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Originally Posted by frugalmama View Post

Well, I'm glad to hear even J.K. Rowling realized she messed up on that relationship. They simply were not equals in any way - just two people who happen to have been friends due to a common friend {Harry}. Marriages based on that, IMO never work well. They tend to fall about in 10-15 years when both parties simply realize they are better off just friends.


Honestly, this will probably get me flamed, but I always saw Hermione with either A. Professor Snape, who was her intellectual match & had far more in common with her that either Harry or Ron, or B. Draco Malfoy after he got over the misadventures of his youth & realized that his parents views didn't have to be his own. Again - her intellectual match, and far more in common. Besides - everyone knows that the little boy who gives you h*ll all the time often does it because he likes you. Otherwise he'd just ignore you.

I can see the last sentence applying to Ron, but not to Draco. Draco didn't like Hermione - he despised her.


I can see the intellectual equal angle, but I think Hermione would have been beyond miserable with either of those guys, because they're too cold. Hermione was very smart, and very studious, but she wasn't cold.


I never got the feeling Ron and Hermione were only friends because of Harry. I think the whole "little boy who gives you hell" - although I don't call 11 a "little boy" - thing applied to them from the very first book, and there was always chemistry (not really sexual chemistry at first, but chemistry, nonetheless). The way Rowling originally wrote the books, I think they'd have ended up dating sooner, not later, if they hadn't both been Harry's friends. But, then I figured Ron would end up with Hermione and Harry would end up with Ginny right from the beginning. I thought so after the first book, and was sure of it by PoA.

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Why do so many people think Hermione should have ended up with someone irritating (or just plain mean), just because she's smart?

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Originally Posted by Storm Bride View Post

Why do so many people think Hermione should have ended up with someone irritating (or just plain mean), just because she's smart?


Don't know whether that was meant to include my suggested Hermione/Percy pairing, but my thought was that the things about Percy that irritated everyone else would actually have been fine with Hermione, because she would have been happy taking the minutiae of life as seriously as he did.


I agree Hermione/Draco isn't something I can see at all. I don't even agree that he ended up redeeming himself; he thought twice about going along with the worst of the things the Death Eaters did, and couldn't ultimately bring himself to be a Death Eater, but I do get the impression that his basic prejudices against Mudbloods were still there. Other than that, I can't even see anything to be attracted to, because he's a pretty two-dimensional character in the books (even more so in the films, to the point where I felt sorry for the actor who had to play him!) I can't even think of anything to indicate that he was particularly smart. He did well in Potions classes, but Snape was so blatantly biased that that doesn't really mean much.

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I totally thought Hermione and Percy would work, with some growth on Percy's part. 

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Yeah, I don't remember Draco being smart either. He was meant to be smart? 


I have to say, I don't like the thought of Hermione ending up with Draco, Percy or (ew) Snape. She was difficult, but ultimately she was nice. And she valued niceness. 


The Snape thing is just... what? Never mind that he was, what, at least 20 years her senior. He spent most of his life in love with her best friend's mother! 


"After all this time?"

"Always. Actually, wait - that seventeen-year-old student I've been mentally torturing for years is pretty hot. Maybe when she comes back next year to finish out her schooling I can make a move. Those pesky protective friends of hers are going off to be Aurors, so they won't be around to remind her how consistently sadistic I've been over the past seven years. I guess she might harbor some resentment towards me for being brutal to Harry, but it's OK - I can explain it was just because I resented him because I was in love with his dead mother. That'll make me seem smouldering and complex, right?"


Yeah... no. I'm sure 'smart' would have been on Hermione's ideal-husband list, but I highly doubt it would have outweighed 'lank, greasy hair', 'enjoyment of the pain of minors', 'viciously punitive'... Snape was damaged goods in every way possible. Dumping him on a brave, smart, self-sacrificing social warrior like Hermione is tremendously unfair to her. I mean, I said earlier that Ron didn't have much going for him, but apparently I forgot to put 'didn't torture children' on his pros list! Criminy.

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I think Draco was conniving, but that doesn't necessarily mean smart. He was clever with the whatchamacallit booths between the Room of Requirement and the shop (dang, where is my brain) you know what I'm trying to say. But that's the only time I remember ever seeing him figure something out. Most of the rest of the time he was trying to cheat or weasel his way through Hogwarts.


Ron was smart at wizard chess, and loyal. I think there probably would have been a consideration of a pairing up of Harry and Hermione in real Hogwarts life. It's rare that it doesn't even cross the minds of "good friends". I think there would have been more tension in the friendship of the three of them (I was going to say threesome, but that just sounded weird) and then maybe Hermione would have ended up with Harry or maybe she would have ended up with Ron. There would have been some more friction between Harry and Ron and a little extra weirdness to get over.

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Vanishing cabinets and Bourgin and Burke's.


All his conversation about Hermione has me ready to contemplate the possibility that Ron and Harry's friendship might have evolved into something a bit more....... hmmmm....... 

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Ah, well. Hogwarts IS a boarding school.  Young people holed up in same-sex dorms during long Scottish winters might be inclined to experiment.  But I imagine JKRowling wanted Harry to father a child so she could inflict the name Albus Severus Potter on some young innocent.

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:laughEgg donations, a willing friend (Hermione?)  Same-sex couples can get around that.....  

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I never really considered Ron to be dumb.  He's not.  He only seem less smart in comparison to his best friends.  It seems all the Weasleys are incredibly good at magic and each had special talents.  It's stated clearly that Ron's grades are about as good as Harry's (their OWL results).  The characters obviously don't interact with those with ordinary intelligence or so-so magic skills very much in the books.  Considering all those people in magical world there are probably loads of them no more magical or brilliant than Stan Shunpike. :) Didn't Ron fool 3 or 4 snatchers and escape from them with one of their wands?  I can certainly imagine him becoming a lot more skilled and resourceful once he matured.  Some kids do mature very late, especially boys.


