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Chinese New Year

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Celebrations are one of my favorite parts of HS. Anyone else celebrating Chinese New Year? What are you doing?
Today we are making paper lanterns, masks and a huge paper dragon. We did a scavenger hunt through the house for horses (year of the horse). Tonight we will make the longest noodle we can and measure it. Tomorrow we will make dumplings and a chinese dessert.

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It sounds like you have some great ideas. I might steal some of them:)


Dumplings are a must. One fun tradition is to put something in one of the dumplings (like a spicy pepper) and then whoever gets that dumpling gets a prize (chocolate gold coins for a prosperous year).


Red envelopes are another tradition (parents & grandparents give children a decorated red envelope and it has some money in it). 


Fireworks or sparklers are a big thing if they're available. & if you're into chemistry you can actually make sparklers at home, but I have never tried it. 


This website has other info on it about Chinese New Years: http://www.chinesenewyears.info/  I like the idea of doing a whole house cleaning to get out the old and then redecorating it with paper crafts & paintings! Muahaha. 


Have fun!

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