually she and I eat the same thing for all of our meals, but I'm really only interested in mashed potatoes, buttered toast, or apples.  Occasionally I'll force myself to choke down something with nutritional value.  For example, I shoved in one mid-sized romaine lettuce leaf earlier.  Bravo, me. I can't very well make my daughter do THAT.  Tomorrow is my usual food planning day for the week, and I have NO CLUE what I can possibly stomach making and/or eating.  DP is having to stop at the grocery store on his way home every day as I try to identify the one food that I might be able to stomach that day.  Sigh.  All I know is, I refuse to go anywhere near an onion.  Or a tomato product.  Or any type of jarred spice. 


What makes me crazy, though, is that with all these aversions, you'd think I wouldn't be overeating.  WRONG!  I find the one food I can handle - generally something rife with carbs and fat - and gorge on it.  Gah!

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Tofu. I usually eat tofu once every couple of months, but I have been enjoying tofu and beans like crazy... So funny what happens in pregnancy.

I really want sausage with maple syrup but I don't think I could cook it. Also, mashed potates sound good. Reading this thread made me hungry and sick at the same time.
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Ha, that's funny, I think I was making coleslaw the same night.  I had some at work that day and NEEDED more.  

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Other than coleslaw, I've been craving vegetables in general and meat (previously a vegetarian for 17 years).  Though sometimes I open the fridge and I don't want anything but I know I have to eat.  So I've been keeping rice cakes and shortbread biscuits (wheat-free lavender scented) around for a quick easy fix when I start to feel nauseous, which is like every hour.  I'm worried that I am over-eating but not allowing my stomach to get empty is the only way I can keep nausea at bay. Also, staying hydrated is a struggle.   What I really want is my "pink drink," my invention - white grapefruit juice, seltzer, and grenadine - but who knows what all that red dye 40 will do to baby.  Water is yuck, teas are boring, juice is sugary.  ugh!

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I had a blackberry Izze last week and now it's all I want to drink. Pink drink sounds good smile.gif
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