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:nod No Spend/ Budgeted Spend

shake.gif  Un-budgeted Spend


1.  :nod  Traveled to my ILs for a long weekend.  $$ for lunch & gas, all budgeted.

2.  shake.gif  Had to stop at the grocery store & pick up gluten free pasta & dessert for DS2.  Bought Starbucks coffee.

3.  :nod  Stuck at the ILs for an additional day due to snow

4.  shake.gif  Traveled home from ILs, budgeted gas & lunch, didn't budget for delivery pizza for dinner when we got home

5.  :nod

6.  :nod 

7.  :nod  2 kids had well child checks today, got Five Guys for a late lunch/ early dinner, used the eating out budget.

8.  :nod

9.  :nod  Big grocery shop today at Costco.  Stayed completely in budget!! :joy

10. :nod  Pre-emptive No-Spend.  We've got no where to go, I need to catch up on laundry, so I don't foresee any $$ leaving my possession.  Didn't spend :thumb

11. :nod

12. :nod Spent the day prepping for a major snow storm, 4 loaves of bread baked, batch of crock-pot granola done, multiple loads of laundry done.  Bring on the SNOW!! :cold

13. :nod  Snowed in and prepared for it :D

14. :nod  Picked up our new dining table we had custom made for our family.  Bought fast food for a late lunch/ early dinner.

15. :nod

16. :nod  Quick grocery shop, placed a Mountain Rose Herbs order.

17. :nod

18. :nod Pre-emptive No-Spend.  We're not going anywhere today, working on making LOTS of valentines for a postponed V-day party.

19. shake.gif Even though there is money in the budget for eating out, I'm giving myself an Unbudgeted Spend day b/c the fast food I got for dinner could have easily been avoided w/ better planning.  That said, my 1yo is teething and up nursing most of the night, so I am EXHAUSTED and feel like I'm in a fog, so that planning didn't happen.  I am proud of myself for a small feat.  We had a homeschool co-op Valentine's party today.  My kids used on hand construction paper and paper punches for the valentines they handed out.  I found out last minute I needed to bring some food, so I whipped up some gluten/ egg free pumpkin bread using fresh pureed pumpkin I had in the fridge.  I also thought ahead and grabbed our stash of gluten/ egg free "oreos" for DS2 since I knew there'd be some kind of dessert I would need to replace for him.

20. :nod

21. :nod

22. :nod

23. :nod

24. :nod

25. shake.gif Delivery pizza for dinner

26. shake.gif Had a dentist appt.  I have intense anxiety about the dentist, DH rewarded me with Starbucks afterwards :lol

27. :nod Pre-emptive No-Spend, want to finish the month strong

28. shake.gif  Hanging my head in shame.  Grabbed McDonalds for lunch on the way to our homeschool co-op.  Boiled down to poor planning on my part, really should have mixed up bread last night.

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Originally Posted by Ruthiegirl View Post


Does anyone else want to start the March thread? 

Started one.


Here's the thread for March.

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Last post.  February looked good, but the eating out and the snacks took up a fair chunk of cash.


:throb= no spend  :thumb = planned or reasonable spending  :loveeyes = impulse spending  :nut = kicked-in-the-ass spending


1   :throb

2   :throb 

3   :thumb Groceries

4   :thumb Coffee stand/pet food

5   :loveeyes  Munchies!

6   :thumb Mostly groceries

7   :thumb Mostly groceries.  Lunch with girls, $8.  Family swim, $11.

8   :loveeyes  Ate out, $17

9   :throb 

10 :loveeyes  Ate out, $10

11 :throb

12 :thumb Groceries.  Valentine's gifts.

13 :throb

14 duh.gif Doh!  Wasted gas and money (ate out, $12) and forgot the key to my client's house, so no work.  Crrrrrr-a-p-ola!

15 :throb

16 :loveeyes Groceries.  Ate out and coffee, $7

17 :throb 

18 :thumb New rain boots.  Layer pellets.  Potato chips, $3

19 :thumb Snacks, $6.50.  

20 :loveeyes Ate out, bought coffee and candy and bacon.

21 :throb

22 :loveeyes  Ate out $27 w/tip + coffee.

23 :thumb Snacks and groceries

24 :loveeyes Ate out, again $14.  Oil change, wipers.  Hair clips.

25 :throb

26 :loveeyes Healthy snacks and eat out $11, plus coffee and drinks for the girls $6.  Girl scout stuff.

27 :throb

28 :loveeyes Some planned spending, grabbed pizza slices $9, coffee, $2.50


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Well, it seems I had about as many no-spend days as eating out days, so I would call this month a success.




partytime.gif - No Spend Day

:down  - Budgeted Spending

bag.gif  - Unnecessary Spending

gloomy.gif  - Unbudgeted but Necessary



February 1 -- :down Bought a smaller table and a dresser for our new (much smaller) apartment. We also ate out bag.gif $5.72  (had a $10 coupon)

February 2 -- bag.gif We decided to try some Afghan cuisine for lunch $24; :down Bought gas and groceries from Costco on the way home

February 3 -- :down Acupuncture appointment fee

February 4 -- :down IVF egg retrieval fee, acupuncture appointment fee, some groceries, but I also picked a potted mint plant bag.gif $3.50

February 5 -- :down Acupuncture appointment fee and a couple of groceries I couldn't get yesterday

February 6 -- :down Acupuncture appointment fee, some ibuprofen and ate out bag.gif $12.68

February 7 -- partytime.gif

February 8 -- bag.gif Had lunch out between two appointments $28

February 9 -- partytime.gif

February 10 -- :down Went out for an anniversary dinner $30 and got some fruits from a store next door.

February 11 -- partytime.gif

February 12 -- :down A few groceries, a tank of gas, acupuncture appointment & IVF transfer fee. Also bag.gif had dinner out with my knitting group

February 13 -- partytime.gif

February 14 -- partytime.gif

February 15 -- :down Groceries

February 16 -- partytime.gif

February 17 -- :down Acupuncture fee

February 18 -- partytime.gif

February 19 -- :down medicine refill, some groceries & pregnancy tests at Costco

February 20 -- partytime.gif

February 21 -- :down acupuncture fee, canning jars, curtains. While leaving the parking lot my car got hit which made me scared that I could lose the baby, so I ended up buying some more pregnancy tests to watch the line get darker. Only it didn't, and now I'm a nervous wreck until Monday when I get the second beta (first one was kind of low confused.gif)

February 22 -- bag.gif Dinner out $23.65, gloomy.gif deductible at my doctor's office

February 23 -- partytime.gif

February 24 -- :down groceries

February 25 -- partytime.gif Cried in bed all day since it looks like this is heading into another miscarriage (beta 14.5 taken 9dp5dt and 19.6 taken 11dp5dt)

February 26 -- gloomy.gif deductible for previous appointments (beta went up to 32.6...dare I hope??)

February 27 -- gloomy.gif medication refill, :down handful of groceries; ended up eating out bag.gif

February 28 -- gloomy.gif more deductibles

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