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Definitely measuring temperature in C around here. My dd walked the dog in her t-shirt after school because it was a balmy -2 degrees. I think that is around 30F. I would love to have even a couple of days above freezing for the snow banks to melt down a few inches. 


bbm - I remember a mom like that when we were homeschooling. A week off every now and then can be a good thing ;)

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Bbm, agreed with Shanti on the time off. Werk, month, either works. wink1.gif Could definitely swap stories on differences and moms who always know best. Yikes.

Getting sicker before better, and had a minor breakdown last night over what I guess amounts to missing my family. All the cousins are going to be at the funeral tomorrow--well, probably at least 30 to 40 of them--plus the aunties, and I am just missing them all sorely. Dh has been busy/inattentive and from time to time I have to point out he is all I have. He spends hours each week on the phone with his family, and I spend maybe an hour a month. In theory the fix is to call home, but $$$. Skype just isn't the solution.

Happy Valentines Day, Dingoes.
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Geo--hope you can find a solution. That's awful. FWIW, I've done it, but if it's before breakfast it's a combo of not sleeping enough + sinus drainage (and/or at least one side of my nose being stuffed up) + a little bit of gas. Crystalized ginger helps some, as do sinus rinses and anything else I need to do to open up those sinus passages. If after breakfast, it was because I was drinking orange juice and suddenly, my body decided it wasn't friends with orange juice. That went on for probably 6 weeks before I figured it out, and it wasn't an every time thing for a while. The most recent time was last month when it because abundantly clear that whatever my new issue with dairy is, it isn't (or isn't only) lactose intolerance.

Shanti--I like that kind of weather too, though usually just over the edge of freezing rather than just below it. Hope you have time to snowshoe.

BBM--having to talk to someone who's so critical of every last thing would make me crazy too. We had a local board AP/natural board that saw many, many blow-ups over that kind of stuff. On the plus side, every last one of the "un" people huffed off about a year ago (not sure why other than it was something about perceived intolerance and people chose to be mad at people who had wisely chosen to not even open the controversial thread in question because that was "proof" of our biases or some such nonsense). The board has been peaceful, if quiet since. Maybe she'll move?

1jooj - goodvibes.gif and grouphug.gif That's really hard.

RR: speedwork outside. It was hard, or at least coming up the hill was. On the other hand, if I manage to run from J's preschool twice a week as the weather warms up, it should be good marathon prep, as her preschool is located on one of the largest hills in the area. In the pioneer days, there was a hackberry tree on top--the only one in the area--and it could be seen for miles so everyone used it as a landmark. It's also kind of fun to be back running in this spot, because we used to live in the apartment buildings at the top of the hill. This is where I started running 13 years ago (this month, I think).

NRR: I got a haircut! No, only about 4 inches so it's not obvious to most people.
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Thanks all. It's not really that bad, usually I can ignore her and just blow it off. I think the ridiculousness of it took me off guard. I think I trigger something in her making it worse, even though I'm usually pretty quiet. When I observe her she's doing something similar, not as intense, but no one else seems annoyed. So I figure it's all good, I can just sit here quiet while the kids have a good time. But, unless this one mom that I like a lot is there, because she can only come sometimes, I think we'll take a week. We're running too much anyway.
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There are a few environments where I bring my laptop because so I can work and make everyone leave me alone.  I've also been known to whistle Billy Joel's "Shade of Gray" when I'm forced to overhear these discussions.  Me?  Passive-aggressive?  Never.


Do your kids like gym class?  Often, I've found that when I note that the parents set my teeth on edge, my kids also don't click with the other kids.

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Geo - my DS went through a similar barfing-in-the-morning thing from about age 9-10. Doctor couldn't find a thing wrong. DH and I surmised that it was a blood sugar thing brought about by exercising (running around/jumping on the trampoline/etc.) just before bed. If we made him have a glass of juice before he went to sleep, it didn't happen. His were always preceded by bad headaches that would wake him up. Don't know if that's at all similar to what is going on with your DS, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

jooj - grouphug.gif that just sounds SO hard.
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It's hit or miss. Sometimes they have a great time, others not as much. Or one kid will and the other won't. It's a newer group so people attending shift a lot still. Usually you're right though Geo.
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Jo, :Hug :Kiss


Is it just me or do other people find Valentine's Day really hard in all sorts of primal-child-trauma ways? We don't really "do" Valentine's Day anyway, but it brings back such intensely upsetting and painful memories of being the 'nerd' in middle school and high school who never got the 'secret admirer' flower-grams, never had a date, etc. If I had a full 'cup' of emotional support and love and romance from the one who is supposed to be my 'eternal Valentine' perhaps this would not feel as painful but the truth is I still feel that sting of 'not beautiful, loveable, blank enough to have a real Valentine' even now.


