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It is commonly a pregnancy thing, I've been lucky so far. Sometimes when I stretch my toes I feel my calf start to cramp and stop right away before it turns into a charlie horse!  I haven't needed extra pillows for sleep yet but this baby is a night partier and keeps me awake moving around.

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I took Advil after my last birth and it worked really well. Too well, actually. I think I overdid it because I felt better than I really was. But it definitely helped. And yeah, they get worse each time. None with my first, one horrible 45 minute long one with my second, and lots with my third. So I'll have to find a balance this time. When leg cramps start, I take magnesium supplements the next night, and that seems to keep them from getting worse. I suppose I could take a smaller for nightly and avoid them entirely, but I'm bad at supplements.
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I've been getting 1 foot cramp/night for a while but they are worse if I am not drinking enough, which I can be bad about.
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After birth pains - I used AfterEase tincture from WishGarden herbs last time and it helped so much compared to not using it the first time. I will definitely have on hand again.

Engorgement - I am worried about this because last time nursing a toddler saved me so much issues that I'd had with my first. Eventually block feeding saved me with the first but I wouldn't do that initially until you know your supply etc.

Pubic bone pain - anyone have it? I'd been doing so well but it hit full force last night. It hurts to move. I had it bad with my last :-/ hoping to get to the chiropractor today.
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Magnesium! duh.gif  I'm sure it will help me!  I was taking a whole lot before pregnancy to prevent headaches and PMS; I don't know if my diet is deficient in magnesium or I just need more than most people, but I found that the supplement helped a lot.  Then I stopped taking extra because the midwife said it could be dangerous; I've only been taking what's in my prenantal, which I only took twice in the past week because I've been lazy.  So I just took a magnesium pill now.  My left calf cramped yesterday morning and hasn't fully let go since.  Maybe walking on ice aggravated it.


I've been having public bone and hip pain after I walk in deep snow or slush or on ice, apparently because of my legs sliding sideways.  Other than that it's not been too bad in the past few weeks.

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YES to the pubic bone pain! It was only occasionally pinching until today. Now I keep walking around wanting to hold my crotch.

DD1's 3rd bday party today! Mellow with just close family. I got good sleep last night so I shouldn't be crabby and my regular jeans still fit me today! Unbuttoned of course, but small victories right?
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Can you believe that the furthest along of us are entering the third trimester now? 


I haven't been having pubic bone pain, but can feel the bones shifting around, both in front and back, when I walk. It doesn't hurt, but it feels disturbing! With my first pregnancy I had pubic bone pain; with my last it was all sacroiliac joint (in the back), and I think that's going to be more the problem this time, too.


I still apparently don't look pregnant. I worked half the night with two ER nurses before they realized, and that's only because I said something about being pregnant! This is my 4th! I'm supposed to be showing about 3 seconds after conception! But apparently that's not me. (I'm sure that if I'd been wearing maternity clothing and not scrubs that it might have been more obvious. Scrubs hide an awful lot. But ER nurses... they're supposed to notice these things!)

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My pelvic girdle pain is pretty under control. The big change was I got a stand up desk for my computer station, so I can stand for about 20min of each work hour doing email and stuff. Some hours are more or less, but they ability to get out of my desk chair has made a world of difference! I'm still wearing my belt and I still have spd, but I'm not spending my time worried about how am I going to manage another trimester with that pain. I was pretty worried about that so it feels a huge relief! My feet are really tired at the end of a day, but I'll take tired feet over pain any day!

Ocolet - very cool you are still able to surprise people :-)

Bailey - happy birthday to your oldest! And yey to still wearing your unbuttoned jeans! Have you tried the hair elastic thru the button hole trick? I'm extending mine that way, or at least I was until last week when my weight gain finally caught up to the mat clothes sizes I wore last go around.
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Lol. Yeah that is how I had them secured and then one of those belly band things pulled down over the button and zipper.
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My leg cramps are a lot better.  Must have been the magnesium.  Thanks!!


I feel so big and so tired.  I'm at work now and tempted to take a nap on the floor.  My boss is a guest lecturer in Australia for a month, so that gives me some leeway--although I am supervising 3 people and should be available if they have questions, the reality is they don't have questions very often.


I am wearing my biggest, most comfy maternity outfit today for the first time this pregnancy.  It's dark purple, so I think of it as my eggplant suit.  I feel like an eggplant--very tight in my skin.

