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I hope you ladies are feeling better! How miserable to be sick and pregnant. The weather is finally giving me a break and I’ve been out walking the last two days. I’m hoping that my weight gain will slow down now that I hopefully can get back to my long daily walks. I’m kinda bummed to already be up 25lbs when I’m only 27weeks with my first baby…I’m mostly eating healthy food…just too much of it. It’s all just so good! It doesn’t help that my mom, husband, and mother-in-law are always making/buying me special treats for the baby 


My baby has been head butting me a lot right above my belly button. When I feel it with my hand, it feels like a baseball-sized head keeps popping out.  Baby has also been stretching a lot—which feels pretty strange.


I’ve been back to sleeping on the couch the last few nights. It just feels really good to have something behind my back now that I’m sleeping on my side. I end up with back pain when I stay in bed. I’ve also been having some killer leg-cramps. My mom always said that leg cramps were the closest pain she could compare to contractions. Do you other experienced mamas agree? That kinda scares me because these cramps completely take my breath away, I can’t imagine trying to breathe slowly and stay relaxed if this is how labor feels, but is my whole stomach and not just my leg!

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Mrsgail, you should try a body pillow or a snoogle. My snoogle is a lifesaver and I use it for side laying nursing too so it gets used for much more than just pregnancy. And it is way easier than chasing separate pillows around the bed.

I don't get leg cramps, so I can't compare, but I don't think of contractions as painful. Or at least not like something is wrong painful. Contractions are your body's work, and they feel like hard work, and I personally find thinking of them as work helps keep a positive head space. I did hypnobabies home study last go around and I loved the emphasis that program has on thinking positively about birth and embracing the work. It is still hard work and there are moments that kina suck, but for me they were very quickly passing and overall it was a great experience. You might want to look at a similar program.
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Well, we escaped the frozen north to middle America.. but everyone is sick. DS was the first to get sick, unfortunately throwing up on the epic drive and just looking like death warmed over. Seems like post nasal drip causing the puking and now DD is the source of endless snot. Today I've had the headache/back of the neck stiffness/stuffed upness. Awesome. Making it even more exciting than just being pregnant, sick, and transient I got a phone call about getting a new credential tomorrow so I can look like crapola on my ID. I'm pretty sure I'll never have a decent looking ID.

On the upside I'm really excited to be here though. People were very friendly on our trip, Cleveland was sort of a highlight even though I hit some ice on the freeway and slid off into snow just before getting there. That was quite scary, I thought the truck was going to flip and I panicked.. but luckily the area between the north and south fwys was relatively flat and there wasn't a concrete wall/cables/whatever. And the truck isn't totaled. That's always a plus.

Now pretty much I just need to go acquire groceries and get stuff ready for tomorrow. Hopefully I'll sleep tonight.

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MrsGail wrote:


My baby has been head butting me a lot right above my belly button. When I feel it with my hand, it feels like a baseball-sized head keeps popping out.

Me, too!  Lots of kicks and tickles on both sides, too.  I am beginning to be able to tell the feet from the hands now.  Often, a kick will shake my whole belly.

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" Seems like post nasal drip causing the puking." - beautifulnm

That was totally my conclusion as to why i started feeling pukey when i was in the worst of my sickness!! I seem (knock on wood) to be out of the worst of it. I reordered the filter for our humidifier so hopefully that will keep a lot of the stuffiness and congestion away. We got snowed in <<again>> today so I went on an ordering spree and also ordered some strawberry plants and our new layer chicks! They should arrive just in time for our next deep freeze temps this coming weekend. lol. This cold has to break sometime, right? Although we got 16 inches of snow last May 2, the day I went into labor! baby must've hit a big growth spurt or something because I can finally feel parts kicking out through my belly even with a big 'ole anterior placenta. She's been popping all over the place the last few days. I also am feeling quite huge suddenly! I think I gained 3-4 lbs. in the last week and a half! I have been feeling very snacky too, I am sure that is why i seem to have gained suddenly.

