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Cloth diapering in a drought

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Has anyone started looking at the math for whether it's better to use cloth or compostables in a drought situation? Cloth requires a lot of water, even with a simplified washing routine (and water used for manufacturing is coming from somewhere not having a water emergency)



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I've definitely thought about it - cloth diapering my three in NM over the last decade.  I've read that making a paper (or possibly compostable?) diaper takes not only water (which may be okay to use elsewhere) but also a lot of fossil fuel, compared to cloth, but I don't have the actual math on hand.  I would think that it would depend too on how often you changed your baby.  Disposable require fewer changes to keep the babe comfortable.  But technically you're supposed to put poop from a disposable in the toilet anyway, which requires flushing....


It's hard to say.  I don't really know.     


Probably the most water efficient way to manage a babe's pee and poop needs would be to try and catch as many as possible in the potty.  Or when the baby becomes a toddler, let them go around pantless as much as possible, especially outdoors.  Just try and reduce the number of diapers you actually have to go through. 

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