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Originally Posted by tjsmama View Post

Secret sprinter, anyone? After the night I had last night, I could really use the prospect of some fun surprises...


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It's a yes to SS here, too. A first for me, and it's about time!



:grouphug and :blowkiss to all my Dingo friends all over the world.

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I was about to say no. But then decided it is so much fun putting packages together, receiving packages. Count me in.
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Ok, race report, finally. You'd think with a snow day I'd have completed all those "I never have time" house tasks, but no dice. :eyesroll I did manage to trudge over to the JCC gym (across the street, thankfully) and get a run in on the treadmill, then spent about 2 hours shoveling (ouch...back). And of course the snow is still falling, so good thing I did all that work. Sigh.



Anyhooo, race report.


So they have 24 spots for this indoor tri, and divide up the groups into three. I got there early with my friend so we could get first dibs on the order of events (and we did...went swim/bike/run). I did not want to have swim in the middle and have to get in and out of sweaty clothes/bathing suit twice.


I paid $25 for this event and I have to say, although the organizers at the JCC were very nice, they weren't really on top of things. I gather that the organizer who used to run the thing for many years left, so this was the first time for the new person. She's a lovely young woman (runs the youth fitness gym so I know her). But triathlon issues are not her thing apparently.


First off when they were making announcements of course there was the one curmudgeon (always is at least one) who complained that he didn't get swim/bike/run and that he HAD TO HAVE that order blah blah. No one would switch with him because he was being such a tool. He was this older guy. (back to him later)


Each 'team' was assigned one 'manger' who timed the event and counted laps/etc. So for the swim this one guy was counting everyone's laps. I know I counted that I did 60 (because I do it in sets of 19 with a breast stroke lap finishing off so I can keep track) but he had it at 55. Whatever. I didn't  really care but it was annoying. Dh brought the kids to watch me swim and cheer, so that was nice. They didn't stay for the rest (spinning room is no-extra-space and fitness gym is no-kids).


Transition was fine, other than the two naked ladies prowling around the locker room making conversation while hanging out for all the world to see. I mean, I know it's a locker room and that's where people change, but I have never understood the appeal of literally hanging out naked, wandering around, laying down on benches and lounging there with a towel on your head but no where else...and not even in the sauna or something. In the changing areas by the lockers. Weird and disconcerting, and my friend Donna and I who are not prudes but are also not 'let it all hang out' types were really sort of freaked. One of the women was lying naked on the bench right in front of where we had our transition bags and we didn't know how to get around her to get to them. Sigh. Finally I just said, "excuse me can you please move? we need our bags and room to change." She looked at me with this weird look on her face and said, "oh, ok. Fine."




Anyway, the cycle part was low key because they can't measure the distance, so they just require you to pedal for 30 mins straight. I must say that despite my nifty new bike capris with the diaper cushion thing, the lady bits were not so happy. Maybe it's less annoying when you're outside and can at least enjoy the scenery?


Transition 2 -- quick. But not quick enough. Because when we got to the fitness gym, they had only reserved 4 treadmills and 2 ellipticals for the triathlon. It was 11:30 on a Sunday morning and all the treadmills were taken, and everyone else seemingly had a quicker transition. At this point I must admit I did not act as graciously as I should have (and I had just taken a caffeinated Gu so was revved also). Bolt.gifand I kind of said roughly to the team 'coach' that I NEED A TREADMILL NOT AN ELLIPTICAL BECAUSE THIS IS A TRIATHLON AND I NEED TO RUN. Yikes. Also, I fall off ellipticals. So Donna (friend) who is ever the gracious and kind person, took the elliptical (which she was also not happy about but would never be as crude as I was) and I got one of the old treadmills on the other side. I was pissed. I mean, really -- it's a TRIATHLON. They have NO OVERHEAD for this event. Reserve 6 damn treadmills for crying out loud for the event!!! Ack. You can bet I did make that 'suggestion' later on. 


I had a good run, kept the pace up around 6.9/7/7.0/7.1 the whole time (30 mns.) and knocked out 3.44 miles. By the end I was barely hanging on to the pace and was just zonked but it was fine. 


