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my xdhs new social worker gf coslept with the kids

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The night she met them!

So exdh, new gf, 7 1/2 year old ds and 2 1/2 dd all coslept per my exdh.

I can tell I already don't like her...my xdh has never acted so carelessy about the kids best interest in regards to women he dates...she is definitely calling all the shots. He woudnt answer his phone last night and finally called me back and I heard the gf in the background say dd couldnt talk cause she was eating. Seriously and her tone was definitely irritated. We always call the kids when the other parent has them to say goodnight and he had ds miss bball practice too.

This is wrong on so many levels. I am not against cosleeping but I beyond livid because he threatened he would cut off support if I introduce d my kids to my new boyfriend. I would think a social worker would know that sleeping with her boyfriend s kids three jours after they meet is not in the best interest of the kids especially since they have only been dating 3-4 weeks. And my ds is 7 1/2!
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You know that he can't stop your support if you don't do what he says, right? Ideally you would take the other parents comfort in to consideration but he doesn't get to control you.
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It sounds highly inappropriate but sadly just because someone's profession would suggest that they should know what is appropriate and have healthy boundaries doesn't mean that they do. Doctors, ministers, social workers - they can be inappropriate and worse too, even though society expects them to know and do better :(

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This woman is stepping over that is for sure. So it's time to get some things in writing (proper times to call etc) Yes while you have automatic rights to speak with your kids you can't control what he does with a phone when your not around. Better to just get this all handled asap

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I would call cps and report her. That is so inappropriate and crosses so many boundaries I would be seriously worried that she is a pedophile. Co-sleeping with a baby is one thing but with a school age child the first day you meet them is suspicious. I'd also go straight to court and get it in writing that he is not to allow something like this to happen again.
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Just wanted to update the situation. I talked to my ex about this and its inappropriate ness and my oldest is no longer sleeping in the same bed. I have yet to get anything done in regards of my 2 year old though. I have consulted a friend whos dh is a therapist on the next level of action to take. This woman has known my kids 2 weeks now and has seen them 3 of 4 days my ex has had them and he has left them in her care now 2times. She has given 2 year old a bath and cuddles my 2 year old at night per my exs word.
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