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question about placenta previa

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I was diagnosed with low lying placenta at my 19+3 u/s. At my almost 28 week u\s my doc (who never wants to think anything is wrong) said that it is actually a complete previa. I just want to know how likely it is to move at this point? I know its right over my cervix but not sure how much. Also, this is my 12th baby, and im sure that will factor in? There is not alot of guidance out there on this. Thanks in advance smile.gif oh i have also had no bleeding so far, is it probable to expect some?
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Hugs and bummer. I was dx with marginal posterior pp at my 19 wk anatomy scan. We have another scheduled at 30 weeks to see if it has grown up. sending you placenta moving vibes!!
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Thanks smile.gif i will pray yours moves up. When is your scan? My next is feb 17@30 1/2 weeks
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Thank you too. My scan is the first week of March at 29+ some days (I wanted to push it back even later but I need to do the scan the same day as my ob appt-childcare and work conflicts!) keep us updated.
PS I've read that accupuncture can help (plus it feels great) & I've been doing daily affirmations and visualizing my placenta growing up. I figure, hey it can't hurt, right?!
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Well that gives you time for movement, so thats awesome. Im rooting for you!
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Also, I've read a number of stories "out there" on the internet about Dr's (or U/s techs) being incorrect in their measurements. A few mommas have recommended getting a second opinion at another office. Just something else to keep in
Mind wink1.gif
I keep sending you thoughts & prayers! Grow baby grow! Move placenta move!
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I found this on WebMD:

"Placenta previa may be observed in as many as one in every three pregnancies before the 20th week of pregnancy. As the uterus grows, the placenta usually moves higher in the uterus, away from the cervix. But if it remains near the cervix as your due date nears -- which happens in about one in 200 pregnancies -- you're at risk for bleeding, especially during labor as the cervix thins (effaces) and opens (dilates). This can cause major blood loss in the mother. For this reason, women with a placenta previa usually deliver their babies before their due date by cesarean delivery."


The odds show that this often self corrects, going from an approx 30% rate of occurrence before 20 weeks down to 0.5% nearing birth.  However, in your case it looks like it might have gone the wrong way (from partial to full).  You still have some time though... fingers crossed!

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Thanks so much both of you. I appreciate it very much smile.gif i have another scan in just over 2 weeks. I will for sure come back and update. You too sierra!

Innacircle, i think he wasnt very concerned earlier about it, and didnt pay too much mind to it ( hes real laid back) where as now he figures it didnt change and hed better be more diligent lol. All i really am concerned for is a healthy baby. Its just hard not knowiing if it will bleed, kwim?
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I was just this week diagnosed with placenta previa (moderate) and am 20 weeks along! I had just joined this site and posted about it in my due date forum (June 2014) about 5 minutes ago. I am so glad to know someone else is experiencing somewhat the same thing. From what I have read, the further along you get, the less likely it is to move, unfortunately. AS far as the bleeding goes, I don't think everyone with previa bleeds. I haven't yet either. That's a good thing! My midwife said if I bleed at all I am to go straight away to hospital!

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Welcome MountainMist.  Join the PP club :), but hoping for placenta movement in all of us.  Keep us posted!!

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Heya MountainMist!
Im sorry to hear of your pp, but there is lots of time for it to move for you smile.gif i have read also your chances of movement are better if its marginal rather than complete. When is your next u/s? Keep us posted!!
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