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disinfecting with isopropyl alcohol?

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Hi Mamas,


I'm early in my second trimester and for a number of weeks now have been cleaning a toddler potty 2-3 times per day with isopropyl alcohol.  My usual practice has been to use vinegar or hydrogen peroxide, but my spray bottles broke, I ran out of vinegar, ran out of peroxide, forgot to carry vinegar upstairs from the kitchen, etc.  I resorted to the alcohol because I have often seen it on lists of good less-toxic-than-some cleaning solutions, though I avoided it completely during my last pregnancy.  Today I saw it on several lists of substances that are not safe for pregnancy.  Does anyone have any experience with this?


I'm not sure exactly how many times I have used it, but more than 2 or 3, and it wasn't just swabs, but pours from the bottle resulting in a strong smell. I have tried to breathe the freshest air possible and to get away from the fumes as quickly as I could, but I definitely have had significant exposure. I would be so grateful for any comments or reliable links.


Thank you all so much!

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Do any moms have some experience or advice to share?
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I can only say we used it extensively in the hospital (not in spray form, mind you) but on swabs and also in the hand foam (used 200+ times daily).  There were no warnings or hesitations put forward in relation to pregnant women and they are pretty on-top of that stuff.  None of my co-workers had any issues with their pregnancies.

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If you're concerned about it, hot, soapy water is a perfectly acceptable cleaner. It is what is used on most equipment in hospitals. We only use alcohol for swabbing IV ports and one or two other procedures, and the hand rub as the PP mentioned.
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