I was doing my calendar for our fridge and put how many weeks I am at each week; had a good little internal freak out about writing weeks that start with 3! I think I might be in a bit of denial about nother baby actually being here in a few months. I don't think I NEED need anything for her but I also feel like I am forgetting a bunch of things. I know I want to get a new baby swing for her, and for me I want to get a belly binder, handsfree pumping bra thing, and a nursing cover up thing. Need to remember to get some postpartum pads, new newborn size onsies? Crap! I feel like I am forgetting things! Boobs, carseat, diapers, right?!
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boobs car seat diapers definitely! I totally agree it feels weird to not be preparing. but I'm pretty sure that being baby three that if I don't have it I will survive without. other than the minivan ... need to get on that. baby is going to sleep in our room and I'm not going to move the girls together until I actually need that room for the baby. so there just doesn't seem to be any big list this time. watch ...in a month I'll be freaking out I'm sure.
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Glad you're feeling better, Bailey!


I got my car seat this weekend.  Diapers, check.  Boobs - uh, yeah check.  Guess I'm good to go :p  Please no, not yet!  I'm 30 weeks this week - seems like a crazy thing!

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Originally Posted by floweringkale View Post

boobs car seat diapers definitely! I totally agree it feels weird to not be preparing. but I'm pretty sure that being baby three that if I don't have it I will survive without. other than the minivan ... need to get on that. baby is going to sleep in our room and I'm not going to move the girls together until I actually need that room for the baby. so there just doesn't seem to be any big list this time. watch ...in a month I'll be freaking out I'm sure.

I feel like I'm in the reverse of preparations and it's very peculiar. I sold my wagon, all the baby stuff I did buy is now in a shipping crate somewhere, and we are living out of a suitcase, let alone me working to accumulate clothing and putting up furniture. Also, trying to find a car on the other side of this is going to be interesting. It's like going down the wrong path like eh, we'll come out at the same point eventually, right?.. so far on the clothing front he has one t-shirt I think. he's gonna be doing a lot of hanging out in a diaper. lol.


yesterday we upgraded DD's car seat because her original one didn't have removable fabric and it had gotten a bit gross.. due in part to DS sharing a chocolate croissant with her while I wasn't looking.. even DH is probably freaking out more about baby stuff than me, talking about needing a baby bassinet so he can room in before he's big enough to be in his own crib..

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anyone else burping constantly? It's worst in the evenings, probably because we eat dinner and then I don't move around much... hard to believe we're already at this point where our stomaches are squished up! I feel so PREGNANT now :wink


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I havent been burping but i really cant eat much at a time. I have been getting heartburn easily because of it too.

We have had 2 days of above zero temps and holy crap did that bring the out the nesting! Now im pooped and almost kind of looking forward to our snow/sleet storm tomorrow and just cudling up and hanging out.
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I'm burping... It has been constant for me the whole pregnancy tho.it might be getting worse. I'm definitely noticing I can't eat as much but I'm hungry more often. Snacky monster over here.
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Snacky for sure!! Chocolate and pop, bad i know but everything else fills me up too much or is too rich for my stomach.

Lots of braxton hicks contractions lately. Also, constipated but pooping frequently...strange. Not that you all wanted to know. smile.gif
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I'm all about the braxton hicks too, and I have never really felt them in my other pregnancies.  Plus the baby is freaking out and flipping around 24/7 it seems - not a good sign for a quiet and peaceful little infant!  It's been really hard to sleep with all the dancing and partying going on - doesn't this creature realize I have a day job still?  I just cleaned the bathroom and now it's repaying me with massive kicks and wiggles - kinda neat, but it needs to stop soon so I can go to sleep!

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Oh boy.  I spent most of yesterday in the hospital, but the conclusion was that baby and I are fine.  Then this morning on my way to work, I was almost fainting on the bus--vision going to bright and dark speckles, ears ringing, very dizzy--so I got out on the university campus and stumbled into the nearest office to ask if I could lie down on their couch.  I didn't lose consciousness.  They called campus EMS who took my blood pressure repeatedly until it got over 100/60 and had me drink water.  I felt better and they drove me to work.  Still a little dizzy though.  Waiting for the midwife to call me back.


