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Queer Conceptions February

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:rotflmao Welcome to the February Thread:rotflmao

February is the mid-way point of winter

When the seeds from last autumn begin to awaken

And start to root deep into the warmth of the earth.  

This reminds us that the promise of spring is just around the corner...

A powerful time to conceive new life!

dust.gifLet's make some Halloween/Thanksgiving 2014 babiesdust.gif

Please put your updates in BOLD.

GRADUATES: Please click here to share how you got your BFP!

Waiting to O whistling.gif





Waiting to Know... Braving the 2ww fingersx.gif











Working on IUI



Working on IVF



Taking a Break/Figuring Things Out/Waiting to be readywave.gif






Fmorris28 chartnew.gif








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Thanks for the shiny new thread Jwaite!

Can you move me to Braving the TWW? Thank you!
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jwaite, thanks for the new thread! Happy beginning of February and Lunar New Year!


So, I tested this morning (12 dpo) and the second line is faint, but it is definitely there. I'm not going to call it an official bfp until I get a blood test to confirm (hopefully I can get in to see my doctor on Monday), but I'm excited! And terrified. I sure do hope this one sticks around. 

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Happy February!

Lea2012- Keeping my fingers crossed for you!! I hope that you get your BFP with the blood test!! pos.gif


Mamaetmaman- Hope that the TWW goes by quickly for you and that you get your BFP pos.gif


I am waiting to start the process. DW and I met with the RE last week and have started the process. We are both a little overwhelmed with all of it, but I am trying not to focus too much because then I stress... :) So once AF comes we will schedule an appointment on the 3 day of cycle to have an U/S and more blood work. 

Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences. :bgbounce




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Mama, I moved you!  How are you guys holding up??  Thinking about yous!


Lea, Whoo Hoo!!!  So hard not to get really excited for you<3  Actually, I think it's ok to be a little bit excited:)  This could be IT for you!!!  And a great way to start out the month!  Sending positive energy to you!!


MrsSelfridge,  Welcome:)  I am glad you have found this blog...it has helped me tremendously.  I have been away for a bit, but feel a bond here that is so valuable.  I added you to Waiting to be Ready category.  I remember when we were trying to figure out how to start and what route to go...it can be a bit much, but once you take the first steps, hopefully you will find a rhythm that will work for you guys.  Hope your stay here is short and you conceive quickly!

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Jwaite- we are trying to distract ourselves, but it is difficult. I am playing in a hockey tournament this weekend, so I'm a little more distracted than DW. How is your TWW going?

Lea- holy moley! Yayayaaay!!!!! So excited for your BFP!

Mrs. Sx2: good luck with TTC! It has been a roller coaster for us so far, but this forum has been such a great help- both in information and also emotionally. If you ever have questions or just need to vent, we're here for youx2.
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Lea, I am sending all good hopes for a confirmation your way as well.
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Lea - fx for you!!!
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Lea - How exciting! What a way to start out the new month! Fingers crossed that you're able to get tomorrow and get your confirmation!
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Mama, our TWW is a bit weird because I am not really sure when O happened. It could have been Monday or it could have been Friday. I take full credit for not really knowing tho. I wasn't fully tracking like I usually do. We insemmed on Monday and Wednesday with fresh swimmers. Hopefully caught the window either way. I'm using progesterone cream for this cycle and happy about that part. So just kinda hanging out not trying to read into the back pain I've had for the last two days:)

Happy Sunday everyone. Off to watch the super bowl. Our house is full of Payton fans so we are pretty excited about today's game! A good distraction as well!
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Hi all - I need to get moved to Waiting to O. I thought I had updated the day my cycle came but I must have gotten distracted by the kids and not saved my post. One of my kittens is now fascinated with shutting my laptop down by sitting on the keys so that could have something to do with it too  ;)  Ah well, I had a 12 day LP, which is enough progress to keep me going. We also had some positive updates about our foster son, 16 months, potentially being able to stay forever, but that won't be final until it's final. It was enough to make the rest of my week really positive and not be too horribly disappointed with the arrival of AF. Haven't called the acupuncturist yet and I think we'll just keep going with what we've been doing. We did buy an awesome masticating juicer though and I'm committed to eating only vegetables and legumes for the next few weeks to get myself on track with better energy and overall health - let's see if it makes my body more ready for the BFP  :)


I'll try to come back for personals soon but Lea, I'm so excited to hear about your faint line and am sending lots of sticky vibes!

dust.gifGood luck to all!

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Pook - I'm so sorry about AF but excited about the news on your LO! You have such a positive attitude, those good vibes have to go somewhere!

Lea - were you able to get into the doctors today for a blood test? I'm sure we're all eager to hear your news!!

AFM - we're now officially half way through our 2WW! Last week went back really fast so I am hopeful this week will as well! I had my progesterone test this morning and it was only a 7 so I will be starting the Crinone tonight :-/ were planning on testing Sunday which will be exactly 14DPO and then I will have my bloodwork on Monday. My DW will be out of town Monday so we want to kinda find out the answer together which is why we've decided to test together sunday.
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Lea- yayayay! What a great way to start the month! Were you able to get in to get that blood test today?


