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Assuming they are close in age and an assuming a pretty typical two tier partnership track, she would have retired roughly around the time he made equity partner.
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Judy Slome- I was curious about all the articles you've authored.  Is this typical of them?



The epidural trip: why are so many women taking dangerous drugs during labor?


Two million American women will take an epidural trip this year during childbirth. In most cases, they'll be ill–informed as to possible side effects or alternate methods of pain relief. In many ways, epidurals are the drug trip of the current generation. Similar to street drug pushers, most anesthesiologists in the delivery rooms maintain a low profile, avoid making eye contact and threaten to walk out if they don't get total cooperation. Women get epidurals for one of the main reasons so many women smoked pot in the 1970s—their friends are doing it. This article examines why so many women in the Western world are compelled to take powerful drugs during their labor and exposes the risks epidurals pose to both mother and baby.




Really?  Epidurals are a drug trip, and it's like smoking pot?  Anesthesiologists are like drug pushers?  Is this they type of scholarly article you write?

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my jaw dropped just from reading the abstract. Wow. I know anesthesiologists. They do not "not make eye contact" and they're usually very kind, and they explain that the "total cooperation" that they need is to avoid putting the drug in the WRONG PLACE in the woman's spine! Hello, they're putting a needle and then a tube in your spinal cord!! That's kinda dangerous if not done exactly right and with the full cooperation of the patient. They MUST cooperate to avoid injury. Epidurals can help women who cannot cope any longer with pain or exhaustion. I have seen women have "natural" births with an epidural. They managed to rest and then have the vaginal birth they were hoping for, safely and with little to no side-effects. I used to think epidurals were "evil" because that's what I was taught by the "birth community" both here and in real life. What a crock that turned out to be. There are many grossly undereducated women spouting the same and even more radical nonsense than I learned and learned to parrot, now. It's very pervasive. I had 5 natural births, some with medication, most without. I preferred non-medicated birth because I didn't like how meds made me feel, but I never had a long, protracted, horribly painful birth. If I had, I might have consented to an epidural. To be made to feel as if I was a pot-smoking hippy for doing so would have made me really upset and angry. Had it happened during my bout with PPD, it may well have horribly affected how I recovered from it. What nonsense! How irresponsible! That doesn't show caring and non-judgmental support I thought midwives were renowned for showing. :( I'm so disappointed to see this.

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Uugggghhh "Dr.Amy", never ceases to amaze me. Everytime I read something she's written, it breaks my heart more and more. Continuing to instill fear in birthing women. It's so absurd how much time she spends trying to break women down. It's good to know that there's 100x more women out there who are trying to combat it by raising each other up.
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Or, you know, she could think that women are interested in and can handle factual information about their health without needing to be protected like little children. "Love Story" is almost 35 years old -- haven't we moved on at this point?
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Originally Posted by fairydoula View Post

This is so offensive! I am shocked that the moderators are allowing this ^ to stay. Comparing a retired OB blogger to a man directly responsible for killing millions of people? That is insanity and the worst kind of inflammatory libel. It's also actionable, and if the wronged party can prove damages, they can win their case.

I agree that it is ridiculous, offensive, and a bunch of other words that I can't use here, but it most certainly is not "actionable." In order to sue for libel, you need to prove, among other elements, that factually false claim has been maliciously made. Saying that Tuteur is "like Hitler" is really, really, really stupid, but it's a statement of opinion, not of fact.
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Originally Posted by judyslome View Post
Amy's dialog reflects how she is unable to  formulate a logical argument.   
http://www.skepticalob.com/2011/03/epidural-hysteria.html   She calls my article garbage, but her conclusion at the end, actually supports my research.
Amy- "The bottom line is that what gets is (sic) to the baby is far smaller than the amount of medication injected into the mother's epidural space."
 (judy- I certainly hope so!)
Amy- If the epidural does not sedate the mother, it certainly won't sedate the baby."
 (judy- but the mother is sedated!)


Source?  I can't find anything anywhere saying the mother is sedated. 


For personal experience, I was sedated briefly once to have a dislocated elbow put back in place. I tried pot a couple times in my youth, and do drink on rare occasions still.  I had epidurals for two of my three births, and getting an epidural was not like any of those things.  I was wide awake - it did not make sleepy or feel stoned or affect my mind in the least.  


But now that she is a spokesperson for AJOG, supposedly spoke at their conference in Hawaii last Sept,  it is time to confirm if she is who she says she is.  Her medical license lapsed in 2003, when she was about 40 years old.   I would like to know if she finished her residency and am asking everyone to find out she ever practiced.   judyslome@hotmail.com


Supposedly spoke there?  ACOG listed her as a speaker.  Are they supposedly making this up for some reason?


IIRC, she kept her license for several years after she retired from practice - I think in the mid-90s?  Many people have tried to prove her a fake going so far as to go back and find proof that yes, she actually was a clinical instructor at Harvard.  


Also, while she's always said that raising her children was the main reason, ,I'm pretty sure I read something from her saying that another reason was she was somewhat unhappy with some of the stuff going on in practice and burned out.  


She's always supported modern obstetric practice as being evidence based, she does not give doctors a free pass and has spoken out against some of the way stuff is done. She blames her father's death on medical malpractice - his cancer showed up on cans at an early stage, but doctors passing them around each thought someone else had given him those results, so the cancer was not found until much too late.  She has also written about being called in to testify at a malpractice case and finding that the testimony she'd originally given in the hospital investigation had been altered before being submitted to the court.  


 I think it is no longer the time to ignore her.   The comparison to Hitler is apt.   Everyone ignored him until it was too late. 


Whoa.  Totally missed this until I saw people responding and re-read.  Tip: when trying to create a rational argument, going Godwin is pretty much an automatic fail. Also, in regards to rational arguments, those who live in glass houses....

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I understand hyperbole, but we cannot allow posts that compare people to Hitler. This thread is very contentious and not within keeping of getting support and information about  home birth, so I'm locking it permanently.  This isn't intended to be a debate forum for either side.

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