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OT-rant about hospital documentary

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Not really newsworthy, but found this intriguing...there's a hospital documentary currently airing on tv here in BC, on VGH Hospital...I watched the first hour episode, and no less than 3 times during that hour 3 people were given and/or offered a tetanus vax for various injuries, ie needing stitches for a cut. I was kinda shocked...all of the injuries didn't warrant the vax...they all bled....and what would the vax do after the fact? If the hospital staff were worried about the patient(s) actually contracting tetanus from their injuries, then you'd think they'd have offered them the TIG instead...
Seriously, just felt like the hospital was handing out the tetanus vaxxes like candy. Crazy. Seems like more education regarding tetanus is needed!
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In addition to medical personnel and the general public being uneducated about vaccines, I think the there's another reason for the tetanus shot being given for every wound. It's what's expected. It's ingrained in our culture. A trip to the hospital for a wound just wouldn't be the same without a tetanus shot. It's part of the package. Part of the experience.

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A teacher I worked with took her elderly mother into the ER because she was having a stroke. 


The ER personnel offered the poor 89 yr old woman a tetanus shot.


This was 2003.


My friend declined the vaccine and complained about it later to me. 


Her mother passed soon after that and it was not from need of a tetanus shot.


She was just old and had a stroke.

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We also have to remember that there is no such thing as a tetanus-only shot.  

They're getting DTaP.  Or possibly TD.  But most likely, DTaP.


What do you want to bet that in the ER, they are asked if they're up-to-date on their tetanus shot, but they're not asked if they're up to date on their pertussis shot--which would be the same thing, but most people don't know this.  Most people by now WOULD have been given or at least offered a "pertussis booster" at their yearly checkup with their primary care provider, and would remember that, but would not realize that tetanus was part of that vaccine.

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It's definitely part of the routine.  Just prior to my "increased knowledge" of vaccines and stopping vaxxes for myself, I was in the ER for a cat bite - I was treat training on an invisible fence (fun times) and he punctured my fingernail. I don't remember any bleeding.  I don't remember getting a TIG, I DO however have a card somewhere in a file saying which "booster" I got.  A year later I had a dog bite that needed stitches, bled profusely (along with lovely fat tissue coming out!!), and when I said I couldn't remember the date of my last tetanus they loaded me up again.  Talk about being sick!  I was miserable. But thankfully I know better now because I would never go through that again, ugh.

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The hospitals are probably getting bonuses on the number of shots sold to everybody whether they need it or not!

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