What happened yesterday was that the sidewalks were very icy and wet, and as I was walking my son to school I slipped and fell. I landed pretty gently on my right hip with my legs folded under.  It seemed the worst injury was some small scrapes on my wrist from the icy edges next to the sidewalk where I put down my hand to catch myself.  But I couldn't quite figure out how to get up from such an awkward narrow space between snowbanks.  My son helped.  After that I slipped without falling several times, which was nerve-wracking.  On the bus I found I could not get my tummy to relax--it was like a constant Braxton Hicks, mostly just tight rather than painful, but I had a streak of pain on the lower left.  By the time I got to work I had decided to call the midwife, hoping she could tell me some trick to relax.


Instead, she told me to go to the hospital right away for evaluation!!  It could be preterm labor, or the fall could have caused some placental detachment.  So I agreed to get checked right away.  I had to spend 4 hours hooked up to EFM, get 4 vials of blood drawn for tests, have a pelvic exam, and get half a liter of IV saline.  With delays (they were pretty busy, and learning a new computer system) I was there over 6 hours.  I'm glad I had a long book with me; I read over 300 pages.  They wouldn't let me have anything to eat except one cup of ice chips.  (Hey, maybe that's why I'm dizzy today--I had a big lunch at 4pm after I was finally released from the hospital, but then I was too full to eat dinner, just a banana before bed, so maybe I didn't get enough calories yesterday.)  I got very hungry and bored.  It was sort of interesting watching the monitor, though: It displays 6 patients at once (identified only by initials) so the nurse can see all her patients from every room, so I could compare my uterine tension and my baby's heart rate to the others.  This made it obvious that I was not in labor, just tense.  Watching my numbers, I was able to relax consciously, to some extent, but it took me hours to get from the 30s to the single digits.  My baby was very consistent for hours but then started an exciting exercise routine and was getting very irregular readings, sometimes actually kicking off the EFM!  After the first time, I learned how to put it back in place and shut off the annoying alarm instead of waiting for the nurse.  She said the irregular readings were actually a good sign of lively central nervous system activity.  EFM is designed for babies about to be born, who are usually very focused and unable to move dramatically because they don't have space, so when it's used earlier in pregnancy it can get kicked off like that.  I am very pleased that EFM is a lot more comfortable than it was 9 years ago--the thing I had on for a couple hours of labor with my son weighed about 10 pounds and had straps like airplane seatbelts!  This was much lighter and softer.  Lying on a stiff, awkward exam table for 6 hours was a problem, though.  It was no fun, but I'm glad they decided everything was okay!  The pain on the left side turned out to be a strained ligament--because I fell to the right, I tensed up on the left to hold up my baby.  It doesn't hurt any more today.

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Wow environbecca! You’ve had an exciting couple of days. I’m glad you’re okay!


I’ve also been having Braxton Hicks. Sometimes I go a couple days without any, and then I’ll have several an hour another day. I had a lot today at work and I was very hydrated…so who knows why they come sometimes more than others.


We have a little break in the weather here and I was able to go walking on my lunch break. I’m glad I did because now with a few more hours of warmth, our sidewalks are nothing but deep puddles. I hope it doesn’t freeze tonight and turn everything into ice again!! I’m tired of being cooped up inside. I’ve never been one who likes to go power-walking in the mall—outside is the place for me.


I stepped on the scale this morning and I weighed exactly the same that I weighed last week. I was thrilled! I have been gaining like 2.5lbs a week! Maybe I won’t continue expanding so quickly through the third trimester!   

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glad everything is alright Becca!  I"m sure that is not how yo unwanted to spend your day!  Did the dizziness go away?

We woke up to snow today, it's supposed to keep up all weekend. We live up a hill where they don't plow the roads so I don't think I'm going anywhere for a while!

