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February Chat!

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I will post some of the last few posts from January so we know where we are at:


Flowering Kale - Anyone else have teenager face? I have had this much acne since I was 17(or the last time I was pregnant). Its driving me nuts! I've eliminated SLS from my skin care and I was doing great with my routine before, but I am not keeping up with the break outs now. I know it is pretty minor in the grand scheme but man, I'd really like to get it back under control.


Baileyb - I haven't so far but I am sure I will sometime before birth. :irked I usually do. My stretch marks on my stomach have been hurting today, boooo! That makes me nervous that they are going to get worse from my last pregnancy even though I am not nearly as big as I was then. :irked:irked I think baby must have gone head down today. My uterus is a bit more irritable and it is harder to sit or bend and she has been rolling her little baby skull on my bladder and pinching it. I have to pee so much more today than so far this pregnancy. What is everyone doing for exercise/movement lately? I haven't been doing anything formal but I think I would like to start doing something again. I think maybe just walking? I kinda wanna do weights again but I am not really sure what would benefit me the most at this point.

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Has anyone felt their cervix lately?  I got used to checking it myself during a couple of years of Natural Family Planning/Fertility Awareness Method before I was pregnant.  I randomly felt it today and it's placement is quite high, but it was very soft and I don't feel like it's very long at al--maybe less than 1/2".  Anyone else try lately?  I'm not sure if this is normal, or if I have an incompetent cervix. Any feedback is very appreciated!

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Mrs Gail-how many weeks are you?
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I'm 25w2d

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Other May have another opinion, but I'm wondering why you've been checking? I also did cervical checks prior to pregnancy for nfp. But I haven't done any since I got pg. Have you had bleeding/contractions/ or other signs of dilation or thinning? Did they mention any issues at your 20 wk scan if you had one, (which would have picked up shortening/thinning) I ask this bc during my previous pg with DD I only saw an OB who did not do one vaginal exam or cervical check until I was in active labor. (This time I'm seeming a MW & OB & will be 24 wks tomorrow & still no cervical checks).
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I checked mine earlier this pregnancy when I had some heaviness in my vagina but it was just full veins. Cervix was high but very squishy. I thought maybe mine seemed not as thick as it has in past pregnancies but this is my fifth and I haven't had any symptoms and my cervix looked good on u/s.
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Anybody have any advice for after pains after labor? I think I have just done RRLT before birth and Ibuprofin afterwards? I don't remember for sure. For some reason I thought about them a few days ago and I am not looking forward to them. I had them awfully with my first but not very bad after subsequent pregnancies but I would like to have stuff on hand in case they are terrible after this birth and I can't easily go get something.

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crampbark and motherwort can both help. I always take both advil and tylenol after the birth to help with all the various aches and pains that first day or two. Nothing takes the afterpains away but I guess we do need the cramping.. I just wish it didn't hurt so much! 

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I don't actually remember afterpains...is this another example of my mind shutting out some of the less than fun things from childbirth? :lol  But I really don't remember that from either of my births.  Maybe in the same way that some women have painless contractions during labour, I have painless post-labour contractions!  Then again, I have taken ibuprofen after both births for perineal pain, so maybe that just diminshed the afterpains so I didn't notice them.

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I'm not looking forward to after pains and am hoping to be more proactive with them this (fourth) time around. Hardly felt any with the first - a little with the second and felt nauseous in pain with the 3rd - but that was RIGHT after birthing baby (after the glorious moments if meeting her) but within 5 mins and I think before releasing the placenta. I just remember it was bad - so I want to be prepared. I have old arnica tablets and I was piggybacking Tylenol and ibuprofen in the first week. Better stock up!

Any mamas have a trick for engorgement? I get HUGE with each one. Milk supply is NOT a problem for me - i Will definitely be keeping cabbage leaves around.
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I get awful engorgement', over active letdown, milk imbalance too and will also take any tips!

Boo, now its my household's turn to be sick. Sore throats, cough, sleepy, (major crabbiness).
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To help with my engorgement, I stopped wearing nursing pads and let my boobs leak freely when needed.  (this is bearing in mind I had 6 months to chill out at home - I wasn't in an office leaking everywhere)!   I would sleep with a towel handy, and usually woke up with a soaked shirt, but it kept the milk from really backing up the way that compression and pads on the breast seemed to (I think it helps avoid mastitis, too).

I also expressed from the breast the baby wasn't nursing on, into burp cloths or towels or whatever was handy. For about the first 3-4 months (when engorgement seems to be an issue), I rarely nursed the baby on both sides in the same sitting.  I nursed on demand and sometimes for an hour or more, but usually just didn't switch the baby over to the other side until a really long feed had happened.  I had adequate supply that I didn't need to nurse on both sides in one feeding, and once I lost the worry about nursing both sides (the way that it seems people are often told to) and realized that if you're not limiting intake (like the "only every three hours" BS that some people refer to), it seemed that keeping a more constant drain in place (i.e. a frequently nursing baby) really helped avoid engorgement.  While I know that there is certainly the concept of the more you nurse the more milk you have, I think there must be some point where that is finite, and beyond that, keeping a baby nursing frequently is in my experience a way better way to avoid engorgement than to avoid the feeding with the idea that less feeding might slow the milk down.  If you nurse just on one side per feed, my theory (totally just a theory) is that then you are draining the breast more, and it will replenish but it doesn't end up being so full.  

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I'm hoping that pumping for current youngest will take care of engorgement. I keep thinking wouldn't it be 'funny' if now when I want to have a good supply to feed both girls I will get no supply instead....
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Originally Posted by BaileyB View Post

I'm hoping that pumping for current youngest will take care of engorgement. I keep thinking wouldn't it be 'funny' if now when I want to have a good supply to feed both girls I will get no supply instead....

Tandem nursing (or pumping for another)!  Way less messy than my plan of towels and wet shirts :bgbounce  Let's hope your "funny" thought doesn't happen!

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I’ve been having some trouble sleeping this week—I just can’t get comfortable. I slept pretty good the last two nights after adding 3 more pillows—2 behind my back, against the wall, and one under my belly. Anyone have any other tips for getting comfy?

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Physically I have been able to sleep OK but if I wake up even slightly I have to pee like I am about to pee my pants so I am up and down a lot, and DH has developed a snoring habit and he has NEVER been a snorer. I have been having trouble with my legs going tingly when I try to sit on the floor with my kids.
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I sleep with a snoogle and I love it. I still use extra pillows for tummy and legs too, but I love my snoogle and how I'm not chasing pillows around all night.
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Second the awesomeness of the snoogle! I love it . DD calls it "the worm"!
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Oh and I use snoogle for support when nursing on my side. I used my last snoogle until it was a flattened grimy milk spit on shell of its former self and i was still sad when I threw it out. Not just for pregnancy! It is my favoritest nursing pillow ever!!
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Anybody else having leg cramps as you wake up?  Is it a pregnancy thing, or just my bad luck?


I've been sleeping fine while I'm asleep, but I wake at least once a night for a drink of water and/or trip to the bathroom, and then I sometimes take a while to be able to sleep again.  So far I'm using just a pillow under my tummy and between my knees, and if my partner is not in bed I put one behind my back to substitute for him.

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