Sigh. Sorry. Pity party.


No running for me (yet) today. Maybe I'll go over to the JCC and run on the mill, the roads are still pretty messy. I do have to go shovel, again.

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Jo - I'm sorry, I can totally relate to that loneliness and missing a family funeral has to make it so much harder.  I hope that your sickness is nearly over too, that makes everything worse. :hug


Geo - :mischief


Nick - :flowersforyou  V day is a rough holiday.  My kids are all excited to get kinder eggs and that sounds like it will suffice, but I dread the day when they start looking for romance.  They aren't going to see it at my house either.  I'm just glad I had a gay bf in high school who was over-the-top romantic so I'll always have one happy V day memory.


Our plan for the day was to go out to some hot springs outside town but Ali G is still too sick to be far from a bathroom so it looks like another day trapped in the house.  UGH.  I'm going to have to go out and find a new dvd for them though, as wonderful as Frozen is, I can't do a third day of marathon viewing.

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On valentines day...it's a kid holiday around here. I never liked it much for all those carnations going around that I never got. I know this kid who is going all out for her best friend...she's going totally cheesy for her...totally awesome. Wish I'd had a friend like that growing up.
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Plady--how do you have a video of Frozen already? I thought they weren't releasing it until next month? So sorry you have to miss the hot springs.

Nic--only vaguely. I generally thought it was overrated and I'm not a very romantic person anyhow. I used to have a boyfriend who gave me flowers on a regular basis, which I thought was a complete waste of money because I can't smell and am not a flower person anyhow. (DH was warned not to waste money on flowers for me years ago, though he's welcome to buy some if he wants to decorate the house or for the girls.) And we're not sappy and sentimental and never have been one of those couples who are always holding hands or whatever. But, it would be nice to get along. Instead, the day started with another fight. eyesroll.gif Nevertheless, we exchanged Starbucks gift cards (not wrapped, not even with the little card holder filled out...) because they're useful and appreciated. Really and truly, I'd just like the drama to stop.

RR: 5 miles.
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RR 2 short miles in the canyon with dh. There were no snakes or coyotes at 10am and plenty of shade at the bottom. We stopped the garmin to walk up the hill which was probably just short of half a mile. It is steep plus we were bogged down in conversation. Overall, it was worthwhile. After showers we stopped by a French cafe in a part of town that should not have a French cafe. I had a piece of baguette with butter, brie, butter, a slice of ham, a slice of tomato, and more butter. Good thing I like butter. eyesroll.gif If there is a next time I am sticking to coffee and (buttery) pastries (and running further).
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Just checking in to say hi. I am very behind and trying to get caught up. I am somewhere after NIc's triathlon clap.gif and before Plady and Jo and Tjsmama's trips. I look forward to reading all about them!

Laughing at the naked weirdness in the locker room.

JG, adding Orphan Master's Son to my list, thanks.

Plady, G had the ankle version of Osgood Schlatter's which is called Sever's Disease. There is really nothing to be done except ibuprofen for pain. It will come and go during extreme growth spurts. His happened just before summer when he had a huge growth spurt and was playing baseball. We did buy supportive lifts for his shoes but I think it helped mentally - b/c it felt like we were doing something. Then it went away. Last week, he complained of a similar sensation in his knee which I think is probably Osgood Schlatter's. A very close friend of mine and her husband had a nephew with it. They are both medical professionals (doctor) and helped me figure out what to do about it. (Very little) G limps when it comes on. Not sure if D's is the same thing yet; I'm monitoring it. How is C with all that walking? It must be hard for her. Congrats on the Annie roles. Hope C sees the wisdom (eventually) in her parents' decision. hug.gif

xoxoxo to you all, no forward motion to report, which is another reason I haven't posted. So many changes on the homefront right now. Weirdly, both our doors to our house are messed up and my visiting friend said I have "wonky doors." I asked her what she means and she said it's like I don't know if I'm coming or going - which floored me, I guess. Exactly how I feel these days about almost everything. The door thing is weird b/c one has a handle didn't work. We fixed it. It quit turning. We added a new one. It broke off. So now you can only pull/push the door, not turn the handle. The other door has stopped "clicking" closed when you shut it. So we all do this weird knob-turning thing so it will close automatically when you push it. Half the time it seems to work and the other half it doesn't. Weird, huh? Wonky doors is I guess my metaphor for not knowing if I'm coming or going right now.

