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Thank you Irex, Mrs. Sx2, and Fried. We're still trying to make sense of all of this, turning unfortunately, to numbers. We were told by the RE that we had well over the statistical average of 60% success rate for a live birth given that we were transferring two very good five day blastocysts. DW is super healthy, lean, and while a bit older (38 years old), we were using my younger (31) year old eggs. Plus, we were transferring fresh (not frozen) blasts into her un-egg-retrieval-traumatized body. We still can't make sense of why it didn't work, but figure that nature was doing its own short-listing, and that maybe there was something wrong with the embryo. We know people who have had miscarriages later in their pregnancies, and are relieved for this to happen now, rather than later.


Thanks for all of your support. We will take a little break until DW is cleared to try again, at which point we will transfer some of the frozen embies. 

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Mama, my heart sunk when I read your posts.  I am so so sorry for you both.  Your last post was beautiful, tho' ~ you put it so well...there are statistics, and there is nature knowing what is best.  Perfectly put, and that is what has helped with our acceptance as, too.  There is a part of us that can see the bigger picture.  I liked what Sandie's RE said 'don't be attached to the pregnancy, be attached to the baby:)"  So glad that you have plenty of embies to do it again:-)  Sending hugs and healing your way!!  Lots of love to you both.  :grouphug

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:w  heyfoureyes!  I have created a new category 'working on IUI' and added you to it!  Welcome to this board.  I hope your stay here is swift!  I know you will find these women to be educated and supportive with the TTC process, as I have!  I am copying, below, the intro questions that were shared by most of us!  If you are somewhat new, or returning after a long break, please share your answers, as well!!


What is your name?
What are the names/pronouns of your partner and children (if you have any?)
What method are you using to get pregnant this next cycle?
What do you and/or your partner do for work?
What country/ state/province do you live?
What is the most exciting part about this TTC time for you?
What is the most difficult part?




How's it going for the TWWers??  I am going to test tomorrow or Tues.  I have everything crossed for all of us!!!fingersx.gif

And here's the candle :candle and the baby dust dust.gif just for extra good mo jo!!  


Love to all<3

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Mama - so sorry to hear your news. I wish you lots of luck with the frozen embies.
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Mama, so sorry! Wishing you both comfort, and hope that those frozen embies will do the trick!

Sandie, any news about whether your insurance is going to make you start the clock all over again on getting your fertility benefits? That just seems like such an unfair extra blow on top of everything you guys have already gone through!

I can be moved to Braving the TWW. Insemmed on Thursday (CD15) and Saturday (CD17) and FF thinks I O'd on CD15, so the timing was good. I'm not feeling very optimistic, honestly--for no particular reason, just kind of feeling burnt out and unconvinced that being pregnant is in the cards for my body. Luckily, I don't really believe that my emotional state makes a difference in whether this whole thing works, so I'll just keep on keeping on and see what happens in a couple of weeks.

Keeping my fingers tightly crossed for all of you!
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mama - I'm so sorry to hear your news. I'm glad you have the frozen embies to use next. It is such a clear reminder of how precarious and how totally out of our control this whole thing is. Hope you get some time to process and heal before you try again.


Sending good thoughts out there to everyone.

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Mama - I'm so sorry. Sending lots of warm thoughts your way. I'm glad to know that you have the frozen babies to try again with - I hope it makes the next try much less stressful since you won't have to go through retrieval again.


Fille - I know what you mean about feeling burnt out. I'm feeling much the same way, trying while convinced things just won't work out. It's hard not to think that way after months and months of this process. It drives me especially crazy when I have a very symptomatic TWW and get my hopes sky high only to end up with another BFN. *hugs* And best of luck this month - they always say that when you let go of what you're searching for it will find you.


AFM - I expect to O next Monday, assuming no weirdness like last month. So it looks like I will get weekend insems again, which I'm thankful for. Our high hopes about our foster son have been dashed too. The social worker is offering the bio-dad continued services after all so we're likely to be in limbo with that until July.

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Mama- So sorry to hear the news. Big hugs to you and DW.


Pook and Fille- I am right there with you on feeling burnt out, but I really like what you said, pook, about things finding you after you've stopped searching. The roller coaster of TTC is a difficult one to be on but I am glad to have the people here that can understand and help me through it. Good luck to you both in this TWW.


Heyfoureyes- I commented on your other post, but I see you made your way over here! Welcome!


lrex- How are you doing with your mock IVF run?


