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3yo still in diapers.

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my 3yo DD is still not potty trained. it's true. I've tried everything but punishment! rewards, sticker charts, drink and wet dolls, even bribes! what can I do? please help.

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excuse me?

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I have no first hand advice, but I've heard other parents putting their children in cloth diapers or thick training pants so that the kids can tell that they are wet. Disposable diapers are so absorbant that many kids don't even realize they are wet (or so I'm told).
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I think you were saying excuse me to the bump.
Someone bumps a post if it hasn't received any comments in hopes that it will be seen again and then get comments.
At 3 my son had to get wet in his clothes a couple times. A teacher suggested it and I thought it was cruel but he would sit in a wet cloth diaper just to not have to stop whatever he was playing. After a couple times of wet clothes he started using the potty. The thing is you have to decide to commit and be prepared for an accident out in public, you can't do it at home and then put a diaper on to go out. I had another friend try this and it worked for peeing but the kid will not poop in the potty and it hasn't been such a positive experience for them.
Hope you find a solution that works for you and your dd.
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Running around with no pants on and being reminded often and taken to the potty works with mine. Took a while for them to wear underpants and remember to go, but just pants worked after a while.

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I tried almost all your ideas and she is now potty trained! (in the daytime) thanks a lot everybody!


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