Jam- We'll be testing on Friday or Saturday so hopefully we can have back to back BFP's this weekend!


MrsS- Welcome! How long until you expect AF to show up?


AFM- I need help from all of you fabulous people to interpret these numbers. I was able to get the numbers from the results of the semen analysis we did last week but the doctor won't follow up with us and tell them what they mean until we meet with her next week. Can you all tell me what any of this means or where I can find the information? The volume is 5.0mL, concentration 13 million, motility 30% rapid and linear 3%, velocity 2, linearity 2, liquefaction complete, PH 8.1, total motile 19.5 million. I am hoping these are good numbers but I haven't even looked at what normal ranges should be for all of these. Thanks for all of your help!

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Well crap! I just looked up all of the numbers and they don't seem great. Some of the numbers they gave me I'm having a hard time finding reference for but in general it seems like it's a low count with low motility. How do you tell a guy that they have a low sperm count? Are there things they can do to improve it? I was really hoping that he would have an amazing sperm count and we could continue doing some at home inseminations. Are at home inseminations with fresh sperm as effective as IUI with frozen sperm?

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Hopeful - First off, I hope we have a great weekend for BFPs smile.gif I don't have much experience to speak of but I do know with our frozen sperm our numbers were higher than that greensad.gif I can look up the specifics if you would like but I would think with fresh you would want to see higher...
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Thank you everyone for the great welcome! I have been reading through the different threads and it helped when we went to see the RE by giving me questions to ask.


For all of you waiting for for a BFP I hope that you get it!! 


Hopeful- I wish I could help you with the numbers. 

AF came to see me yesterday so we have an u/s tomorrow along with more blood work. According to the schedule the RE gave us we could try our first IUI next week. I am so excited but so nervous.


Sending lots of baby dust your way! 

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Hopeful, it seems like the things measured in SA aren't exactly standard, but here are the results from my KD's SA--thought it might be helpful to look, since it gives the normal/abnormal ranges from the lab he used.

AFM, jwaite, can you move me to Waiting to O? My period came along right on time while I was flu-ridden last week. That was super-fun. Planning insems Thursday and Saturday of this week.
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Hi, everyone.  I'm just starting to confront the reality that I'm back to the drawing board.  The worst part is that our insurance won't let us access our 20k infertility benefits until we "fail" 6 IUIs, but now that we conceived on our last one, we start from zero again.  I'm going to confirm that with the insurance company tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure that's what the situation is.  So, now we're thinking about how to find enough money to do six more IUIs, plus we only have 4 vials left of sperm, so how to afford 3 more?  


Other than the money issue, there's the emotional part, which it really helps to know so many of you understand--although, oh, how I wish none of us knew what this felt like!  I'm finally feeling better about seeing people pregnant or having kids on facebook and walking by the playground with my dog.  We're trying to plan ahead money and medicine-wise (will we want to start right away with clomid?  will we do all six IUIs or consider paying for an IVF with cash? etc.) but also just getting geared up to start this again.


so just some quick notes: 


Lea, CONGRATS!!!!!  keep us posted


Jam, it's exciting seeing you insemming again (well, not actually SEEING you do it, that would be weird) and fingers are crossed for you!


pooka, that's awesome about the veggies and the juicer!  we're also suddenly extra motivated to be very, very healthy, which means increased exercise together and lady cooking me super delicious healthy meals.  i figure the benefits are hopefully great for fertility but also life in general :)  (i also understand the whole curious kitty impeding productivity thing, mine likes to sleep ON my wrists while I type.)


Hopeful, sorry about the numbers!  that's very disappointing, but then again, people get pregnant with all kinds of low numbers, so it might not be a dealbreaker, it just might be more "efficient" with higher counts?  counts also vary from "sample" to sample for the same guy--so if they haven't "given a sample" (i'm running out of nice ways to say "jizzed") in awhile, their counts will be higher, but if they've done it within a day or two, it will be lower.  so maybe it's not as bad as it seems?


jwaite, sorry about the superbowl :(  i don't watch but from what i understand it was a bloodbath!  also, can you please move me to taking a break?

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Thanks for all your good wishes! I got in for a blood test this afternoon, but won't have results until Wednesday. I'm having steady mild queasiness and falling asleep super early, so things feel like they are on track.


Hopeful - I'm glad you're meeting with your doctor later this week to get some clarification on the numbers. In the meantime, I wanted to mention that our KD's motility and morphology are a little low (sorry - I don't remember the numbers or how they compare with yours). After we found that out we decided to try a couple times with him anyway, to see how things went, and I got my first bfp on our very first try, and again on our 4th try after that loss, so the low numbers weren't a major barrier for us. And my doctor assured me that neither of my mcs were because of the donor's sperm quality. Oh, also, I think there is a section in the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility about scheduling insems for low motility sperm, if that becomes and issue. I hope you get some useful information from your doctor to help you decide what your next step is.


Hope everyone else is doing well! I'm rooting for a great February for everyone!

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Hi Everyone!
Headed home from our appointment with the RE. We have 26 follies and will be starting meds tonight. Next week we go in for a mid cycle u/s and then IUI after. so can I be moved to waiting to ovulate please.

Mrs. SelfridgeX2
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