TTCinKS- Welcome! Did you get any help re: late ovulation? Did your wife get a positive OPK?


Jam- Any news?


AFM: BFN yesterday at 13 DPO. I started spotting today and AF is due so I am sure she is gearing up to come on full force. My appt with the RE is on Wednesday so I am excited to get a plan in place and try something new. I am really ready for more medical intervention, or really just anything that can make this happen for us. Dear friends of ours had their baby yesterday and it was really great to meet him and hold a brand new little one. I also really enjoyed seeing my DP hold the babe. He is going to make such a good parent. I thought I would be more jealous to see our friends with their new baby because of the pregnancy being unintentional and them talking about how they didn't really want it, but they were really excited and happy, and that was really neat to see. My sister is also going to be having her baby girl very soon, and I can't wait to become an auntie again and meet and hold my niece. I figure I should hold as many babies while I can while TTC in case they have some kind of magical power that will rub off onto me so I can be more fertile!


JWaite- Could you move me to waiting to O? Have you tested yet?

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Hopeful – I am sorry to hear about the BFN. I have not been at this nearly as long as many of you but I can only the pain and frustration you must be going through! Congrats to your friend and sister! LOs are amazing to have around but can also be a little hard at the same time, sounds like you’re handling it well!


Pook – Sorry to hear about the set back with your foster son! I can’t imagine the double emotional roller-coaster your must be on! Sending strength your way and I hope you O on Monday as planned!


FIlle – Sounds like you had perfect timing! Like I mentioned to Hopeful, I haven’t been at this for as long as many of you but I can only imagine how hard it to stay optimistic and excited! Best wishing you for that this is your last TWW!


Mama – I am sooo sooo sooo sorry to hear what you and DW are going through. I remember thinking the same thing with our loss about the silver lining being it happening early verse later on but it doesn’t make the pain go away! If you ever want to talk off line feel free to PM me! I hope you take the time that you need and the frozen embies are what you need!


Foureyes – Welcome! I hope your stay is short and sweet!


Jwaite – How is the remainder of your TWW going? Fingers crossed for you!


Lea – CONGRATS! How are things going? So excited for you!


Sandie – So glad to see you back! Hope you and DW are doing well!


AFM – Well we officially got our first BFN! AF should have arrived by now but I have been on progesterone since last Monday so I think that is delaying things. For some reason I just didn’t feel like this one worked so although still very disappointing I was almost ready to hear the news. I think this has been my way of not letting myself get excited and be callused to the whole experience since the loss. Right now we’re not planning on doing anything different for round 3, just waiting on AF then we will start the monitoring again and hopefully a successful natural cycle. Please move to me to waiting to O. Best of luck to all others in their TWW!

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Thanks, @jwaite05 and @Hopeful22!  Things are moving along for me.  I've finished my Clomid Challenge test and now just waiting to ovulate so I can get AF and start the real cycle.  I'm on day 18 with no ovluation so that's frustrating.  


I'm hopeful, but get overwhelmed by the process.  I really want to follow this thread more faithfully too, but there are so many details and numbers, I lose track!  What a complicated process we all have to go through!


So wishing you all happy baby dust and love and peace!




I wrote more here http://pride-of-lions.blogspot.com/2014/02/geez-already.html

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@hopeful -We did the insemination Sat night and Sun morning. They went great! My wife's BBT stayed low until yesterday which isn't the best. So move us to the DREADED TWW:)
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Hi Everyone, 

I think I have all of you in the right categories...if not, please let me know.  We have several women who haven't checked in in a while.  Any suggestions on whether to move them?  


Jam and Hopeful, seems as if we are cycle buddies and all out at the same time.  I, too, got a BFN on Monday and AF arrived on schedule Tuesday morning.  I am okay with it, though, as I try to figure my cycle out again after the mc.  I used the progesterone cream for the first time this last LP, as well.  So that will hopefully help as I continue.


Mama, still sending you warm thoughts.


Lea, how are you feeling???


Pookafaye, I am really sorry that you continue the roller coaster with your foster son.  I hope there is some kind of resolution for you in the near future.


Sending positive vibes and strength to all, as well continue forward on our TTC journeys!!  

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Jwaite and Jam- Sorry to hear about your BFNs. Hopefully all three of us will have better luck next month.


