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Marcimama - liquid prenatal's that taste like pineapple? SIGN ME UP! I'd love to know where to get me some of that!

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I finally had the burger I wanted. I had it on Monday and I really want another one now. 



I've done nothing productive around my home in about two weeks to a month. I have to go grocery shopping today and it's my first dairy free shopping trip  and I'm torn between wanting to buy microwavable meals and actually get off my butt and cook for my family again. I don't want to waste money on food to cook and not have the energy or desire. But I can feel the drag on my family from the crap food. Booo. 


You know the suggestion of freezing meals to easily make after the baby is born? Someone should have suggested doing that while TTC so you'd have them during the first trimester! lol


Probably going to read through this thread again and get some inspiration ;)

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Lol crunchy! I was thinking the same thing the other day about frozen meals while TTC! Usually I have a pretty decently stocked freezer with spaghetti sauce and other quick meals! Before we moved here I always "fed the freezer" a few times a week. However DH eats waaaaay more now because of his physical requirements at work and the kids eat more and I already feel like I'm feeding an army some days! Plus we need more freezer space. We just don't seem to have enough. Our apartment size freezer was great when DD1 was an infant but not so much any more!

We are looking into getting a bigger freezer and I want to start feeding the freezer again!
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My mom and her husband are moving 4 hours away soon and they're giving us their deep freezer when they do! I will be doing lots of freezer meals for post baby for sure. I need to start practicing =) I always stock up on meats in the freezer but never meals.

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OMG! For the first time in WEEKS... months really CHICKEN sounded good! I just ordered a local eatery's chix salad wrap. They use minimal mayo and are generous on the dill and celery.

IT IS SO GOOD. Its so nice to FINALLY crave something other than bagels and cream cheese or cereal or bagels..bagels.. LOL!  I hope this lasts! Salty potato chips on the side and I'm a happy girl! I don't pretend to believe at almost 10 weeks this is officially over but if it were to be- Hallelujah!!!!!!

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I'm so jealous that you're so much closer to the end of the 1st tri lol My ultrasound made my midwife decide not to trust my ovulation date and set me back 4 days. I'm officially considering myself only 8 weeks 2 days instead of 8 weeks 6 days to stay on 'her' due date since the baby is measuring to go along with that. 

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Argh! maybe your's will cease a bit early then? I will hope that it does! Last night on the acupuncture table I had a feeling things might turn because I was remembering these burritos I used to make almost weekly for a time that are so healthy and good and wanted one. I thought oh! Glimmer of hope! 


Food Babe's Fast Food Burritos:

Sprouted grain Ezekial tortillas

Black beans tossed with a tsp of lime juice

chili pwdr, cumin, s&p

grated goat cheese



I usually put a thin smear of sour cream on tortilla, then put beans in the circle so they don't slide around, top with onion avocado and shredded cheese, roll up in brown parchment, then alumanim foil. Bake for 25 minutes at 350. Top with salsa and more sour cream if desired. I may need to make those in near future. :-)

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Ugh. I've gone from 99% aversion, 1% unhealthy craving to just plain all-out aversion to everything. I just keep turning foods over in my head, trying to envision one tasting good. No luck. Fried rice with duck sauce might still be in the running. Maybe. Overcooked zucchini I can handle pretty well. And I'm still capable if eating scrambled eggs, but the melting butter smell is awful. Really hoping that food starts to seem more appealing soon.
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OMG!!! I was feeling nauseous and sick this morning but hungry and I ate an applesauce before taking the kids to school... when I got home I realized I was still starving but the mess in the kitchen was making me more nauseous. I laid down for awhile and after a bit I realized I was nauseous because I was hungry and I wanted an omelet BAD!!! So I got up, ignored the mess and made one... It was incredible. And now I want another! Feeling sooooooo incredibly hungry!

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Yes!!! I had an omelette for breakfast and another for dinner yesterday, they were so good! kale, parsley and heirloom tomato with gouda on one and extra sharp cheddar on the other :yum


The last two days have been great and healthy food days, and this morning was good as well, PB&B protein shake, fresh fruit salad and breakfast "cookies" (just banana, oats, walnuts and a sprinkle of cinnamon mashed together and baked), but when it came time for lunch at the hospital cafeteria...nothing looked good. I ended up having fries and half of a cherry turnover with water :Sheepish

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I was still hungry a couple hours later so went and got a smoothie. But I think I drank it to fast because I went to pick up a few groceries and couldn't even go in the store I was too nauseous. Gah 3 sleeps until we leave... I can't handle flying on a good day never mind a bad one!
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Anyone nostalgic over restaurants of their childhood memories?


I found myself gazing, mouth watering, at the websites for food chains that simply don't exist in the North, like Jack in the Box, Whataburger, Luby's, Schlotzky's (those three are a TX thing), Sonic, and I don't suppose Grandy's still exists, but in its heyday, it was the only fast food place I ever heard of to serve fried catfish, and also had a Giblet Dinner option, your choice of fried chicken gizzards, or livers. Then there's Carl's Jr. in Oklahoma (really good burgers!), and Popeye's Chicken was good and spicy... where I live, fast food consists of Wendy's, Burger King, and McDonald's...and we even have an Arby's but I don't consider that food. Ha. Oh, but we DO have Tim Horton's which was DIVINE when I went there in Quebec City, but once it came here, and was apparently bought by Wendy's, the quality, while still decent, fell quite a bit. Too bad! So, Tim Horton's is a nice perk of living up here, but I wish they had remained the same as they were.


The South/Southwest just seems to be where there was a lot more proliferation and variety of such things.


Just musing over things I knew as a kid, that I haven't seen in decades, sort of going over childhood food memories.

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Vietnamese spring rolls with Thai chili sauce, again. I guess its good since I make my own and it seems to be the only way i've been getting any veggies these days. I want them at least once every day, and waffles. Plain waffles. These two things are basically all I'm living on.

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Take away sushi rolls.  I showed enough restraint not to eat them until I got home... 

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Originally Posted by RainbowAsylum View Post

Take away sushi rolls.  I showed enough restraint not to eat them until I got home... 

OMG me too with sushi, that's the only thing that sounds consistently appealing!


Made a big bowl of miso soup with a ton of seaweed today, after having a giant green/protein smoothie for breakfast.  Nausea is kicking today, weird cause it's been almost nonexistent since week 6!

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@goingonfour I love me some whataburger. Triple meat triple cheese has been really hitting the spot!



We went out with my mom yesterday/today and she fed us good. Chinese, sushi, and whataburger. Plus she bought me some chocolates the other day. 



I would love some more sushi! 

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Ah yes! Bring on the sushi! So so good.
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I've been loving eggs after having an aversion to them for the last 10 weeks! Omelets and egg and cheese sandwiches never fail to please. I'm also a sushi and spring roll craver over here, along with fresh vegetables (tomatoes, carrots, raw eggplant) and fruit (grapefruit, peaches, berries, bananas-but only in my shakes!). Also black bean and rice burritos with lots of black olives are something that I wouldn't turn down, especially if there's queso on the side!  :yum 

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Still craving gluten like no tomorrow... But I bought the ingredients to make a bunch of amazing GF Yorkshire puddings... They are one of the few "from scratch" GF bread products that taste as good or better than the original wheat recipes... Ommmmmnomnomnom!
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I'm going to be honest here and say that I've never had a yorkshire pudding! Is it bready? Or more like pudding?

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