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Am I experiencing Braxton Hicks??

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I'm a first time mom, and due in May. Currently I am 25 weeks and for the past couple of days have been experiencing what I can only describe as mentrual cramps. They don't really hurt, just uncomfortable.

In addition to that, I have been having back pains and a tightness is my chest.

I've checked my BP, and it's still within a normal range for me, 111/75 (my lower number has come up which will be addressed at my next doctor's appointment.)

Any idea what I could be experiencing?



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It doesn't quite sound like Braxton Hicks. Those usually feel like a tightening, but I guess some people do describe them as crampy. Do they come and go or is it constant?


The back pains and tightness in your chest makes me think of gallbladder issues as I had that with my last pregnancy. Again, is it constant? Any rhyme or reason to when it happens?  Mine started as random back pain and chest tightness and turned into long, severe episodes mostly in the middle of the night that I eventually ended up at the ER for. Here's hoping it's not that, but it definitely sounds like something you might want to at least call the doctor about?

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I'm also 25weeks with my first baby and started having Braxton Hicks last week.  Mine don't hurt at all--or feel anything like being crampy.  I would talk to your doctor/midwife about it.


Several weeks ago, I also had tightness in my chest and I felt like I was breathing under a blanket--like I just couldn't get as much air as I needed.  I researched it and feel it happened because I was low on iron.  I have been taking the gummy prenatals without iron, and my symptoms went away about a day after I started iron supplements. 

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Nope, nothing like that. It just happened a few times over the course of a few days. Lasting only like 30 seconds. My tummy area did feel  tight though.


I haven't had it for a few days, and found that drinking water made it go away,.

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