TTCinKS- Welcome to the dreaded TWW! I hope this is the only one you have to go through! Remind me, are you doing at home inseminations? Using fresh or frozen sperm? I'd love to learn more about your family. Here are a few questions most of us have answered, if you feel up to it.


What is your name?
What are the names/pronouns of your partner and children (if you have any?)
What method are you using to get pregnant this next cycle?
What do you and/or your partner do for work?
What country/ state/province do you live?
What is the most exciting part about this TTC time for you?
What is the most difficult part?


Leo- Congrats on finishing the Clomid Challenge. How did you do with the Clomid? I just started it so I am excited/nervous to see what happens.


AFM- We had our RE appt. yesterday. I think it went well. I was given Clomid, and it was actually CD 3, so I started last night. Like I said above, I am excited and nervous to see how it effects me. The RE went over the semen analysis with us and it turns out that the numbers are just shy of average. She said they weren't numbers to worry about but that doing IUI's would help with the Clomid. The office doesn't know that my DP is trans, (he easily passes as male) and we were able to use that in our favor! We left out the part about the sperm not coming from him and they didn't ask, so we are able to proceed without doing quarantines and the 6 month waiting period!! The only downside is working the logistics of KD making the donations and us getting it there within the allotted time, but that is a pretty small downside in my mind!

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fille – good luck in the tww! Hope it is going quickly for you!


pookafaye – good luck with your upcoming insems! I’m sorry to hear about your foster son and your in-limbo status. That must be so hard.


jam – Sorry about the BFN. I hope your next cycle goes wonderfully!  Thanks for the congrats! I’m excited too! (when I’m not busy being terrified of another loss)


lrex – Good luck! I hope the next steps go smoothly for you! What does a Clomid Challenge test entail?


TTCinKS – good luck with the TWW!


jwaite – I’m sorry about your BFN. Re: the missing folks – I don’t know what the etiquette is, but I might just move them to taking a break/waiting to be ready…there are a few that have been on there in the same spot for months.


hopeful – glad you got some useful information at your RE appointment and were able to start Clomid right away. How lucky that you don’t have to deal with the quarantines and waiting period – that was one of the reasons we decided to try at home in the first place with our KD – as if we’re not already jumping through enough hoops during this whole process!


I think I may have missed a few people – if so, I’m sorry! I hope everyone is doing okay and if any of you are experiencing the extreme winter weather, I hope you’re staying warm.


AFM - I’m just trying to stay busy to keep my mind off my worries, without getting so busy that I start feeling stressed out – it is a fine line. I’m feeling pretty good – my queasiness has kind of subsided, which is a little worrisome, but I’m hoping it will come back. I’m also having trouble sleeping, which I’m taking as a good sign. I just have to constantly remind myself that I’ve done everything I can, and whatever happens next is completely out of my control. I’m not quite ready to be moved to graduates, but if things go okay over the next couple weeks, maybe I’ll take that leap of faith before the end of the month… 

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TTC – How is the 2WW going? FXing for you two!


Jwaite – Looks like we are cycle buddies! It’s nice to have others to distract you while you’re in your TWW for sure! I am not sure what the protocol is but I would think it would be okay to move them… if they surface they can always let us know where they belong again.


Hopeful – Glad to hear your appointment went well and it was very well timed it seems! Glad you don’t have to go through all the pain of quarantines and waiting period!


Lea – Glad things are going well and you’re staying busy! I can only imagine the balancing act you are having to go through right now! But a welcomed thing to deal with I am sure! When do you have your next doctor’s appointment?


AFM – Well we decided to schedule a last minute reconsult with our RE to speak with him about any testing he may recommend of next steps if we aren’t able to get pregnant with a natural cycle this next month. It was a very good meeting and we talked about all our options and reviewed my charts for these last 2 cycles which was reassuring to understand those numbers better. In the end we decided to schedule a HSG for this Thursday to make sure everything looks good and confirm that everything went back to normal after the MC. I think I have read on here before that sometimes after having a HSG done your chances for getting pregnant actually increase and my doctor said the same thing so that makes us excited! After we see what the HSG says we will know if there are any “issues” going on. If we don’t get pregnant this next time we will move forward with more testing. We figure we want to make sure know and know whether there is anything going on or not and then we can move forward best educated. Plus this year I have amazing insurance so everything is covered and only costing $35 each cycle! Thinking of everyone in their TWW and hoping for more good news!

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Hi all,


Hoping everyone's week went well and folks are hanging in there with the long process this is.


