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The 1 Year PHOTO thread

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how about a thread to post our cuties photos.... I was thinking a photo when they were first born (and stats if you want) and a photo now (and updated stats if you want).  DS turns a year next Sunday, so I will be back then, but wanted to open this up now for those whose babies have already had birthdays!

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Yes I love this!
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The day he was born

And today smile.gif
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Oh, whoops!  I started to add this to the other thread.  Let me move it over here...

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Dia, he's so amazing!  Newborns are so cute, but they have NOTHING on one-year-olds.  When I look back at Miss L before ~3-4 months, I see our "little old monkey man."  :)


I will be back in ~3 weeks!

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Dia- he is so cute.  he has changed so much!

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DS is 1 today.  Here he is!


20 lbs, 6 oz  and 31 inches tall



He he is at birth:

9 lbs, 5 oz, 20.5 inches long


Love this boy!

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Our little guy :
8lbs 6oz and 21 inches

Now he is 19.5lbs and 29inches

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Love them!  <3

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Hey, everyone!  It's been a while, but I thought I'd check in here to wish everyone's babes happy first birthdays.  It's fun to see how much they've all grown and changed.  I really can't believe it's been a year.  We've been doing pretty well.  Twins are a trip - exhausting but so much fun.  Here are some pics:


Eleanor (left) 7lbs 7oz and Sylvia (right) 7lbs 10oz (and big sis Viola who has just been a trouper.) 


Eleanor (right) 21lbs ish and Sylvia (left) 20lbs ish: 2nd pic it's Eleanor left, S R

And we just finally had them tested to see whether they're identical or fraternal, and they are ID!

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Brambleberry- SO SO good to hear from you.  They are just so precious.  Loving the smiles.  

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Yay, this is such fun to see. Brambleberry so good to see you online again. The girls look wonderful! Mama3blessings, that hat is to die for! Chloe'smama Liam looks like such a happy character. Dia I love your photo comparison. 


We'll be posting ours in two weeks... we're the final ones of this group. :)

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Lou ate some cake!


And all the babies are so adorable!!! 

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I just love seeing all those pictures. They are all so cute :joy

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We took Christopher for 1 year portraits:




He loved his cake:



The day after his party was his actual birthday - and he celebrated by taking his first steps :) 


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12 days old


1 year and 12 days old. :)

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This had me looking back at newborn pictures and I hardly even recognize her! She looks so much different than I remember her to, it's crazy. Now she's such a little person


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Oh, look at Naomi and Mila!!!  :joy:joy:joy:joy:joy:joy:joy:joy:joy:joy:joy

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These babes are all SO precious. Can't even handle it! These are phone pictures so apologies for quality. but if I wait to get to the real photos on our computer that may never happen! wink1.gif

a handful of days old.

Exactly one (sassy, silly, tantrumming, babbling, toothy, affectionate, active) year old.
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