So anyway we all gathered back in the game room where they had some water, apples, bagels. They tallied results all together (hello, no experience?!) so three men won. there was a tie for first place, among whom the curmudgeon (see above) was one -- and he got pissy because they decided the tie breaker was the swim component not the run, and of course he had more run distance. Eventually they came out with results broken down, and I came in 9th overall, which isn't too bad...by age group I think  I was first out of one or two. :lol


Anyway it was a taste enough to see that I'd probably like to do an out door one. I'm still scared of the biking part (pain in the parts, and people knocking me over/falling over) and the open water swim (people swimming over me/knocking into me) but I think it is worth trying.

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[quote name="sparkletruck" url="/community/t/1396828/running-toward-an-early-spring-we-hope-the-february-2014-dingo-thread/20#post_17562738
MelW - you handle all of your obligations/commitments with such grace that it is no wonder people are reaching out to you left and right to offer positions. Of course they want you!! I hope the move and house-selling go smoothly. I have a few pointers if you want them from selling our house ourselves (and we had 4 offers in the first 4 hours ... after prepping the house for several months, and we sold it in a day). Little things, like Decluttering! We moved a lot of our stuff into a storage locker (boxes of kids' toys, furniture, we emptied the whole garage into the storage locker, etc. We kept the locker for one month. Basically, make your house look sparse, neat, and orderly. Take down personal photos. Consider fresh paint. It sounds like your yard is probably well tended already (ours was really overgrown; we hired someone to come in an basically raze it lol.gif). We cleaned epically (dh figured out how to attach a green scrubby to his circular hand-sander and we used that to clean the shower, one tile at a time, etc). We replaced the funky (small) kitchen counter with a new one (a couple hundred dollars). I actually bought a new (used) dining table that fit in the space better as part of the "staging" (and which we brought to the new house and have in our kitchen). I framed some of the kids art work for staging, as well as bought 2 new lampshades at Cost Plus. Little decoration things went a long way, plus the general emptiness of the place. I have to say, the house looked amazing that first day we showed it :lo[/quote]

Thanks for the tips! I've hired painters, ordered some new bed linens and have a house cleaner coming on Friday to chat about some of the deep cleaning. The decluttering continues, with strict instructions that books can only be one deep on the shelves, etc. We're switching out any edgy or political art, too. Tidy the yard, refinish the kitchen counters, and we'll be ready to list.

I hope you have good luck with the compounding pharmacist. I love, love, love the compounding pharmacist that I used when my youngest was sick and needed corn-free meds, who totally went above and beyond to find/make meds and to call manufacturers and ask them my obnoxious questions about citric acid sourcing and other such things.

Safe travels, Plady!!

I don't know if it's an option, Nic, but I've done triathlons with a pool swim and regular bike/run in colder weather. Awesome tri in less than awesome conditions!

Hi jo! Enjoy the rest of your holidays!

I'm out for SS- too much transition right now. Next year...

I spent the day in my office doing massive amounts of catch-up on class prep and various other paperwork today. Then sprinted out to run to the automotive/hardware store where to buy brake fluid for my car because the warning had been on/off intermittently for a couple of days bag.gif I then drove up to my daughter's school, realized I had 15 minutes to spare and filled the fluid in the school parking lot. On the drive to daycare pick up I was searching around the car for my sunglasses, then remembered taking them off to see more clearly under the hood. Got home, parked, popped the hood and there were my sunglasses waiting for me unharmed. coolshine.gif I have some serious good fortune and angels looking out for me today.
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I think I can do SS this year. Putting together little packages always makes me feel better at this time of year!

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More later when I hopefully have a little more time, but I'll organize SS...send me your email address if you want in. I'll probably use elfster again this year since that worked out so well last year. We'll probably start the week after next and try to have the reveal around the first day of spring. joy.gif
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I'm in for secret sprinter. I miss the pick-me-up the years I don't participate.

I am running regularly but everything else seems so chaotic. Despite living where an overnight low of 50F is chilly I am experiencing winter doldrums.
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Hello February! Hello Dingos!  :)


Mel38 - can you put the following on the race list for me:

Leprechaun Chase - 3/15 http://www.lc10k.com/iowa-registration/

Market to Market Relay - 5/10 http://iowa.markettomarketrelay.com/

Gladiator Assault Challenge - 5/17 http://www.gladiatorassault.com/

and on the results list: Icebreaker Triathlon 1/26 (http://www.dmymca.org/documents/filelibrary/walnut_creek/IceBreakerResults2014_F0D4098350D9E.pdf)  54:58



Geo - the phone thing... I use StraightTalk - I do the $45/month thing, but they do have a plan that is $30/month.  Dh does Net10, also pay as you go, think he said he averages about $15/month (he's not a chatty person and he doesn't text a lot). 