Thanks, Lea and Hopeful!  My clomid challenge was taking 100 MG of clomid on days 5-9 of my cycle and then getting an FSH test on day 10.  I'm not entirely sure what they were testing for, but I didn't feel too many side effects, so that is good.  Now I am just waiting for my period to start.  I was worried that I haven't ovulated, but the nurse said that basal body temperature may be misleading this cycle because of the drugs.  I hope so, because if not, I'm on day 22 without ovulating - which is not new, but frustrating when on a medically assisted cycle.  Can't my body even behave then? :eyesroll


Hopeful - how are you doing on the clomid? I hope things continue to go well with the RE and your DP.  


Jam - how awesome your insurance is covering things so well!


TTCinKS - good luck on your TWW!


Wishing you all the best.

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Oh - and the exciting part is they told me to pick an obstetrician so I would be ready.  That makes me feel like there is progress.


But... having a baby still seems like something that is not possible for me, so I still don't really believe it will really happen.  


Trying to be hopeful and believe. 

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Hi all. Hope everyone is having a good February.

Can you move me to TWW. DW and I went in for the IUI this morning' the DR said that the sperm hd a lot of good swimmers and a good count. Hoping for good news in a couple weeks :-)

Sending you my best wishes

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MrsSelfridge - Good luck in the TWW - I hope it goes by fast and stress free for both of us!


Lrex - I hope your body gets on track and starts behaving the way you want it to - I get so frustrated when mine doesn't listen too.


Jam - We were told the same thing about the HSG - I hope it does the trick for you!


Lea - Still sending lots of baby dust and sticky/good thoughts your way!


Lea & Jwaite - Thanks for the warm thoughts - fostering has been a wild ride. I'm still dealing with the disappointment that this is likely to drag out until the summer. He's on the verge of being verbal and really being more affected by this whole process.


Hopeful - Yay for side-stepping bureaucracy! I'm guessing it's nice to have trans status simplify rather than complicate things. The trans families we know always have wild stories about the unique frustrations they end up running in to.


AFM - I haven't caught O yet, but perhaps I missed it. I'm checking twice a day with the cheapies. We got in tries on Fri/Sat/Sun and I would have kept trying until I pinned down O for sure or knew the window had passed but DW left on a business trip this morning. In other news, our KD is in a new relationship and in that gushing blissed out place. I'm hopeful that having him be in such high spirits gives us better swimmers this month; is that silly? So, go ahead and move me to the TWW, even if it possibly hasn't quite started yet.


Sorry if I've missed anyone - good luck!


Throwing my tickers in here since I know there have been a lot of new people lately and I never set up a sig line ;)

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Hello Ladies!


TTCin KS, How's your TWW going??  Are you hanging in there?  Distracting yourselves??


Hopeful, so glad to hear that the RE visit was a positive experience!!  How are you feeling on Clomid?  


Lea, I've been thinking about you.  Hope you have been able to find moments of relaxation and peace.  Not sleeping at night is a great sign, but I do hope you can take naps:)  At least on the weekends?  Sending you positive thoughts!  When is your next blood draw?


Jam, Good luck tomorrow at your HSG.  I have heard the same thing about increased chances of getting a BFP after that procedure.  Hope it goes smoothly and makes next cycle the ONE!  Your insurance sounds AMAZING!  What an added bonus not to have to stress about the money part of it anymore?!?!  When we eliminated the stress of putting out tons of cash, it begin feeling so much better to be able to keep trying until we get our lucky cycle:)  Let us know how it goes<3


Irex, has O happened for you?  Maybe the RN is right about the meds messing with the signs that you've O'd.  Do you usually O late?  Fingers crossed that things get sorted out for you!


Mrs S, got you moved to the TWW!!  Hope it goes fast for you:)  Yeah for lots of good swimmers!!  Fingers and toes crossed for good news!


Pookafaye, I have you moved into the TWW as well:)  Did you ever get a +OPK?  Those cheapies used to frustrate the heck out of me.  Tracking can be so tricky.  I have a very short LH surge, and have to test twice a day or I'll miss it.  Maybe your caught your window tho?!!  Baby dust to you...


afm, hopefully insemming this weekend.  Starting to look for that smiley face:)  I am actually tracking O this month (better than last:).  I think after the mc, it's been a bit of a challenge to get 'my head back in the game'.  But I am back now!  I truly appreciate having this board and the women here to share the journey with...you are all a huge motivation to me<3

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