*But then this is fiction.  It doesn't have to be believable in every way.  Everybody thinks it's too convenient that all the bad guys are incredibly stupid, but how else would the hero win? :)

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Originally Posted by SweetSilver View Post

Vanishing cabinets and Bourgin and Burke's.


Yes! thanks for helping me out with my brain fart!


Ron and Harry...hmmm...better than those Harry and Draco pairings. I do like Tom Felton, but I don't think the character of Draco has enough redeeming character traits to really overcome his yuckiness in my mind. He'll still always be a little bit slimy and stuck up even if he didn't quite end up on the wrong side of things. 

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I know this conversation has run its course, but I decided that the books/movies were getting mixed up in my head.  So, I started reading book 7 again.  Hermione only modifies her parents' memories.  She states that she plans to reverse it if she makes it though everything.  Also, after the wedding at the muggle diner, Hermione states that she has never "wiped a memory" before; she does so (using the spell that the movie shows her use on her parents) in the diner on some death eaters.  


I just had to tell someone.  



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I recently reread the book, and I know that she tells Harry and Ron what she did in the book but I can't remember when that occurs, BUT -


I'm fairly certain that, in the movie, she hadn't told Harry and Ron about her measures to protect her parents. I'm not sure that she ever does, on-screen. To me, a plausible explanation is that she wanted to keep it to herself because it really was very personal and very sad for her.

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I never liked Hermione/Ron maybe because I identified with Hermione and never saw myself with Ron.  I thought Hermione/Neville would work well.  I did not have a problem with harry/ginny, but I saw it coming.  In all honesty, I could never see hermione getting over Draco's treatment of her at school in order to have a relationship with him.

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Ok, my girls are watching the Star Wars series.  I totally see how the Ron/Hermione thing is *supposed* to play out.  Who ever doubted the probability of Han and Leia's relationship?  Of course, Luke is her brother (if you have been living under a rock for the last 30-odd years, I sincerely apologize for the spoiler) but still.  Han and Leia have tension but camaraderie, and then we get the romantic punchline in the 2nd movie.  And we know what a great person Han is, under that roguishly selfish exterior.  Ron was never given such an amazing chance.  He was given loyalty, yes, but not enough time was spent on developing his character.  I can totally believe in Ron and Hermione, but I admit that I'm filling in a lot of blanks--times when Ron and Hermione were together that weren't elaborated on, like their first trip to Hogsmeade.


I know this conversation has pretty well played out, but since I'm just watching ESB today I wanted to share my thoughts.

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I think the pairings of ron/hermione  harry/ginny make sense in a kid lit kind of way. harry wanted family. Hermione wanted magic. They were all three friends. Now they are related!


If we want to complain about something, it's in the poor writing of Ron's character and growth. SweetSilver is right-- the Han/Leia comparison is apt, but Ron was never given the chance to be really awesome, because the books were always about Harry. If they had been written from more than one point of view (Think game of thrones style), there would have been more opportunites for more characters to shine. Really, all of the kids except harry and hermione are shown with goofy issues. Again, I see it as a side effect of being kid lit. Good kid lit, but still made for younger audiences. 


My biggest beef with the whole series is the insistence that tonks and lupin's kid needed to be an orphan. Had to repeat that, didn't we? But harry's the godparent, so it's all ok.(sarcasm)

Ok, there's a bit more: I think the series would have been profoundly better if Draco's transformation was sooner. He should have come to the light side (sorry for crossing the streams) much sooner. He needed a come to jesus moment before Dumbledore's death. 

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I love this thread! So many wonderful points of view.


I think Harry and Ginny together is alright. Ginny is strong and smart and has a great sense of humor, and him becoming part of the family for real is nice. I never saw Harry with Hermonie.

I feel like this is a good representation of why they work alright.


I didn't buy Ron/Hermonie, but I don't really see Hermonie with anyone. Same with Ron. I just don't think the books were about that, you know? And I also feel like maybe JK is just really bad at writing romantic relationships. Although, of course, I love Molly and Arthur. Remember Harry's weird dragon/monster/beast that rose up when he saw Ginny kissing Dean? I think that was the weirdest part of the whole series. I really disliked Bill/Fluer and Tonks/Lupin together, too. Both felt weird and awkward and not real. I never got the feeling Lupin actually loved Tonks, and it bugged the crap out of me that she left her baby to rush to his side. Her love for him seemed over the top unhealthy, just like Snape's obsession with Lily, which didn't sit well with me either. I don't see it as romantic to be obsessed with someone for over a decade. Has anyone read her other book? Was there a convincing romance in that?

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Originally Posted by Red Pajama View Post

Again, I see it as a side effect of being kid lit. Good kid lit, but still made for younger audiences. 


Oh, man, way to burst my bubble.  HP was written for KIDS???  Why didn't anyone tell me????? :p

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She's written two non HP books that I know about and I read them both, The Casual Vacancy and The Cuckoo's Calling under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith which was busted wide open. Neither has a heavy romance in it, but there is some romantic tension, moreso in The Cuckoo's Calling, IIRC.

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Originally Posted by Red Pajama View Post

 If they had been written from more than one point of view (Think game of thrones style), there would have been more opportunites for more characters to shine.

Alright, I knew it was kid lit.  In fact, it wasn't until I started reading GOT recently that I realized that I've been immersed in too much of it.  I was a bit shocked and disoriented at all the SEX in the books.  I have to admit, it took some adjustment.


mareseatoats, I like the sketch.  It perfectly "illustrates" what was lost when they wrote the script.

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