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This is my first pregnancy.  My plan so far is to give birth at home with a midwife.  I haven't worked out anything beyond that.  I am comfortable going to the hospital if the need (or even the risk of a need) arises, but my dh and I would both prefer to give birth at home without a medical atmosphere.  I am really looking forward to giving birth.



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Homebirth with a CPM.  Hopefully it won't take 28 hours this time! ;)

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I'll be in a hospital, but it's a VERY mama/baby-friendly one, with water birth options etc.  The rooms are like rooms in a birth center.  I'll be with a midwife, too.  We are doing this because insurance will cover 100% (as in, we don't pay a dime out-of-pocket) and that trumps everything.  I'd LOVE to be in a free-standing birth center like I was with my first, but I'm happy with this option too, mostly because I had such a great (albeit bone-crusingly painful) experience with my first (no meds, no tearing, just over an hour of pushing, home 4 hours later) and I know I can do it, so I don't feel as attached to the location this time.  Having a midwife is a must, and being in a place where I can labor as long as I need is a must, too, and I have both of those.  So I'm happy with this in-between option.

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We are planning an out of hospital birth with a midwife.
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We are planning a homebirth with a CPM. We met with 3 CPMs last week and picked the one I felt was the most emotionally in tune with me. Our first baby (DD, now 2.5 yo) was born in a free-standing birth center with CNMs, but we lived in a different state then. Now we have better options for homebirth, which is what we really wanted last time. But we did have a very good experience last time - went to the birthing center at about 5 cm dilated, had the baby 4 hours later, and then went home 4 hours after that.


The only potential drawback I see this time around is that if for whatever reason we do have to be transferred, we are going to end up paying a fortune. We have a $9,000 out-of-network deductible on our insurance, so we will pay the midwife (who of course is out of network) her entire $3500 fee out of pocket. But if we transfer, even to in-network providers, there is a $3000 deductible + $1000 co-pay for every night in the hospital + 20% co-insurance on anything else. Ouch!


I really don't anticipate transferring though. Things went really well with our first birth, so I am expecting this one to go similarly. I know it will be a really different experience to be at home vs. at the birthing center though. 

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I'm hoping for a second drug-free hospital birth. I loved my experience the first time around. We've chosen a great baby-friendly hospital with a thriving staff of midwives. My only concern is it's 35 minutes away from my house... I arrived at the hospital at 10cm last time, and I'm afraid of having a highway baby this time.

Also, we might move this summer, too (seems like a lot of us are!), so I might have to scramble in the third trimester to find a good hospital/practice... ugh.

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I had a nice birth center birth last time, but may opt for hospital.  Our hospital has great midwives and a nice birthing center.  Unfortunately, a lot of pediatricians in our area are hesitant to take on patients born at birth centers or home.

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Biofarmer, why? That's silly.

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Well, I'm a repeat csection gal. Already had 3 and I loved them. Not one painful contraction and I love the planned aspect. Tell everyone when to show up, and a couple of hours later, baby in arms! I feel like I've landed on another planet though with this group!
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Well, I'm a repeat csection gal. Already had 3 and I loved them. Not one painful contraction and I love the planned aspect. Tell everyone when to show up, and a couple of hours later, baby in arms! I feel like I've landed on another planet though with this group!


There's room for everyone here!  We welcome you with open arms :)

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HappyCianci, I am not sure why.  I am going to ask my son's new pediatrician if she will take on a baby born out of the hospital.  It seems like a new thing around her not to because they say the parents are too "opinionated".

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How frustrating and wrong of those doctors! First, that's a gross stereotype of families--all of them, not just those who birth outside hospitals. Second, since when is caring for a child's health like going to the mechanic? Parents should have a dialogue with their pediatricians, not sit and passively be told what's best. Sheesh! Oh, can you tell I've had a bad experience with a ped recently?

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I love the idea of a home birth but it's not for us.  With our younger son, I was in labor for 2 days and then without food or sleep in complete exhaustion ended up having to have a CS.  That didn't go well because I was so weak at that point.  A planned CS would have gone much differently.  My recovery was slower than I would have wanted but at the end of the day, so to speak, all was fine.  We breastfed for two years and he was/is perfect.  I'm older (39 today!) and I'm betting we'll have to have a VBAC but we are open to whatever is best for us at that time.  :)

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Hospital-connected birth center with a CNM is the plan so far. I'm hoping to have DS come to the birth too, he'll be almost 4.

