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Holy crap, Mrs Selfridge!  26 follicles??!!!  Are you doing injectables?  I'm impressed and amazed!

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Thank you to everyone regarding sperm numbers.


Fille- Thank you so much for posting your KD's results. Comparatively it does seem like our KD may have some low numbers, but hopefully that doesn't interfere too much. Good luck on your insems this week.


Lea- Yay for your pregnancy symptoms and thank you for your positive info about low sperm counts. I read Taking Charge years ago when I first started this journey but probably didn't pay attention to that section since I was using frozen sperm at the time. I have a copy of The New Essential Guide to Lesbian Conception, I should look in that for information. I'm sure it'll have something since it seems to be able to answer nearly any question I can think of. :nod (side note: mdc has a ton of really lovely emoticons but suprisingly not one reading a book. I figured they would have had that with this wonderfully educated bunch.)


Sandie- That would be really shitty if your insurance made you restart. I feel like your doctor should be able to have a say in that. I really hope that is not the case. You've done 4 so far, and I think at least the three BFN's should count towards failed attempts. I've also read somewhere along the way that some people get another BFP quickly after a loss. I hope that is the case for you and lady and you don't even have to worry about getting to those 6 attempts.


MrsS- Wow for 26 follies! fingersx.gif


AFM- Just sitting here at 8 DPO, just counting down to Friday when we plan on testing. Last night, DP and I had a heated discussion about TTC. It was rough. So I have a QOTD for you all: Has TTC caused any issues in your relationship? If so, how did you deal with it? It is a pretty emotional topic for us both and I think anytime lots of emotions get involved coversations can get more difficult. I really hope I am not the only one dealing with this. It is a really crappy place to be. I am hoping we get a BFP this time and all of this is for nothing.

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Sandiegongp- I am not doing injectables. So far we haven't done anything special except take pre-natal vitamins and V-D. Tonight we start taking letrozole. I take it that 26 is good? I have no idea, I remember her saying she wanted more than 15 so I was hopeful :) Or should I say I AM hopeful.


Hopeful22- When DW and I tried at home insems it caused some stress, after 9 months of trying we decided to take a break and have been on a break for almost 2 years.   I hope that you guys get a BFP :-D



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I think the high number of follicles is the antral follicle count. They usually do it on day 3 to see how many small follicles there are that could possibly develop. They won't all grow and produce an egg. I looked it up and it seems that a high number is a good sign! Good luck!
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Mrs. Sx2- high antral count is really good- an indication of how "youthful" your reproductive system is. I'm excited for your cycle!

Lea- DW is feeling a little queasy these days as well. Congrats again on your BFP!

QOTD- this process has been emotionally challenging for us because we can both be bio and non-bio and gestational and non-gestational parents. At first, we decided to do IUIs with me because DW earns 2x as much as me, but through the past year, DW realized that she really wanted to be the gestational parent. After switching to trying to get her pregnant though, I feel like we've kind of given up on my fertility. I've told her that I need to feel more included in this pregnancy, and hope that she does honour that.

AFU- we're officially pregnant! DW poas two days ago and got a faint second pink line, and today she did bloodwork and we were given the good news within hours! She has to go back for repeat bloodwork on Friday to confirm that all is good.
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Yes it is the 3rd of cycle u/s. I have another u/s to see how many continued to grow next Wednesday. Thank you everyone for sharing your knowledge! I have been nervous about what my body and my "ability" to get pregnant since we tried so long before. This process is much different then what we did last time (thankfully, I already feel more hopeful!)


Mamaetmaman- CONGRATS on the BFP! That is so exciting! 

I hope that this experience is positive for both of you and that maybe you can carry next time. 


Lea-Hope that you got good news today!



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Mama - omg congrats!!! That is amazing news!!
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I'll be back for personals tomorrow, but  in the meantime...


Mama! So excited for you!


afm - blood test came back with good results. HcG is a little on the low end of the range, but appropriate for 4-weeks pregnant. And my progesterone # is solid - higher than it has ever been before at this point, so my doctor and I agreed that it doesn't look like I will need to take supplements after all! (We decided that I would not take them during the tww this time, since I was having such adverse effects when I did that in the fall.)


That being said, prettyisa generously gave me her left over Endometrin progesterone (thanks prettyisa) and it doesn't look like I'll be using them after all. I'd love to pass them on to someone else who will put them to good use - if you want it, pm me!  


Hoping for more good news for everyone as the month progresses.

