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Love those countertops, Mel!

RR: semi-run yesterday for 1/2 an hour with family. Kids rode bikes. Dh & I chatted about our day. We stopped once so kids could have spitting contest on bridge while dh did a longer sprint, then jogged back. It was just right, I guess. For getting back into it. Then dh went out for another 3 miles solo. Main goal of being outside, exercising, being together was accomplished. Today, I'll add weights and then we'll do the 1/2 hour family exercise plan again. Adding weights give me almost an immediate boost.

Dh now has an office in town about 1/2 mile away from ds2's school. My teenaged boy sleeps till about 9 or 10. So today, for the first time in ages, I am enjoying a very quiet house. Feels like my whole body is exhaling.
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Lofty, the family exercise sounds amazing!

Mel, I rented a sander (rotary palm sander) from my local hardware store. It was absolutely worth the $10 rental fee! I got a bit obsessive about scratches and stains, and used 30 pieces of sandpaper with the machine, plus a bit of hand sanding at the corners/edges.

My housecleaner comes tomorrow joy.gif:joy
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Those counters are beautiful! I have always wanted wooden counter tops.

It has warmed up to the freezing point today and I am having to convince my teens that they still need to bring coats to school! Maybe this winter has been a little too intense.

Has anyone here tried square foot gardening? I am thinking this may work in my new place. June 1st is the planting date here but it isn't too soon to star dreaming and planning smile.gif
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The rented sander is a great idea. I also have butcher block countertops, about 9 years old now, and they are quite stained in certain areas. I also need to regrout the sinks. But I am feeling inspired because of how well yours turned out!


Shanti - I haven't tried it, but I am enjoying all the gardening ideas you have been pinning on Pinterest :D  My neighbor does tomatoes in big planters on her deck, and she gets tons that way.

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Shanti--I haven't done it but have read about it. I don't think there's much of a difference between gardening in squares and gardening in rows, so it basically boils down to which you prefer. I prefer rows for most of my veggies. My tomatoes come much closer to the square foot gardening concept because I fit as many as I can in tomato bed, plus at least one zucchini plant. The upside is that I fit a lot in (I think they argue for one tomato plant per square foot; I think that's too close if I want to access the tomatoes, so mine are somewhere between 18-24" apart, with the plants in each row offset from the previous one to make access a bit easier), but the downside is that it's a bit like gardening in an overgrown tomato jungle when the plants are at their peak. Have fun with whatever you decide!

MelW--those look beautiful!

Crazy day here in good and bad ways. For now, I'll just say that when I picked R up from school, we were so hot we changed into short sleeves. When I dropped R off for her first baton twirling class a little later, it was 61 and sunny and beautiful. DH had gotten home early enough to watch J while R was in baton, so I figured I'd run from the rec center. I wore a tank top. The winds picked up and made things kind of chilly but I was ok while running. Fast forward three hours during handbell rehearsal at church tonight: the wind started blowing hard enough to suck the door open, and when I went to lock it, I noticed it was snowing, heavily. But apparently it's only temporary because tomorrow it will be in the 40s. dizzy.gif
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