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my head is spinning with options! HELP!!!

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So I am 31 weeks with baby #2. I didnt do much baby wear with baby #1 but I really want a ring sling this time around. I have been through so many sites that my head is about to spin off!! I keep coming to SBP with the 100% linen and thats what I am leaning towards... but i just am having a hard time committing. Please help! I have searched around on Etsy but im nervous to get a rip off sling...


I'm 5'7 and I think I want an 80in bc I plan to BF while wearing, and I want the tail to cover my complete chest and even drape over my shoulder (I am at our church quite a bit and don't want anyone to feel awkward... anyone as in the guys...like during service or while we are having our womens mtgs the guys are still there working) and I really don't want to spend more than $60ish if possible bc I know thats what I can get from SBP. The only thing I do not like from SBP is that I can't get a design in linen (except the tail) unless I send her the material.


So here are my questions:


How long should I get it? and if you are 5'7 would you be willing to post a pic of how long your sling is on you?


What brands do you recommend?


Is linen really better than 100% cotton?


I live in Missouri so weather is very Bipolar... its really cold in the winter (down to single digits) and really hot (usually averages in 90s) in the summer... we have both extremes.

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A basic linen ring sling from SBP is a fabulous investment. How long the tail will be on you will generally match up with your tshirt size (her website goes into detail about sizing)  if you are very slim and 5'7" you may find it is to your knee.  If you are heavier, it may only hit your hip. 

I prefer extra length in my ring slings and use 85 and 90 inch slings whenever possible- I am only 5'3".  I wrap the tail around the rings or tuck it up underneath. I like the extra for bigger kids as they eat up a ton of length in a ring sling once they are about 2, and I try to keep one in my car for quick trips. 

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This may sound silly but can you post a picture of how long it is on you? I feel like like that length would be to the floor for 5'3 ... im suprised that there aren't more videos or pictures of people showing how long their slings are...

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Are you on thebabywearer.com? there is a for sale or trade forum for rings. If you want a pretty pattern, go for a wrap conversion ring sling (wcrs). Most non wrap slings are plain because for it to be safe it needs to be bottom weight fabric, the stuff you make pants out of. Anything made out of a light cotton is not strong enough and not safe. You need to be really careful with etsy because the quality ranges from awesome to non existent. Ask if the seller is compliant with the new regulations and a member of BCIA (Baby Carrier Industry Alliance), and if not spend else where. Ring slings are pricy, but they also hold there value well and there is a strong secondhand market on the Facebook swaps, tbw or even your local club. Sleeping baby productions is awesome and a highly respected industry leader, her slings and conversions are awesome. She also has spent a lot of time developing diy guidelines so people can make their own safely too, which are also on her website.

In the end, the most important thing is that you think your sling is beautiful and you are excited to wear it. Linen is great - strong and cool. Cotton and silk are also great, and wcrs are incredible but pricy. Sbp has some stock wcrs in pretty rainbows for $85 , http://www.sleepingbaby.net/proddetail.php?prod=easycare. And remember you will be able to sell when you are done and get most of that back.
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I don't have a SBP, I have 2 Sakuras - a single and a double linen, one of which I paid full price, the other I picked up during their yearly sample sale half price so like $40.  I absolutely love it, and although at 30lbs 27mos she's at the point of being a bit too much for long stretches in the ring sling (thank god for my chiropractor!), I can still do a back carry when she needs the close time and I need hands free.  I'm short at 5'2 and the tail, even with her in it now, it still crazy long - they are a one size fits all, up to someone over 6' - but it's great as a cover for nursing.

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I have a sewfunky wrap conversion ring sling and love it! it's 100% cotton, and super supportive. Here's a pic

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http://www.pennilessparenting.com/2012/08/budget-baby-wearing-homemade-carriers.html has  instructions for using a pashmina scarf for a temp sling and when the kids not in it you can use it for a breastfeeding cover if you like

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If you want to wear your baby many months or even years, consider purchasing an extra sling/carrier that distributes weight to both shoulders, or maybe a woven wrap which is great for both hip carries, front or back. I am telling you this because my daughter is one year old and from the moment she reached 8 kilograms it became hard to carry her much time in a ring sling. It is great for short time carrying or while the baby is still small land light weighted. I still use it a lot though, most of the time while at home, to soothe her or to breastfeed and sleep or for small trips to food store down the neighborhood. For long walks  or while i am on the road having much to do and visit i use other types of carrier which distribute weight evenly.

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