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Mother's flu vaccine reaction

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My elderly mother recently started seeing a new doctor, and on her last visit a couple of weeks ago was persuaded to get a flu vaccine (she always does exactly what her doctors tell her to do). Within hours she got really bad body aches, chills and a fever. I gave her a few doses of Oscillococcinum which helped a lot with the symptoms, but ever since then she's had weird shooting pains and aches off and on, fatigue and feels on the verge of catching a cold.


No one else in the household got the flu or has any of these symptoms (and no one else got the vaccine either). Unfortunately my mother won't call and tell her doctor that she had this reaction; I think it should be reported to VAERS. I'm sooo freakin' irritated with this doctor and Big Pharma in general, and just wanted to vent. 

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I'm so sorry she got that reaction, but glad it's not worse.  


You can report her reaction to VAERS yourself.  I would emphasize the body aches, shooting pains, and the fever; I would think that the chills are just a side effect of the fever.  Feeling on the verge of catching a cold might be an immune system response, but she could also be allergic to something (possibly triggered by the vaccine?), or just...be on the verge of catching a cold!


Please tell her to eat very sensibly right now (no overdosing on sugary stuff!), and to make sure she is getting enough rest, and vitamins D and D3.  If she's up to a little exercise, that would be really good, but she should be very careful not to overdo it.


I think the flu shot can screw up your immune system for several weeks, leaving you vulnerable to the stupid little viruses that you would otherwise have been able to fight off with no problem; there is also a possibility that it, like all vaccines, can somehow have the unwanted effect of triggering your immune system to attack your own body.  

I hope she feels better soon.

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You should call the doctor/the office/clinic yourself and report this adverse event to the doctor.

This may violate some aspect of HIPAA, but the doctor should be notified of this adverse event.


In 1985, my 64 yr old MIL proudly told us over the Thanksgiving dinner table that she was going in for a physical the following week, and she announced all of the procedures she was looking forward to - mammogram and flu shot. By Christmas, she was in the hospital because she could not breathe - she thought she was drowning - her ankles were swollen, her kidneys were failing (sound familiar, per Dr. Suzanne Humpheries?), and she felt terrible.  Her lungs were drained to prevent pneumonia, but she died the day after Mothers' Day, 1986.  She suffered from several ailments for six months.  I know the flu shot put her immune system into a spin and it set her up for death.  She was not a healthy person, but why push it and blame the victim of the unnecessary procedure.

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Thanks for the support and advice!


I would like to call the doctor, but my mother would be really upset with me if she finds out. I'll have to think about how to go about this.


She gets plenty of rest, eats reasonably well for someone who eats the SAD, and takes supplements like D3, vitamin C, and magnesium among others (these are the ones I know she takes for sure). Thank goodness! I can only imagine what happens to the elderly who don't eat well or take these measures when they get the flu shot. :(

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 I can only imagine what happens to the elderly who don't eat well or take these measures when they get the flu shot. :(

What happens to them is what happened to my MIL 28 yrs ago.

She was a smoker, drinker, and partaker of the SAD.

Very sad.

She would have died soon enough, yes, but honestly, did they have to give her such a big push into the grave?

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I wanted to give an update on my mother. Most of the symptoms are gone except for the occasional frozen shoulder and now a new one: the other day her right index finger froze all of a sudden. It's never happened before and I wouldn't be surprised if it's related to the vaccine. It's happened a couple of times since. Hope this means she's at the end of it! 

Didn't someone post in another thread about a law firm that specializes in vaccine cases, and they listed how many cases the firm had won and for what type of vaccine reaction? I was scared when I saw that frozen shoulder was one of them.


ETA: I think this is it: http://www.mctlawyers.com/vaccine-injury/cases/

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OP I had not seen your first post, very sad to read all of it - hope things improve - awful! :(

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Thanks serenbat. It's much better now! 

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I was just googling around and found a couple of Web MD forum discussions about shoulder pain from vaccines:

Shoulder pain from flu shot 2013


Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis) from Flu Shots and Other Injections


Someone in the latter thread posted a URL to a PDF file for a transcript of a meeting held in September 2010 with the (ACCV) Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines (which is part of the Dept. of Health and Human Services).


In this meeting, they acknowledge that SIRVA (Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration) is a common "side" effect due to vaccines being

unintentionally injected into tissues of the shoulder rather than the deltoid, either due to improper vaccination technique or to inappropriate needle length. And there is a potential for prolonged  immune mediated reaction when the synovial joint tissue is exposed to the vaccine. As a result of this shoulder pain and dysfunction can occur from either improper vaccination technique or inappropriate needle length. 


Someone else posted from a law firm and said they get three to four calls A DAY from people with just the shoulder pain from vaccine reactions.


Hmmm, it seems like there's an awful lot of these law firms specializing in something that's due to "rare" problems with vaccines and able to get compensation for the victims. Although they have an air of ambulance chasing, I'm glad they're aggressively going after these cases.

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