I'm not running as much as I would like - recurrent heel pain is killing that. :(  Hoping that three weeks off (mostly because I've been sick) will help and I'll be able to get back in the swing. 


I'd like to do Secret Sprinter too!  :)  First for me. 

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Googling Net10. 


OK, I'm in on the SS. 

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Great race, nic! I would also be irked.gif at the naked ladies in the locker room. I mean, I am not a prude, either (hello...I played high school sports where our coach required us to shower before we could get on the bus to ride home after away games orngtongue.gif), but that's a little ridiculous. On the other hand, there was the lady at the Y a month or so ago who was taking a full-on shower (not just a rinse-off) in her shorty wetsuit that she had apparently worn into the pool. No joke...it wasn't just a full-coverage swimsuit, it was a wetsuit. And she was shaving her legs...at least, what was exposed below the wetsuit. rolleyes.gif I also don't understand the dividing into groups and changing the order for the different groups. Couldn't they have just done three different waves? Or reserve more machines? I've never done a fully-indoor tri, but the ones I have seen around here are wave start and/or they have the whole group cycling room and most of the treadmills reserved. Weird. Regardless, great job! And yes, if the OWS is an issue, there are lots of tris here that have a pool swim with a regular bike and run, so I'm sure you could find one around you.

Oy, my night at work the other night. Well, my Monday night went pretty fabulously. I mostly independently managed two patients (at least until the one who was a cytotec induction went from fingertip dilated to full-on labor in less than 4 hours and popped out a baby not long after), and I felt great about it. I came in Tuesday night and we were pretty slow, so I only had one patient. She was lovely, lovely, lovely. But her little stinker of a baby was not being cooperative. So I spent the night flipping her from side to side, putting oxygen on, giving her IV fluids, turning her pitocin up, turning her pitocin down, lather, rinse, repeat. All to end up with the baby NOT cooperating whatsoever with pushing and going to the operating room for a c-section at 6 am. All was well, baby was adorable (and very large, probably why he was not agreeing to come out the vagina), but I was absolutely exhausted. And I had an hour and a half run to do, which I was originally going to do right after work to get it done with. After that night, though, I really needed the sleep first! Luckily C volunteered to watch DS while I did it after I woke up because otherwise, I would have been stuck on the treadmill at the Y.

And then today, I went Valentines Day shopping. It's been a very very long time since I bought a v day gift for anyone, so I'm hoping that a little trip to Victoria's Secret is an appropriate gift...yes?

rr~So that hour and a half run yesterday...did I mention that we are in the middle of an arctic cold snap right now? It was 0 degrees when I left the house, and -6 when I got home from the run. It actually wasn't all that bad until the sun started going down, and then it was kind of miserable. My eyelashes had a total coating of ice on them. I wish I could have taken a picture when I got home, but it was so cold that my phone was frozen. cold.gif Anyway, the run...LSD run, my first time doing a true LSD run. It was all zone 2. My max HR for zone 2 is 130. Let's just say it was sloooooooow. Sheesh. Today, a 45 minute recovery spin on the trainer (which is in the garage, which is so cold right now that my toes were numb and frozen by the end and I wore a fleece for the entire ride) followed up by 2400 yards in the pool. I'm tired. orngtongue.gif
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a. Gaye:  you're asking the wrong lady re: valentines day.  I've been with my partner since 1995. That's 19 years.  Not that I'm a victoria's secret kind of girl anyhow.


b. Nic: WTG on the race, which I failed to already have posted. You did great. Naked ladies in the JCC?  That's the stereotype from middle school years (near Utica NY). And now I live in Minnesota. So people pretty much always shower with the wetsuit still on ;) .  On biking:  frankly every time I go out on my first long bike ride of the year, and may be the first week, the part of my anatomy that touches my saddle is more sore than anything else. But it gets better. Or it should if your seat fits you pretty well.  You can get around it by doing 10-15 minutes on a bike each week. But to drop everything and ride, yeah, you're gonna get that. 