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Great news Lea!!! joy.gif
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Hi all,  Thanks for making the February thread.  Wishing all the best for each of you, in your joys and your sorrows.


AFM - I just finished the clomid challenge test in my IVF test cycle. I got a 10, which was under 13, so that was good.  Doppler and mock transfer on Monday and I start going to IVF classes.  This stuff is getting real!!!  I also took out the loan to pay for this whole process.  o.m.g.....  here's to someday paying it off.  But it will be worth it


Peace and love!


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Congrats Lea on the good results broc1.gif A high progesterone level is great news. How are you feeling?


Are you planning on doing anything else extra to support this pregnancy, like aspirin or such? I'll definitely keep my fingers crossed for you. It's probably so much scarier to experinece this mix of joy and fear after the two losses, but I know quite some people who had very healthy pregnancies and babies after losses, so I am sending you all my best thoughts and wishes that this time it all goes well. fingersx.gif

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Hello all! My wife has been testing opk since cd11, now cd15 and still negative. Trying again at 6pm. Frustrating.
She is having some spotting and she says she doesn't feel "ready" to ovulate. Worried that our follicle development acupuncture may have effected the process. In the past, we have been positive by now. Called and left msg with our practitioner to check. Anyone have ideas?
We have the vials here ready and waiting. Getting nervous.
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Update: acupuncturist thinks it can be delayed ovulation due to maturing lining and follicle from tx. My wife feels better but other sites say waiting too long in the cycle can cause higher miscarriage rates, anomalies, etc.
Any advice?!? TIA!
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Lea & Mama - So very very excited for both of your little families! I'm gonna call it time for some dancing veggies!!!


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MAMA, YEAH!!!!!!


LEA, YEAH!!!!!

I am so so so excited for both of you!!!  Mama, how's DP feeling thus far?  Were you a little surprised?  I bet it is such a relief for you to have gone this far and finally gotten your BFP<3


Lea, sounds like you are already on preggo track:)  Tired and nauseous sounds about right!!  I am so happy for you both!  Keep us posted on when you'd like to graduate:-)  I'm sending you guys so many positive thoughts and have a great feeling about this pregnancy for you.  I was excited for you over the weekend that I even told my DW about your BFP<3


Sandie, I really hope that insurance co and the dr work out this whole thing and don't make your start over.  If you ever feel like venting/chatting/etc. about the mc and getting ready to try again, pm me.  It is a bit of a roller coaster ride, as you know.  And like you said before, 'it's not for the faint of heart!'  I am thinking about you both.  Hope your lady is doing ok, taking some time to heal.


Fille, let us know what the doc says about the counts.  I don't have any experience with counts, but hope you get some peace of mind after you talk with the docs.  Good Luck!!


MrsSelf, wishing you lots of luck with your IUI.  Sounds like everything is moving in the right direction for you!!  Looking forward to hear about your experience.


Hopeful, routing for you, too!  You are more than half way thru the TWW:)  QOTD ~ the only contention we've had is the 1st time trying after our mc, when AF arrived, I "announced" that she had come in front of our son...DW didn't like that too much.  She wanted me to tell her in private.  Other than that, we've tried to keep things easy going and low key.  We don't have the stresses of money and monitoring appts tho' because we are trying at home with a KD.  I think you are absolutely right...when there are emotions involved, conversations get tough.  Sending you guys loving vibes.


Irex, it IS becoming real for you!!  Glad to hear that you are getting closer to your IVF.  This group has had great success with that arena!  Good luck:)


AFM, about half way thru the TWW and hoping my LP is a long one.  I am feeling very 'normal' so not sure what that means?!   


How's everyone else doing that is waiting to O or in the TWW?  There are quite a few ppl we haven't heard from in a while:-)


Baby dust to all!!


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Our repeat HCG shows dropping levels. They want DW to go off all drugs and get a period.

I guess she was preggers for a few days at least.

We are devastated.

I guess we will try again.
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Oh @mamaetmaman - I'm so sorry.  Hugs for you and DW in this hard time.

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Mamaetmaman that is so sad. Sending healing and positive thoughts your way. 

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Oh shit, I am so sorry Mama. This is so hard. Take your time to heal and mourn. hug2.gif
And try again when you're ready, you luckily have several more of these beautiful embies, your chances are really good that there will be a sticky one. Big hug to you and her!
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I'm new, put me down for Working on IUI (fertility clinic meeting this week!)

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