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The 13-Month Rule

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Hi there, new here! I'm a new mom of what we joke is our "expert-level baby," Suzanna. I can't overlook the fact that my mom, grandmother and great-grandmother all had their first two kids 13 months apart. My first will be coming up on 5 months soon... you do the math. Eek! Hoping to wait a while before making Suzanna an older sibling.


My daughter is exclusively breastfed but I also work full-time. I feel like I've struggled with a lot of the transition to motherhood, and I hope to find good support here. I've also been writing about some of the challenges that have faced so far, my birth story, and other observations of new motherhood at my blog, This Mom Gig (http://thismomgig.wordpress.com/). I look forward to reading and sharing here.


It's nice to read some posts from moms who are positive but feeling the struggle. It's good work but it's hard work!

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Hello and welcome!  It's great to have you here. You might want to check out our Life with a Baby forum, or the Childhood Years.

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