Running related: I had a ski lesson scheduled for tonight (group lesson, already paid for. been to three, this was 4, $20 for the whole set). It is cold here. I didn't want to go. But I told myself just go. Ski for 60 of the 90 minutes. So I did. But I stayed the whole 90 minutes. Learned a lot and had a good time. Doing pretty well at the 5 x a week thing. yay. semi-officially training for either a half marathon may 3 or a 100 mile gravel ride on may 17.


Non running related. Had an awesome conference with each kids' teacher in the last 2 weeks. Each teacher seems to really "get" each kid. YAY! And gosh our second grade teacher is so kind. You could tell she liked my kid (always nice), but more than that. She is just good. Here's an example:   Leah doesn't have any peers in her class at the same spelling level. There are two girls from another class at her level. So the teacher told this story about how Leah could have gone to their class, but teacher was worried leah would feel funny going into another class. Instead since those two girls could come together the three do spelling activities in Leah's classroom. Those are the underfunded actions that we see in our school district. meaning this lady has 30 kids in her class and is willing to take that kind of action. I'm sure it helps that Leah Lu is a sweet personality and pretty willing to be flexible. (but erin's not really and they do those kinds of things for her).

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Nic--great report! You may be amused to know that I also am flipped out by naked people in the locker room, to the point that when two ladies who'd gotten out of the pool were, I dunno, applying lotion or something that I managed to leave my hat because I didn't do my usual visual sweep of the bench to make sure nothing was left behind. Also, I think an outdoor tri is a lot more fun and as an added benefit, has no naked people. The biking part is pretty simple because no drafting is allowed and thus, no pack riding. Ditto MelW's suggestion for an outdoor tri with a pool swim. I did two of those my first year and that's a nice transition before doing open water. Yay you!

tjsmama--you went running OUTSIDE? Why??? I saw someone running yesterday when it was -10. That's committed or crazy or both. orngtongue.gif I also saw two people wearing shorts and three on bikes. It's Colorado, for sure.

Ran 8 on the indoor track ('cause it's heated!), spent hours at the school board meeting, etc. The usual, including the typical two-week period in which DH stays late, goes in early, goes on a business trip, stays at work the next day late, and then goes to work early the day after. Tomorrow is "goes in early" so I get to drag the kids into the car in sub-0 weather for the third morning this week. eyesroll.gif
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Congratulations Nic!!! That's a great accomplishment :clap:twothumbs


Thanks for organizing SS, Gaye! Wow, freezing eyelashes and numb feet from the cold - just reading that makes me :cold And, yeah, I'm no help with Valentine's Day either. For me, it's all about whatever craft the kids are making, not at all about what DH and I do for each other. We usually do get something like food or flowers or... maybe some running stuff, but nothing really :heartbeat.


Hanging in here, but my work load is just crazy. For several days at a time, I feel like I can barely get up from my desk. So my RR has been spotty, and my diet has not been very good. I think I had red wine and potato chips for dinner last night shake.gif As an incentive to get me through this next big project, I have stashed a Sahalie catalog underneath my work papers on my desk. When I have finished and sent it off, I plan to place a little order :wink


So.. has anyone here seen Forks over Knives? My sister recommended it, so I think I need to watch it.


Have a great Friday and weekend everyone!

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Nic - Oh, my on the naked ladies!  Yes, I don't get that either! But, you totally rocked out that event!  I was wondering, too, why they didn't just do it in waves.  And reserve 8 treadmills, with 2 ellipticals if someone really wants that (really, who prefers an elliptical though?!).


Gaye - I am loving reading your baby stories (especially since we aren't getting Jen's anymore).  As far as Valentine's Day, I gave a total random gag gift as DH's any my first Valentine present.  Sort of my rebelling against the day, but acknowledging that I was with someone.  I was 18, what can I say?  I gave him a rutabaga.  It tickled my humor, and confused my new boyfriend.  So, probably, I'm not the best to ask.  Most guys like lacy underwear.  :blush


NRR: Both of my older kids are participating in a solo contest on Saturday.  It's not like an actual competition, where someone is named the best, etc.  But, they do have to perform their piece in front of a judge, and they get judged, scored and get a ribbon/medal depending on the amount of points they accumulate.  I find I get really anxious for them when they get up to perform anything (really doesn't matter how low the stakes are).  And I work so hard keeping that from them, and that only makes me more nervous!  They, on the other hand, love to perform.  They all blossom in front of an audience.  But, I know they are as prepared as they can be, have worked really hard for months on these pieces and will do wonderfully.  I am so proud of them for taking part in these opportunities.

