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Balance - work and play

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Hi ladies!


How do you balance your day with work and spending time with your child(ren)? 

Do you have a schedule that you try to stick with? If so could you offer some examples?

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I have a schedule based basically on carpooling. I drop the kids off at school and get to the apothecary, sometimes stopping for coffee on the way, and get started. I check email really quick then get started on soapmaking and herbal stuff. This is altered slightly depending on if I have clients coming in that day.

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We home school in the mornings.  Right now that means that I do Algebra with Dylan first then go over what he is doing for his 2 charter school classes (chemistry and humanities on Mondays and Wednesdays) and his at home projects (literature and history).  When that's done (usually by 10 am; we start between 8:30 and 9 am), I start working.  I'm available if he has questions or wants to discuss something.  One day a week, usually Tuesdays, I go into the shop to cut (I do contract sewing of re enactment clothing for a company that specializes in 9th through 15th century clothing and re enactment goods).  I work about 5-6 hours a day (mid morning, break for lunch, work afternoon with breaks for discussions and exercise), stop for dinner, work a few hours in the evenings, done at 10 pm), 6 days a week, for a total of 30-36 hours a week.  Sundays are family time. 


When I work, except for the one day a week at the shop (and even then that is somewhat flexible if I or my boss need to change the day because of schedule conflicts), is totally up to me as long as the work is done by the deadline.  Ideally what gets cut on Tuesday is finished and delivered the following Tuesday.

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