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HappyCianci - I feel you on not wanting to birth in the car! I have had 3 super fast labors and now I live an hour from the hospital I will deliver in. The kicker is they have an all new Mother/Baby unit which is much more natural birth and family friendly and I probably will only be in the room for 30 minutes! Oh well, never thought I would be wishing for LONGER labors :rotflmao

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We are planning our fourth homebirth/waterbirth, with our wonderful LM/CPM (first baby was born in a free-standing birth center, which may as well have been a homebirth; it was just a hb in someone else's home!).  Our kids will be there, along with my mom, sister, a friend, and hopefully my bff (my babies come quickly, and she's only made it to one of my births).  I'm hoping to have a birth photographer, too, but we shall see. 




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I prefer the phrase family birth over unassisted birth but either way it's a freebirth. IMO the "unassisted" label carries an undercurrent that birth requires an attendant, it doesn't. Thats probably not a popular opinion around here any more, but I truly believe birth happens best when mom is alone on her own turf. When you go onto someone else's turf you have to deal with their rules and fight when you're most vulnerable, I've done that and it ended in a cesarean and trauma to me and ds1. This will be my 4th VBAC, after being told I should never attempt because it's too dangerous and my body cant handle it. 


Way to go, mama!


I dream of a UC.  I think my mom secretly wants me to have an accidental UC, so she can say she was the midwife.  :lol  She actually talked about looking into freebirth classes when I had my second or third.  It's pretty funny, because she was really against me having an OOH birth with our first, but after he was born, she's totally changed her tune, and is a huge HB supporter.  :love


Anyway, as much as I love the idea of a UC, I'm a bleeder, and I always require assistance after the birth.  After my fourth, between the bleeding and the shock of INSANE afterbirth pains, I threw up and passed out.  I couldn't have made it through that without my MW.  Thankfully, she is awesome and is super-hands off.  She just lets me do my thing, and she's there for support if I need her.  


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I'm not sure.  My first two were UCs.  The four after that were home waterbirths with midwife.  My seventh was induced in the hospital at 34 weeks because he died.  Not thrilled about going back to that hospital and triggering those memories, but feeling some trust issues with my midwife.  I'm not ready to decide, yet.


So sorry, mama.  


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I'm leaning towards  a hospital birth but I'm so scared I'll still end up with a c section, induced/pitocin, etc etc and something traumatic happening. How do you know/find a "natural, midwife"? Ive heard so many horror stories of midwives that end up doing all the above mentioned and not pushing for a natural birth as they promised during prenatal meetings. Do you have someone you know or a way to "check"??? 


You have to do your research.  Ask around in your local birth community.  Ask in Finding Your Tribe, on Facebook groups for natural birth in your area, and mamas that you meet at local birth events (assuming they exist; my area is pretty saturated with midwives and doulas, so there is a lot going on all of the time). Also, interview midwives, and ask a million questions.  Don't be afraid to interview a bunch of midwives, and don't hire one that you don't absolutely love and click with.  


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I live in MN Twin Cities. There are 3 birth centers but my husband is very skeptical at my going there (but I still made appointments there, to at least get a feel for it), also researching hospitals now with midwives...


Will he go to interviews with you?  A lot of husbands find it helpful to attend the interviews and talk to the midwives themselves (even if they are reluctant to go in the first place).


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With our first, I had a natural hospital birth with a fantastic CMN. Now we've moved to southern California and my husband's job decided to switch to a HMO. It looks like I'll have no choice ( if we want it covered) but to deliver at one of Kaisers hospitals which, according to the data I've seen, has a horrendous c-section rate. I REALLY want a home-birth but my husband won't even hear it.


I think we've settled on having pre-natal care with whoever our HMO will cover and than transfer to a free standing birth center from about 30 weeks on and pay for the birth and final prenatal visits out of pocket. 


I am 100% sure I want to avoid hospitals unless of emergency!


Whereabouts are you?  A lot of midwives are willing to work with you on cost and payments!  I know a midwife who told me she's had clients pay her for years after their baby was born (not that that is her ideal, but she will do whatever she can to help women have the birth they want). 

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We're planning a waterbirth at home.   

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So what kind/brand of birth tub do you own (or rent?)!  Have you given birth while in the water or just during labor leading up to it?  

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I actually just got a blow-up kiddie pool last time.  I bought it on sale at the end of summer.   I will do the same this time :)
Not very frugal or environmentally friendly but we just tossed it after the birth.   It was about $20.

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So what kind/brand of birth tub do you own (or rent?)!  Have you given birth while in the water or just during labor leading up to it?  


I have a La Bassine.  I was actually given mine, but I would have seriously considered buying one, otherwise.  My first baby was born in a blow-up fishy pool, and while it did the job, the higher walls, handles, added support, etc. of the La Bassine made a huge, huge difference.  It was much more comfortable.  I've had two babies in it, and two of my friends' babies have also been born in it. 


I've given birth to three of my four in the water.  My second was supposed to be a water birth, but he came before I could get in.  I hope to never have a dry land birth again, because the water makes a huge, huge difference for me. 

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