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Did YOUR water break first? Share your funny/not so funny stories here!

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Mine never did, I was told that my amniotic fluid was low and had an induction via pitocin (not an ideal situation but that was the only intervention we had.) It was kind of rushed after that. My birth went really well and all was well. How about you? Did your water break?

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My water with DD1 and DD2 started before labor.  With DD1, it was a slow leak and confirmed at doc... leading to induction... poo.


DD2, I was nursing DD1 for a nap and pop... there it goes, labor started very slowly after that and I had a successful (and quick) homebirth.


DS water broke one contraction before he was born..... it was while I was pushing and it was instant relief.  

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Mine broke with DD which started my labour. It was Sunday evening and I had set up my mat leave from work to begin the following day (I was also planning to shop for baby supplies, had an appt to get a haircut and a pedicure to pamper myself before baby came). I got up from sitting and felt a "pop", rushed to the bathroom as the water started coming out while swearing profusely and saying "this isn't supposed to happen!". DD was born about 8 hours later, at home. She was officially 37 weeks +1, the cutoff for homebirth here is 37 weeks so I suppose she knew what she was doing, she just didn't share her plan with us!

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Mine broke on a Friday night at 10pm after having been up since 6am and having walked 5 miles that day in efforts to get labor going... I was 40+5 and sick of being pregnant.... i just wish it would have broken in the morning so I had energy for labor. My labor started right away and went 22 hours. 

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Yep, with both kids my water breaking was the first sign of labor. It happened in bed both times, but luckily it was a slow leak rather than a big burst.

My DH cracked up because I was slow and lumbering most of the time by that point in pregnancy, but when my water broke, even though I was sound asleep, WHAM, I was on my feet and running to the bathroom within half a second! lol.gif
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My water did break first. I didn't have a single contraction. I was taking a nap in the afternoon and as I rolled over in bed it was like a balloon pop! Lol. Then I still didn't have any contractions for 6 hours! It was so weird.
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Yes! At a Mexican restaurant! At the classes they said it only happens in public like that very rarely! (Except in the movies!!)
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In my 6 births not once did my water break before labor began. It was usually minutes before baby was born and with 2 happened as baby was coming out. Always though it would be neat to have it happen though as long as labor began shortly after.
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Yes. IDK if agreeing to a membrane strip made it more likely? But it was 2 days later, 40+2. I was watching something funny on YouTube. It was a big surprise!

With my first, I never noticed & with my second it only happened as I was pushing.
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Mine broke with both of mine at around 4 am or so, and was the beginning of labor for me.  Well, I guess there were things going on before, but I thought it was just gas.

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Mine broke before having contractions (well, I'd had a couple random ones earlier in the day, but nothing regular). I was lying on the couch watching TV and felt this *pop* and booked to the bathroom, which was only a few steps away. Now I'm thinking I should walk around with a towel in case I'm further from the bathroom than that, or something. 

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No, I started having strong contractions and was fully dilated, my midwife had already arrived before it broke. It ended up breaking during a contraction, and IMMEDIATELY after that I felt the strong urge to push and baby arrived within an hour!
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Mine broke when I was pushing my daughter out! I'm interested to see how it happens this time around :-)

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Mine broke while I was sitting on the couch watching my husband hook up the DVD player so we could watch a natural childbirth video!
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I had been having occasionally regular rushes for a week and a half when labour started in earnest at 6:30 am. My water broke between 7 and 7:30.
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Mine broke first for both pregnancies.  My water broke for my son's birth as I was nursing his 17-month-old sister to sleep.  I put her down and had the baby while she slept soundly!  

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Apparently I was in labor for three days and didn't know it.  First baby. On the third day I was walking very slow, back pain and baby was kicking more than usual.  I started leaking but still wasn't sure what was going on. Came home from work and called the doctor and they said to just trot on down to the hospital and let them have a look.  I was scheduled for a mandatory c-section in 7 days and even then, the surgery was a week before due date. My husband and I took our time, I munched on a brownie and we meandered to the hospital. When we got there, we were given a gown and sent to a room and as I was putting it on ... water all over the place. Things picked up after that as I went into full labor and had to wait on my surgery thanks to that delicious brownie that I ate.  It was a crazy, wonderful, funny, experience and cuddling with my son (who had decided he wanted to see the world that very day) was the most amazing conclusion.

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I think I had a high leak with dd1 as I'm pretty sure I didn't pee in the tub but something came out. 

With dd2 water broke as I was pushing (not sure if MW broke it or if it happened on it's own).

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Mine didn't break until my baby was almost crowning. Apparently I had very thick membranes, or so my midwife said. :) What was weird though was that the amniotic sack actually emerged unbroken and as I reached down to feel what was going on I broke my own water. We were in a birthing tub though so I couldn't say how much fluid there was but I can say it was a disconcerting experience as I'd never heard of such a thing happening.

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Twice.  With my first I was 31 weeks when it broke at 4:30 in the morning.  Got the usual "Oh it was probably pee, put a pad in and call us in an hour" when I called L&D but decided to go up anyway; surprise, it was amniotic fluid.  Ended up delivering at 8 that night despite their best efforts to keep him in for another 3 weeks, he came home 37 days later after a fairly uneventful NICU stay with no lasting effects.


With my 3rd I was 39+4 weeks and thoroughly done with being pregnant.  I was walking to my car after work and ran into a coworker I don't see very often and we got to chatting.  She asked when I was due and I said "Saturday, but if he decided to come sooner than that, that'd be great.  Like today, today would be super," and BAM, my water broke.  It was actually another 28 hours before he arrived, but it was before Saturday!

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