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Mel38--hang in there. I like the idea of the catalog under the desk.

bec--is that the solo & ensemble contest? It sounds like it, or at least a modern version of it. Our band director invited me to join the junior high kids when I was in fifth grade and I did it every year after that. Fun stuff. I accompanied a number of kids as I got older too, and it was kind of fun to see how the younger ones fared. I hope they do really well and enjoy those medals! It's almost always a positive experience.

RR: have managed to hit every workout in the training plan so far. I'm hoping to actually fit in my 10-11 miles tomorrow, but we're hosting group in the evening so who knows.

NRR: trying to keep up with the news coming out of the school district. An awful lot of people think the board may force our superintendent out tomorrow, which is especially nasty considering that she already resigned and has her last day set for June 30.

I'm beginning to sound a bit paranoid about the new board, but consider this story from Thursday's meeting. There's a bill in the state legislature that would allow Colorado school districts to let their teachers be armed. I don't know that it will go anywhere, but there's some concern. So at the meeting, the last person signed up for public comment was a name that sounded familiar but I couldn't place it. She and a man came up to the microphone to speak, and she introduced herself as Jane Dougherty, the sister of the school psychologist who was shot in Newtown. With her was Tom Mauser, the parent of a boy killed at Columbine who has strongly advocated for gun control ever since. Both live in the district; Mauser also has a son now in middle school. Doughterty asked the board to take a position against the bill and explained why, and then in the minute and a half remaining (there's only 3 minutes for public comment), Mauser starts to speak. The board president interrupts him to say that he hadn't signed up to speak. Dougherty explains that she's new to the system (which itself is new) and they were told they could split the three minutes. This takes place as the time is still counting down. Mauser is allowed to speak and points out that there's no proof that a teacher with a gun could have saved his son (there was an armed security officer at Columbine that day; he was outgunned), and also points out that rather than shooting over kids' heads, shouldn't teachers be helping students escape? The bell rings, and the board president doesn't respond with so much as a "thank you, we'll take that under consideration," but rather moves on with the agenda to the next item.
I can't believe that he tried to tell Mauser he couldn't speak. Dude, his child was killed in one of our schools and in the board president's district, no less, and he's going to deny him 70 seconds? We've seen a lot of that behavior towards people he doesn't agree with, but wow. And double-wow, considering that although I know these three support the bill, there's absolutely no need for it here. The very rural districts might benefit, but our police response is two minutes or less to any school in the district.

I think it may be a very, very rough four years.
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It is solo & ensemble! Katie did it last year and it was positive, overall. I'm nervous for my middle because she is nervous. I had a dream last night that we were getting ready to go and I could not find a clock that would tell me the right time. Every clock had a different time.

That school board meeting sounds awful. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, let the man speak his piece. Not ok.
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Oh man, Lisa, I do not know how you handle sitting through meetings like that. How horrible. Is it just that certain kind of person for whom procedure trumps common sense? A long four years, yes, but it sounds like it might also serve to galvanize the "common sense" crowd.




Originally Posted by bec View Post

It is solo & ensemble! Katie did it last year and it was positive, overall. I'm nervous for my middle because she is nervous. I had a dream last night that we were getting ready to go and I could not find a clock that would tell me the right time. Every clock had a different time.

It sounds fantastic - both a great opportunity for them to play and receive feedback from someone other than their parent or a teacher. Especially having the experience at a younger age might help them to feel more at ease with it later in life. Violin, right?


RR: 12 miles this morning. Not too fast, just taking it easy with my 3:1 run/walk ratio. My calves are pretty sore, though, so I better go get friendly with my foam roller rolleyes.gif

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Solo and ensemble competition sounds terrific! Our local performing arts festival created a non-competitive "adjudication-only" category this year, and my anti-competition daughter almost agreed to participate, but I couldn't convince her. She prefers workshops/master classes to anything with a whiff of competition.

real, the school board stuff sounds so stressful. I hope it doesn't get any uglier than it already has greensad.gif

I have a cold again. My body is clearly telling me to chill out and be better with self-care. I spent three hours in bed yesterday, then twelve hours last night. I'm feeling mostly normal today. Pre-kids I treated every cold with a day in bed, and rarely got very sick. I also met with and hired a house cleaner. I'm outsourcing what I can...
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Lazy Saturday here. Skied for 30 minutes with dd1.
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