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Hi, my 3yr old DD has a flu/cold sort of bug and I'd really like to prevent my 5mo old from getting it. any ideas how to keep her from getting sick?

Thanks in advance! :joy

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I would jus try to keep things clean like light switches and such.
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It's hard when you all live together. If you are breastfeeding this is probably the best protection for the baby. Otherwise it's really very hard to control that-- and probably the germs are already everywhere and baby is exposed since most people shed the virus or bacteria before they show signs of being sick.

I am a peds nurse and I work on a floor with kids who have respiratory sickness. We currently have lots of flu cases, rhinovirus, adenovirus, and sometimes pertussis. Also MRSA and pseudamonas in the tracheostomy kids. And know when I usually get sick? When one of my own children gets sick at home. :eyesroll Because they have touched everything and we kiss and hug. At work I put on a mask, gown, gloves, and wash hands between patients, and sick patients have to stay in their rooms at all times. Hard to do that at home.

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I agree, it's virtually impossible to prevent colds running through the whole household. And, unfortunately second, third etc, babies are probably going to get more bugs because they have older siblings to catch them from. My oldest DD didn't get sick for the first time until after her first birthday. DD2 had her first cold when she was only a few months old :-(
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