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VBAC in southeast KY or ne TN?

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Hi. I found out a couple weeks ago that I am pregnant with number 2. Kiddo number 1 is almost 9 months right now and I am trying to find out about my VBAC options. I ended up with a Csect after number 1 from exhaustion. I labored at home and was truly wanting a homebirth. After 40something hours and not much progress and no sleep, hubby and I went to the hospital where they "allowed" me to push for about an hour but only from laying on the bed, despite my birthplan requesting the ability to move around and specifically try squatting. Anyway they ended up suggesting a Csect even though baby was in do distress and we weren't having and problems except for the wait and again my being very tired from no sleep. Not medically necessary much? Regardless, my baby was healthy- and I spent the next 7 hours or so wanting to see him but unable to since he was under the oxygen hood. I then spent the next 2 months feeling rather detached and truly mourning the birth that I tried so desperately to have and did not get. FF to now and finding out a second is on the way, and I'm honestly scared. Not of having another or the birth pains or anything like some of my friends say- I had a rather painless birth, but just a baby taking his sweet time to get out. I'm scared about having another Csect. That was the worst. I spent a couple months feeling drugged and dopey and unconnected to my son. I do not want that to happen again.


Anyone know of any doctors or midwives in the Corbin, KY or Oneida, TN area that are VBAC friendly? I know that Baptist Regional in Corbin is not, and neither is my doc that delivers there. I need to find someone else. I'm 8 weeks right now and have had no problems whatsoever. I'm praying the rest of this pregnancy goes just as well. THANKS!

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Hello bambi-munkymama! Welcome to Mothering and congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm sorry no one has answered your question yet. I am bumping this up for more attention. You may also want to look in the forums below for local info. Good luck!

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Hi there. I don't have any experience/knowledge about the area, but I'm from SE Missouri and it's pretty VBAC hostile and I'd imagine that area is, too. Is there an ICAN chapter anywhere near you? That's where I found info about possible VBAC friendly providers. How far are you from The Farm?
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This might be a good resource, too: http://www.cesareanrates.com/vbac
You could find the VBAC rates for hospitals within driving distance of you.
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