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We got snow too. About 10" I think. We didnt get plowed out until 5 pm yesterday. Still cold today but that sun angle is getting better and better.

Anybody with older kids experience them getting clingier lately? My 3 year old is a big daddy's girl usually but she s "mommy, mommy, mommy." lately!

This heartburn is getting obnoxious greensad.gif Its pretty much constant and the new chocolate cravings are not helping at all. I am excited though because I have been tanning the last few weeks because I got a crazy good deal on a package but now it runs out on the 28th but now I have a free 10 day pass to the local 24 hour fitness place. Bathroom and heat ducts get done next week, MIL gets back from vacation so I will have a babysitter again, unfortunetly the snow storms has gotten DH so far behind on work stuff that he has to work six 12 hour days next week! I also have a growth u/s on Wednesday and I will be interested to see what position baby is in because she feels pretty low for 28 weeks. Everytime I stand up I have to pee and last night and a little bit today I even have had some shotting pains down in my upper inner thighs.
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Heartburn is my most annoying symptom, too.
I got a call the other day from the second job I recently started, asking if I wanted to cross-train to the acute wing. It's a tough one, because that's a large part of the reason I applied there (back about 4 days before I conceived), but I'm tiiiiired. My first job has been incredibly demanding lately, and I'm really not sure I want the added stress or hours right now. But I have a hard time turning down the opportunity, so it looks like I have another long week or two ahead of me.
I did mention while on the phone about this that I was needing to cut back a little, being 30 weeks pregnant. Turns out she (the Director of Nursing, that is) had no idea. Oops. She's seen me regularly in both normal clothing and scrubs (which apparently hide pregnancy really well) since about 24 weeks, and the HR director and everyone I've worked with are aware, so I figured she must at least suspect. Apparently not. 
So, that's a little awkward.
Then, I realized last night that the likely reason this is happening (and there seems to be some urgency to it) is so that I can be available to fill in for another nurse... who is one week ahead of me. Don't think that'll work out too well. But she's moving away, so it'll probably still make sense in the long run.
It alternately cracks me up and frustrates me that I'm 30 weeks pregnant and apparently don't appear it at all. Frustrates me because, if I don't look pregnant, I must look like I have an awful beer belly, and because at work I could use the consideration that people tend to give women who are big and pregnant.
I'm at the point where I really want more maternity clothing (esp. tops), but it doesn't feel worth it to actually buy more. My shirts are too short. They have been from the start, because I have a long torso, but moreso now. My husband's shirts are long enough, but I want something prettier. 

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Im in the same boat with maternity clothes. Our long term forecast here to keep having snow and cold right until the first week of April and I am in need of more maternity stuff, especially pants since skirts wont be helpful, but I just cant justify buying any sort of larger pants only to wear them for another 5 weeks. And Im too tall to really keep them to pass on to any other future pregnant friends or family. I have 2 pairs of pantsthat I can wear out into the cold to leave the house and the rest are mid calf leggings or cropped yoga pants. Now in March I actually have things that I need to wear something other than sweats too and I am not sure what to do...not to mention the fact that I hate maternity pants! Im in the no waist + I have no butt so everything just slides right down me. I kinda wish overalls dint look so completely ridiculous on a very pregnant woman because those would be perfect.
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I had heartburn for the first time yesterday... hoping it's not a constant recurrence. My last pregnancy was the first time in my life I ever had heartburn and also the first of my kids to have hair, so I hope the old wives tale is true again and we get a baby with some cute hair :)

Ocelotmom, maybe your director of nursing is just very distracted? Or maybe she thought you were expecting but to so far along!
I hear you about maternity stuff, I bought a big bag for really cheap but about half of it is already too small or just not flattering, so I'm hoping I can sell or trade it on Facebook and have something else to wear

Really wishing they made maternity wool long johns today, we have about a foot of snow and it's still coming down, which is unusual where I live. They don't plow my road so I'm stuck home for at least a couple more days!  

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