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Emergency birth kit?

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We will be traveling about 2.5 hours to the hospital where I plan to have the baby. It's the only one that will do a VBA2C. I had a successful VBA2C there two years ago, and they were completely amazing. I'm past my EDD, and should have the baby anytime now.

On Tuesday there is a big snowstorm coming into our area, the hospital's area, and of course, our route of travel.
I'm thinking that having an emergency birth kit in the car might be a good idea in case we get stranded by snow, or even just slowed down enough that we don't make it in time.
I plan on having plenty of blankets, and food and water, and general emergency supplies, but I am wondering what supplies would be good for an unplanned "car birth"

They need to be things I can get locally, because I need them in the next day or two.
What would you include?
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I'm sorry you haven't gotten a response yet. Have you had your baby? If you did, I hope everything went perfectly!
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I will go ahead an respond just incase. Keep in mind I am recommending these thing for an emergency and just giving birth to baby in the car in not and emergency IMHO.
Scissors (+something to sterilize them with)
* For the cord
Towels (full size and smaller ones)
* to keep everyone dry/warm
Couple rubber bands (shoes too even)
* to tie off umbilical cord
Large ziplock bag
* for placenta
Emergency blanket (silver reflective kind)
*will keep baby warmest
Plenty of water
Warm clothes for baby
Have car seat installed

Good luck mama!!
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We ordered our home birth supplies here, they might be able to help. If you don't have time to wait for an order there will be items you might not have thought of that you can get locally.
They fedex so items are delivered quickly,
Hope the snow cooperates!
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We made it through the storm without baby showing up. We had a great kit all ready.
She's here now. It's a good thing I was prepared though. She was born after only 4 1/2 hours of labor!
Thanks for the replies. smile.gif
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