Love you all blowkiss.gif
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Wonky doors is a great metaphor, lofty!

No RR here, either. Slushy snow on the ground and the gym closed all weekend for a lantern festival- no bootcamp or climbing. I refinished the kitchen countertops this weekend, and will have a big shoveling job in the morning.
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RR: Biked to the beach today. Which hardly counts, considering the distance, but for this week, it counts.

Recovering well from this respiratory thing, thankfully. Looking forward to running when the coughing is under control.

Lofty, good metaphor. Not a great feeling!

Busy next 2 weeks. Hosting book club, starting with a new language tutor, karate tournament this weekend, musical theatre for dd all next week. Should catch our breath again come March, and then we start planning for summer!
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Mel: do you have wooden countertops? I was wondering how you refinished them.


Jo: Glad to hear the respiratory thing is getting better. What are you reading for your book club? I miss my book club, but it kind of died out last year.


Mommajb: mmmmmmm... butter :lol That sounds like my kind of sandwich.


Speaking of sandwiches and butter, I have managed to put on a solid 6 to 7 lbs since the marathon. :( I am not happy about it. My very sedentary work is partly the culprit - breaks consist of a cup of coffee and grazing. My plan to do sets of pushups or stretching every hour has not happened. I have to make a change or I am not going to fit in my clothes soon! Things are already a bit snug.


RR: nope.

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Caught up! joy.gif

Real, I cannot believe that video! I actually stopped 5 min into it b/c 1) I was so upset and 2) I started crying for her and 3) I can't really watch videos at home w/o tons of buffering and paying lots for it.But, I'm pretty much stunned and don't quite know what to say. Ugh.

BBM, my boys loved Roman history. Enjoy! I agree with Geo with taking a week off from gym.

Sparkle, I like the sound of life being a series of "hellos and goodbyes." That really resonates...

So bummed I missed the SS. greensad.gif It was in the back of my mind to log on but I guess I felt too behind to catch up on the thread and missed it. Next year... Hope i don't miss Treasure Mapping, too.

Gaye, your pix on FB make me want to go to Florida now!! Looks like so much fun!

Jo, your trip to Mecca and Medina sound like such an amazing experience. Sorry about getting sick. Hope you're all better now. Oh and I say call relatives anyway. It's $$$ but likely it will be less than a trip home and cheaper than therapy. Call anyway. Call all the time. It's part of the mental cost of being far away from family and no less important. So sorry you couldn't be there for the funeral. hug.gif

Mel, I don't think I've put on weight but my clothes are fitting me poorly. I haven't done a thing in weeks. Starting today (today!) the four of us will work out after dh and ds get home from work/school. On the one hand, I don't think I'll get great workouts in as a whole group. On the other hand, it will be a good effort to get my kids moving, too. We are in between sports and on the fence about starting baseball.

Plady, I'm so glad you're getting in such a great trip to SMA. Hope A is feeling better. I can understand about selling the place and I like Sparkles idea of explaining it to C as a hello/goodbye. We still get sentimental and sad about having sold the loft. Especially since G has all these memories of it but D doesn't. That said, your pix are killing me! In a good way! smile.gif We took D back one time but he doesn't really remember it either. (Do you need someone to run it as a B&B again? loveeyes.giforngbiggrin.gifinnocent.gif) Love how glowy you all look in your pix!
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1jooj - i just learned that my kids' favourite teacher of all time is going to be teaching in Dubai for the next two years. She considered a job in Abu Dhabi but went with this one instead. She is a wonderful person and a phenomenal teacher. I wish she was going to Abu Dhabi so I could connect the two of you!

It is -26C here today but it is supposed to actually get above freezing by the end of the week even if only for a couple of days. I really hope we don't have any more storms this year. Snow in May is not unheard of but I hope we are done with the really nasty weather for this year. I can't wait until it is warm enough to sleep with the windows open and spend lots of time outdoors. Our little puppy doesn't even know that such things as grass and dirt exist yet! She is almost four months old and pretty well behaved. Not as nippy as she was, very few potty accidents - we just still have to watch the Chewing Up Of All The Things. A couple more months until her baby teeth are gone and then maybe that will get better. Other than that she has been pretty much the perfect puppy, definitely the easiest I have ever raised.
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Originally Posted by Mel38 View Post

Mel: do you have wooden countertops? I was wondering how you refinished them.

Yes, wooden butcher block. Sanded and oiled, with a second coat of oil on tonight's agenda.

More later on a real computer- iPad is painfully slow tonight.
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Mel, those look amazing. Just amazing. You are inspiring me to get out my sandpaper and oil and go to town on mine.

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