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BF and crazy cycle - please help

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I'm still BF our 11m old - twice a day. 


From when he was 6m old I have had a tiny amount of bright red spotting every four weeks. 


About 6wks ago we cut down to the two feeds a day. 


I had a scan on Jan 7 (Tuesday) which showed that I was close to ovulation, so I went home, and we had lots of sex for the next week. 


I'm not temping (sent me too crazy with both my previous pregnancies) but from discharge/cramping etc I believe that I o'd on the Sunday/Monday. 


Within a few days of ovulation I had strong pregnancy symptoms (nausea, skin breakouts, bleeding gums, backache etc). I had them very soon in both previous pregnancies: I get them early. I also had a few bright red spots at what would have been about 9/10dpo and some cramping. 


I took at test at around 11dpo and it was negative. At 12dpo I got a lump of yellow snot-like mucus. 


Yesterday (around 14dpo) I got a tiny drop of bright red blood, so I assumed AF had arrived. I put in a tampon, but when I took it out a few hours later, there was just some brown discharge on it. I've had nothing else since, and am still feeling sick and have a backache (although I don't feel as 'pregnant' as I did with my other babies). No changes to my boobs, but I'm still nursing so I'm not sure if there would be...?


For the last week my cervix has been high and soft, and I've had milky white discharge. 


Can anyone explain what's going on? My husband has my tests and he's out of town (I give them to him since I can't otherwise control myself ;) ). Is this BF screwing with me??



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Well, I can't explain what you've got going on, but I can sympathize with you. I'm also BFing a 11 month old, but I still nurse him on demand. My cycle is so wacked out. I don't remember it still being screwy like this for this long with my others. But I guess its different every time...
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It's so frustrating isn't it??!


With #1 I nursed until 12m with no cycle at all, and then had to give up because of an operation/pain killers. My cycle came back soon after. So this is new to me too... 


I've actually started temping now to try to work out what's going on. Driving me mad not knowing!!

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Yes, I've been attempting to temp/chart but I keep ending up with a lousy thermometer!! I'm going to get one of the old fashioned ones, these digital ones are killing me. I never know if I can believe it or not
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Haha! Me too - don't know if I'm meant to push the button before I put it in my mouth and then again when it's in, or just the once, or what...


Plus this one's in Celcius for some reason, whereas all my previous charts have been in Fahrenheit, so comparing them is really complicated!!

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