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26w3d here and feeling great! My husband says I’ve been moving around a lot more in my sleep, but I wake up feeling fine. He on the other hand moved to the couch last night because I was keeping him up  I’ve been gaining like 2lbs a week lately. I’m kinda freaking out about that, but know that I’m eating (mostly) healthy and will soon be back to walking every day. (The weather has been extremely cold for over 2 weeks now and too icy to walk safely outside.) I really think May is a great month to have a baby. When we’re at our biggest, the weather will be the most beautiful (at least in my part of the U.S.). I’m always very motivated to walk and work in the garden beginning in late March. 


A lady at work just noticed I was pregnant today. Not sure how she missed it since I announced it in September and have been walking around with a basketball on my belly for the last month and a half.  She did remark that my protruding naval should have clued her in, once she learned I was pregnant. LOL


~~When do you ladies consider the start of the 3rd trimester. The opinions I see online seem extremely varied.

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I usually think of about 28 weeks as being 3rd trimester. I don't like to rush it, it feels long enough as it is ;)

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I've been having lots of the pubic pain as well. It's worst getting out of bed and I haven't really spent much time outside walking in the snow.. but the gym actually seems to have been helping with it, just bike/elliptical and sometimes hills on the treadmill.


I had a little bit of leg cramps last night, they were terrible last time around and nothing really helped much. I drank what seemed like gallons of water and they still inevitably came in the middle of the night.


I've had mixed reactions about being pregnant; some people notice, some people ask impertinent questions, some people apparently just assume I'm really fat. It's been special this time around.



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I can't remember where I posted this and where I didn't but after almost fainting when I was already laying down and going from sweating to freezing in a short amount of time I went into urgent care. They said I have "the beginnings of pneumonia". I don't really have a cough unless I take a shower or a bath and then I get stuff that comes up. And I have just been hot, and easily over heated but no fever, just very easily winded. Its a total bummer and I am back down to only +15 lbs. this pregnancy. I feel like baby is plenty active, even with an anterior placenta, but she just seems so small. DH says it seems like my belly really isn't getting bigger, hmmmm. I am anxious for my next appointment for my growth u/s but it had to get pushed out so now it will be almost 6 weeks since I was last seen. Trying to get in my protein powder and vitamins and emergen-c packets.

My legs and one foot have been threatening to cramp a lot but haven't been actually been cramping anymore. I've noticed that my legs are just more tired but I wonder if that is just from being weaker from being sick.
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Oh no, Bailey!  I hope you get better soon!

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yikes Bailey!  take care of yourself!  Hope you're feeling better soon.

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Bleck I'm sick again! Home in bed unable to move air thru my sinuses. I'm so scared I'm going to end up with another lung infection if this moves down so I'm totally babying myself and taking a sick day. I wish there was a magic vitamin I could take to clear this up and ward off all other colds...
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Oh no! Sorry to hear that! I am hardly able to breathe too. I'm just barely starting to feel better but it is really day to day. We went and sat at the pool today to try and suck in some warm humid air but my kids zapped all my energy wanting to play. They had a blast so I guess that's counts for something. : )

I've been bummed feeling like I just can't seem to enjoy this pregnancy at all. I'm trying but I either have waves of sickness, or illness, or just easily winded and exhausted. The last few days I have been so constipated that I get nauseous whenever I eat! I don't know what has caused it because I opted not to take my antibiotic. The constipation (I think) is causing my heartburn to be worse than normal. My zantac is only working until I lay down. Even if I take it 1/2 hour or so before bed it doesn't help.

I just dont want this to be a long third trimester. The weather should be warming up, projects should be wrapping up, is it too much to ask to not feel like total crud the lastb13 weeks?!
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I forgot I as going to ask you all...I'm pretty much only feeling kicks/punching on my cervix...isn't that strange? Its almost like she has dropped already but I'm sure she is too small to be in one main position like that. Kinda weird but I thought I'd ask you ladies. I have had such a low backache off and on but was attributing it to the constipation but maybe baby has shifted too?
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Bailey have you tried gavascon before bed? I take my zantac and then the last thing I do before bed is take two gavisvon and the foam blocker keeps the acid down while I fall asleep. It makes a big difference for me.

My baby has a favorite spot too. Actually all my babies liked the same spot. Always curled up on the right hand side. Makes it really easy to find the heartbeat....
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